Aaron Gulyas is a teacher, writer and historian—and these all come into play on his excellent podcast The Saucer Life. He’s tapped into the lost era of the flying saucer contactees. Their colorful lives and strange stories are at the heart of his studies. 
This episode is a wonderfully fun exploration of folks like George Van Tassel, Kenneth Arnold, Ray Palmer, The Ashtar Command, and (more recently) Mac Tonnies. You might enjoy some much needed laughs listening to Aaron and Mike talkin’ UFO history.

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  1. Interesting show as always. “Calling All Earthlings” is on the Amazon Prime streaming service not Netflix in Canada. May be the same in the US.

    1. Author

      I think I may have seen it on netflix when it came out. I can’t actually remember. But, my point in the conversation is that this documentary was on a mainstream platform. And Amazon Prime certainly qualifies as mainstream.

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