Author and researcher Preston Dennett is back to talk about his most recent book, Onboard UFO Encounters: True Accounts of Contact with Extraterrestrials. This powerful book is full of remarkable stories of deeply personal experiences with the UFO occupants. Preston speaks at length about this book as well as his research. The strangeness and similarities of the contact experience is explored, along with some surprising insights. Both Mike and Preston laugh a lot in this episode, making it a fun departure from the heavy-handed seriousness of UFO studies.
Find out more about Preston at his site, linked HERE.
Also, here’s Preston’s excellent interview with Whitley from just a few days ago on this same book, linked HERE.

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  1. Preston,
    I think that UFO encounters and sightings are probably very prevalent. It’s just that there’s a select few that actually remember them occurring. Everyone else just forgets.
    An interesting question to ask witnesses would be “why do you remember?”

    1. I remember because I asked to remember. In one event, I was onboard a craft. The interior was gigantic although the outside was a grey disk about 50 feet long. I was being taken down a long hall at a high speed floating. I was around 10. I looked up at the alien (a beige “grey” who was much taller than me) and said “Could I please remember this time?” The being looked down at me and seemed amused by the question. The being responded “You can remember up to NOW”. At that moment, the memory ends. So I was allowed to remember everything to when I asked the question and got an answer.

  2. Talking about number sequences, I tend to only see them when something significant is happening in my life, or if I have to make some kind of decision. I used to see 333 quite a lot but for long periods it seems to transition more to sequences. Anyway, several months ago, I saw 12:34:56 on my digital clock, just as I looked at it. Another weird one I get very regularly is seeing my three digit house number all over the place, not just on clocks. It’s like some kind of self referencing fractal thing I can’t quite put my finger on.

    Regarding the nine knocks, I have mixed feelings about that… I’ve commented on this in detail on previous UC posts… but I had a really powerful weird scary, incredibly vivid dream, when I was five…and at the end of that dream there were three sets of three knocks at the back door. Eventually after the three sets, I freightendly opened the door and stepped out into the night to see who, or what was there… but there was nothing…so I went back in… then a few seconds later, something flew past the glass in the door and round to the back window. And the only way I can describe it was like a large pantomime devil, with a beard, horns, red cape, the whole thing, flying by laughing at me, mocking me in the most unkind way. The only thing I have really seen since, that is akin to the face that I saw, was one of the masks on the cover of Jacques Vallée’s ‘Passport to Magonia’. Yeah, that experience has stuck with me ever since.

    What on Earth is a five year old supposed to make of that… or, was it somehow a time coded experience for later in life? Who knows.

  3. Regarding killing insects, bugs etc. I just can’t do it…spiders in the bath, wood louse, silver fish, whatever, I just let them be…but I have to admit, that has lapsed on occasion… with a rat and a plague of flies recently… But when it has, I have felt really bad about it afterwards.

    Several years ago my parents had a swarm of wasps that had got in between the roof slates and the wooden roof liner. So I got some powder and basically ended them. I didn’t want to do it but my parents were about to sell the house so we needed them gone… Sounds easy right?… but whilst they were dying I went into the room where they were, behind the wooden ceiling and… I swear to God, I got a telepathic message from the hive. A single word from the collective, a non-judemental question, that just completely and utterly flattened me…and it was just simply… “Why?“.

    Anyway, that was a great interview and even though there were a few overlaps in detail, it was a great addition to Whitley’s interview a few days ago. I ordered Preston’s book, which is arriving this weekend, so I’m really looking forward to filling in the details and reading the other accounts that weren’t mentioned.

  4. I love this show but where is the downloadable version? I can’t listen to it on my iPhone without it going into sleep mode.

  5. Such a fun show, guys! It was like having company in our living room, members of the same tribe. Thank you both for everything that you are doing, Mike and Preston. Definitely going to order Preston’s book or bookS! We listened to the interview on Dreamland, first, and agree that it’s great too.

  6. I gasped when you guys mentioned Triangles. Can anyone explain why the “aliens” seem obsessed (and consequently abductees can be obsessed) with triangles? I would wake up in the morning in the 90’s with the surface layer of my face taken off in the shape of perfect triangles – about a quarter of an inch. This would magically heal by the time I left for work. So was it really there or was my mind seeing it?

    But I have been drawing interconnected triangles that form huge spider like webs since I was a kid. When I became an adult, I realized how truly creepy this was and stopped myself until I was sitting in a college lecture and the guy next to me was doing the exact same thing! He said he had always done it also, but we didn’t’ share intimate details about our lives. If you guys know what this means, can you please share? Preston hinted with Whitley that he could explain it, but I don’t think he did so, but maybe I missed it. Anyway, HELP!

    Oh, by the way Mike, I am “Will” from your first owl book – long time no see. Been through a million experiences and changes, yet the ufo/alien experience was a big part of my life. My experiences were always traumatic to me. Because of them, I have very little hearing in my left ear. They stuck a very long needle into that ear that crunched through my eardrum and went deeper. Later I got a massive infection and needed emergency ear surgery.

    The way I got rid of them is extremely unfashionable and even forbidden in ufology except for a few fringe Bible Thumpers. I’ve never been a Bible thumper but one night as they began to appear out of a bluish white orb in my bedroom, my voice channeled this “I am in the family of Jesus Christ!” in a loud authoritative voice. The orb vanished and I just knew inside that all of this was over. They would not return. I was not even a Christian but I had been baptized, which I later learned supposedly puts a mark on your soul of ownership on a spiritual level. So why are these creatures scared away by a statement like this? I told Whitley and his appalling response was that when I said this, the aliens realized I had a very low consciousness and was not worth their bother. So folks, if you believe in Jesus Christ, I guess you have a low consciousness per Whitley and his alien pals.

    But it has been over 30 years and the aliens have left me alone, which is fine with me. But it makes no sense, since Betty Andreasson was a born again evangelical Christian and the Greys were very fond of her. Perhaps the difference is that I wanted the experiences to end and she didn’t because she interpreted them as angels.

    But you see why my story is anathema within ufology. The current fashion is to see them as little mystics who are here to unite with us and teach us how to be nice to each other and the earth. That may indeed be a side affect but I am not ready to worship them and invite them into my psyche. Whitley says it isn’t possession but describes it in a way that would lead anyone to that conclusion.

    Disclosure: I did eventually become Christian after a life time within the New Age (Jane Roberts and I were personal friends back in the 70’s) because it is comforting and my heritage. My story may be quite tedious but if anyone wants to check it out (perhaps as part of the testimony for my commitment hearing some day….) here it is:

    1. DD, I can’t speak for Whitley, but I think that he possibly was referring to the statement you made to the entities rather than the reference to Jesus Christ. I am a recovering Christian myself and after going through a long and tumultuous period of all sort of spiritual adventures, I finally got the message. Christianity is a very, VERY deep exploration and it is not nearly what most people expect. But the cool thing is J C will never give up on us and we can relax and safely ask the most perplexing questions.

      My guess as to what occurred at that moment is you expressed your personal intention to submit to a higher authority rather than them and they went looking for another subject. I think you did an admirable thing and actually made them reconsider their own position.

      They may return to you –but with a bit more respect for your position.
      Keep in mind; this game never ends — for us as well as them.

      You did the right thing …


    2. Dylansdad, If it’s any consolation, I told three of them to “F*** Off” rather forcefully when they materialised in front of me in an especially vivid ‘dream’. I was really annoyed at them, as I considered it a presumptuous intrusion into *my* dream as they had not been explicitly invited. I was pretty embarrassed at my reaction later but at the time it seemed like the right thing to do… and it did seem to work. It was during a time when I felt things were starting to get way too weird and I couldn’t cope with any further association with them, so I backed that initial reaction up with a regular intention, for weeks and months afterwards, that they were to stay away unless explicitly invited and that I absolutely unequivocally did NOT invite them. A few prayers of protection were employed too, I seem to recall. As to whether that reaction constitutes me as having a low vibrational state… certainly at the time, yes… as, I stated, I was really annoyed at them but I have my moments of higher states. I just prefer them to be in quiet solitude, on my own terms.

  7. I remember because I asked to remember. In one event, I was onboard a craft. The interior was gigantic although the outside was a grey disk about 50 feet long. I was being taken down a long hall at a high speed floating. I was around 10. I looked up at the alien (a beige “grey” who was much taller than me) and said “Could I please remember this time?” The being looked down at me and seemed amused by the question. The being responded “You can remember up to NOW”. At that moment, the memory ends. So I was allowed to remember everything to when I asked the question and got an answer.

  8. Mike, I wrote down the nine questions at the end of your presentation. Mostly, just to take some time and consider the structure of the information.

    I came to the conclusion that these are a framework for a TAROT SPREAD. They are clues to how we need to communicate with this other intelligence, which is so intimately connected to us humans that we may as well consider it us.

    Not being a very good Tarot reader myself; I think that Whitley may be able to provide some insight.

    I do have a copy of his book ‘The Path’, and Whitley will know how how to arrange the physical geometry of the card layout, (on a table) as this also affects the reading on a subliminal level.

    Your thoughts?

  9. Hi, love listening to this over and over. One image that creeped me out a lot was on one of the newer Lucille Ball TV shows in the 60’s. A puppet of Lucy is shown during the opening credits and she had GIANT EYES! I dreaded seeing that puppet but my parents watched her show.

  10. When Mike mentioned the alien that’s seen in the syndicated credits of pretty much every episode of the original Star Trek series, I about jumped out of my chair. I’ve had the same reaction to that still image since I was a child, watching the show in syndication in the 80s. Oddly, watching the episode itself (“The Corbomite Manuever,” and the alien’s name is Balok, for the record) does not set off that trigger, but the still image does, even when I’m expecting it. It’s the same kind of trigger I get when I see a painting or drawing of a ‘grey’, especially when I’m not expecting it. The fear response has definitely lessened over the years, but the shock of recognition still occurs, pretty much every time.
    My mother also tells me that I had the same fear reaction to one of the ghosts/monsters that showed up in the opening title animation of the old “Scooby Doo” cartoons, but she cannot remember which specific thing it was that terrified me, and it doesn’t trigger anything for me when I go back and watch it now as an adult. After some thought, I think it might be the “ghost” of a diver wearing one of those old-fashioned grated-visor diving helmets, but I can’t be sure. She assures me that it was the same fear response as to Balok, though… I’d jump behind the couch until the credits were over.

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