Red Pill Junkie is a blogger, artist, and a strong voice with in the UFO community. This conversation dives into the deepest waters, and although we talk about UFOs, we also confront the big questions: Who are we? Why are we here? And what does it all mean?

Now, Red Pill Junky (or RPJ for short) is a pen name, and he writes for The Daily Grail, as well as Radio Mysterioso. He, like myself, is a cartoonist, so check this out! And he wrote the forward to my most recent book, and you can hear his audio reading of that wonderful essay at the very end of this episode.

RPJ lives and works in Mexico City, and he has a glorious voice!

cartoon by Red Pill Junkie

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  1. Great show and interesting to hear the reference to Carlos Castaneda from both yourself and your guest. Devoured his books as a student in the early 70s. It was the first time that I considered that reality might be much larger than what I was perceiving. Again the philosophy of the books is more important than the controversy surrounding Castaneda later on. In the intervening 50 years I have had the initial impression of a larger reality reinforced several times.

  2. I’ve been following RPJ for awhile, and I should not be surprised that he and Mike have a friendship! I read the Castaneda books in the 70’s too when I was VERY young (ha, ha). By then I was already on a different path and seeing reality as something rather fluid, compared to most people.

    I would like to hear more from him, Mike! Thanks!

  3. Red Pill Junkie, I listened to this marvelous interview late last night and woke up humming the following song. So here it is and must have entered my thoughts as I slept. 

    I want to make a few comments in regards to this interview and THANK so many individuals/organizations that changed my life. ALL MY MENTORS. So many, including Whitley.

    EDGAR CAYCE and the A.R.E. You were the first to open my eyes, change my life /heart/body/soul to what I/we all possess deep inside just need to be reminded that you were with us all the time. 

    Carlos Castaneda, (pretty sure I have read ALL of his books).

    Joseph  Campbell. I was gifted MANY years ago with the volumes 1 and 2 (Transformations Of Myth Through Time). 

    Dr. John Shaffer. Integration of the right/left hemispheres of the brain.

    THANK YOU FOR THIS INTERVIEW, I JUST FELT MOVED TO GIVE THANKS/GRATITUDE for so many wonderful teachers in this world. 

    The Search Is Over By: Survivor

  4. This show was one I needed to hear as much as you needed to make it, Mike. So much richness here, and so much right on time:

    Depression as an indicator that you are not on your path.

    Experience and understanding being as much or more important than “being happy.” I’d go so far as to say, experiencing and understanding *is* happiness.

    Synchronicity being the magick that holds it all together.

    So, you both need to know…just as my husband and I got underway with the show, the coyotes gathered in the forest just below the house and literally *screamed* at us; this was not their usual yipping or caroling. It was so close, loud, intense, and unusual that we stopped the show to listen. And then…just as we started the show up again…a barred owl called loudly, twice, from just at the edge of the forest, at the edge of our yard, one of those long throaty yowls like “Aowwwwrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” You know it?

    We got all the confirmation we needed to know that this show was right.on.time. Thank you so much!

  5. Love your show. The cartoon reminded me of this from a new age expo.
    Exkankar – So sing HU, a love song to God, every day

  6. Inspiring interview. Many thanks! Am reading “The Phoenix Lights” and I was surprised to hear the profound
    Paranormal effect it had on the witnesses long lasting and remarkable. Just by being a witness to the lights and more.

    My teacher was known to say the devil is allowed/used when all else to get through has failed. Hence the wisdom perhaps found after grueling trauma.

    Happiness is overrated someone has said.

  7. If depression means I’m OFF my path, and if happiness is no indicator that I’m ON my path, then I’m **royally confused** by all this spiritual guidance. So, are the abductors just messing with us? Sounds exactly like the huge info-downloads that abductees experience…which they can never remember afterward! Are they just toying with us, despising our emotional reactions, or even our well-being? Does the Infinite despise us, too, then? Is re-incarnation just an eternal prison?? I believe what people tell me, and — like David Jacobs — I’m getting more and more irremediably terrified of such a horrible God.

    1. Where does God come into all of this?
      It seems God the Creator has done mankind and every other being in this universe a big favor.
      He let’s us decide our path and what is right and wrong.
      He is like the rancher that puts his herd to pasture and let’s the herd do its thing without interference.
      You cannot blame him for the wolf or lack of grass.
      You can blame him for the opportunity to live. We must not question what is given. Because everything is a gift. Some gifts are very hard to appreciate especially if they seem to be mountains. We can lose gifts at any moment. Get used to it.
      In other universes this may not be the case.
      In other universes it could be worse.
      Remember if you are experiencing hurt or pain. There is always someone else that has it worse. Be grateful for life. Be grateful for love. Be grateful for breath. Be grateful for your children. Just be grateful.

  8. I find Red Pill Junkie to be highly hypocritical. His path with a heart doesn’t extended to Trump, he has one of the WORST cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome I’ve ever seen.

    1. This interview was one of your best.
      Whitley should try to add this Red Pill Junkie to his stable of podcasters. He is great. A very educated smart man.
      Wise is the operative word.
      From a child of the 50s.

    2. I do not perceive exactly what universe you are operating from.
      I despise Trump and everything he represents as much as the other 60% of this country but at no part was this Flim-Flan President brought up in any part of this podcast.
      So do yourself a favor, box that hate up and direct it to another venue. You seem to have lost it.

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