Longtime UFO researcher Preston Dennett has tracked down and personally interviewed many close encounter witnesses over the course of his long career. Here, he tells us the stories of fifteen of them who recall being aboard UFOs. Some of them spent hours in this situation and remembered it without any aids such as hypnosis.

Preston tells us some of their stories and offers his own expert insights into the meaning of what they told him.

Next week, Whitley interviews two of the witnesses from Preston’s book, and we get to listen to their firsthand accounts of their experiences!

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  1. That was a great interview, Whitley & Preston D.
    Man, it might be unnerving to see a reptillian, but its gotta be amazing. fearful but amazing.
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. What an opportunity Whitley, I would miss your input/insight but maybe it’s your next step??

  3. – Going with the Visitors and leaving the earth behind ? That would be a hard pass for me.
    – I’m glad to hear Whitley is working on a book about Jesus and a new approach to his teachings. I had sent Whitley a personal email several years ago suggesting he do such a thing. Can’t wait to read it.

  4. I’ve always wondered about the so-called rectal ‘probe’ issue as well.

    Isn’t that area around the spine very connected to the Human nervous system?

    Are they somehow tapping into our nervous system and therefore also our consciousness by targetting that area?


    1. Yes, in craniosacral therapy, it is the area of the “base” of the hydrolic pumping system for the fluid in the dural tube that circulates throughout the brain and up and down the spine in a wave. It has an electrical quality and responds to the magnetic fields of the hands during the therapy, resulting in a deeply relaxing parasympathetic state in the receiver that can release obstructions in the connective tissue in the spine and body. I recognized it immediately as the “glow” that Whitley says the visitors said attracted them to him initially during his meditations. It is perceived by practitioners, and I have experienced this myself, to be very healing for the brain. However, being “probed” in this manner would be more likely to stimulate the effects of trauma in that area of the nervous system (akin to rape), unless the visitors have some way of resolving the energy cyst that would be created. Of course, we do not know the exact purpose, but yes, the entire sacrum, including the tip, is very significant neurologically and spiritually as the location of the root chakra. The root chakra is related to the sense of smell, the emotion of fear (and conversely courage), and one’s boundaries (and sense of “place” on earth), to put it simply.

  5. Fascinating interview. I bought Preston’s recent book for more details on the cases. Given the chance to leave the planet, I would go and informed my wife of my interest; I feel she would join in on the adventure.

  6. I have to say something that reflects on our cultural view of women. If historically more women have talked about invasive and unexplained sexual tests being done, reproductive tests and samples taken, it doesn’t reflect on humanity well. If a woman has an easier time talking about an encounter because we’ve been conditioned to think our bodies aren’t our own, we have more experience with invasive sexual contact and rape that no one believes, we have created a desperately sad world.

    1. At what point did the unified verdict roll in that this area of encounter was actual rape?

      Rape is filled with ignorance, lust and arrogance.

      I just don’t associate this level of encounter with any of those traits. Isn’t it a projection of Human frustration and anger to label these experiences as rape?

      I understand that elements reflect it, of course I do but does it really qualify as rape, in its entirety?

      How about accepting that our birdcage was indeed rattled but not in the way that our body-terror reaction interpreted?

      Transports react in a multitude of ways when encountering/connecting with higher/other consciousness.

      How about cutting ‘the other’ a break once in a while? Just discussing it in this manner reduces consciousness.

      No, I am not insensitive. Yes, I see that there is a disconnect here, one that is unfashionable to question.

      Please reflect, for a moment, just a moment, that there is no hate, anger or sense of belittlement in my words before you respond.

      I am a perceptor, as are you, and I choose life, as do you.


  7. Author

    I could not agree with you more. The fact that the world–that is to say, mainstream science and its media dogsbodies–sneers at this experience means that they also scorn any and all reports of rape in connection with it.

    Not being a woman, I cannot speak to whether or not they have an easier time talking about such attacks than men do. I can only say that it took me from 1986 to 2012 to even say the word “rape” to my wife in connection with what happened to me back then. Because I used the phrase “rectal probe” in Communion to conceal my humiliation, my rape became a joke, as, in many quarters, it still is.

    I cannot really imagine what it is like to be a woman in a culture such as the one we live in. It’s bad enough being a man in this dysfunctional madhouse.

    1. I used to be a subsciber, and tonight i became one again! great show very intruiging,

  8. As if the experience were not difficult enough, to have to deal with the sexual violation, and a mocking public, would likely have sent me over the edge.

    If this wild and wonderful show proves one thing it’s that you simply cannot make this stuff up. More and more, I look for truly strange elements in an account for indications of authenticity.

    Whitley, I’m a little turned around on a couple things and would welcome your comments. The first is the greys’ use of language. You’ve discussed that their primary form of communication with you has been imagery or, at times, theater (actions with a message imbedded). I recall your observation that the greys likely did not fully comprehend the “what can we help you do to stop screaming?” recording used during your December 1985 abduction, in that they may understand that such a statement is used to comfort during stressful times but not much beyond that. But many of the other accounts discussed in this interview, and elsewhere, have the greys communicating rather fluently with the abductees. For example, the being who held up your book and gave it a strong endorsement seemed like someone capable of having the kind of conversation with a human that you’ve speculated would not be possible (please correct me if my memory of your statement is incorrect).

    Next, and I think it was during your meditation this past week, you mentioned that if the future were known then the purpose of the universe would be defeated. Our journey through the time stream gives our lives its vibrancy. But does this apply to the greys as well? Isn’t it because they know the future that they seek us out to partake in our time-embedded lives?

    The blondes. Of the visitor types, I seem to recall you discussing the blondes only very infrequently. (I hope that you would consider a Dreamland on the blondes.) Do they have an intention that you know of to make themselves public? If not, why? If they are more human-looking, can carry conversation and do not inspire the same fear that the presence of the greys do then what’s stopping them?

    Hope the above is not too involved. Any response would be welcome. Great show.

  9. Author

    When I’m talking about language, I am referring to actual, spoken words. People can hear words and not realize that they are in their heads. But if you get to a point where you can tell the difference, it turns out that there is almost no spoken language, at least this is my experience.

    As to the ‘head’ speaking, it can get all mixed up with our own thoughts, especially if you do not realize that it’s being projected into your brain rather than entering through your ears. This is why I am so wary of the messages people receive–me included.

    I wouldn’t argue that they can’t speak, or at least that some of them can. Who knows, it’s a big universe–even bigger, now that it’s been pretty well proved that there’s at least one parallel universe! But whether or not they would be able to understand our language in the same way that we do, I just cannot say.

    How much of the future the grays know I am not sure. It must be more than we do. The reason that they want to participate in our lives is that they apparently have too much knowledge and have lost their sense of wonder. At least, that is my impression. Along with that, inevitably, would come knowledge of some of the future, and perhaps all of the immediate future. As I point out in A New World, I was treated to a brief experience of knowing the near future–just the next few minutes. It was as if I had turned into a robot. I was riding on rails. It was a nightmarish, appalling experience. (Looking back on it now, it is one of those experiences that seems very dream-like. I think that I should mention this, because I don’t want people assuming that my memories feel to me as if they are engraved in stone. I am always to a degree unsure.)

    I had quite a few interactions with the blondes, early on. That material is summed up in Super Natural, I believe.

    1. Thanks for the reply, Whitley. I had forgotten your brief experience of knowing the immediate future. If the greys exist in even a muted form of that type of reality then they may very well be on a quest to increase their joy. The communication issue sounds more complex than I imagined!

    2. The Spanish mystic John of the Cross wrote a chapter addressing hearing voices, and how to know whether they are our own thoughts, those of the good angels, those of the evil ones, the voice of God but without bringing a divine virtue with it, and His voice giving a divine virtue.
      The safest is to heed no voice unless it brings a divine virtue with it. Like if the voice would say “Fear not” all fear would be gone, replaced by a deep peace. Or if one would hear “Love Me” instantly a love that is not from the world would be enjoyed.
      When the voice seems to be God’s -which also might be through a messenger or angel of His- but it does not bring a super-natural virtue with it, the safest is to not heed it, as it might be from the devil disguised as an angel of light, or if from God, one might misunderstand -misinterpret- it.
      In case you would like to read that chapter, it is in Ascent of Mount Carmel, Book 2, chapter 21 here, and by searching for the word locution you’ll find the places he used it, by locutions meaning voices:
      (I utilize crtl + f in my Chrome and Brave browsers to type in the word locution in the small search bar that appears then in the right top corner and the instances that word appears show up highlighted. Then I use the v or ^ arrow in that small search option to go to every one of those places.)

      1. I say heed both voices, both hearts. In honouring the harsher voice and harsher heart, and in speaking out in peace, in cherishing the harsher voice, that you will hear the kinder voice marry the harsher one and we see heaven.

        Heaven is a marriage. It is a marriage won by understanding and loyalty and it is time well spent.


    3. They often use, or rather I often ‘overhear’ words communicated to me that I just don’t understand.

      Now and again I’ll hear others correcting ‘the one communicating with me’, explaining it’s a word I don’t understand or that the wrong word is being used.

      Going back about 5 years it ‘was explained to me’ that, apparently, I am ‘prescient’. I had to look the word up in a dictionary, though my education is fine. Oh, and also that I had ‘martinet consciousness’. I looked that up too.

      Other words pop in now and again that I have to open a dictionary for. I often wonder if it’s my deep subconscious, (I never believe that’s it’s my imagination, not for a split second though I understand that, to be taken seriously, you have to raise the possibility), but then again can my deep subconscious stand at the end of my bed? Maybe it can?

      My left foot, painful for months beforehand, was healed overnight after a hooded figure stood at the end of my bed. Subconscious? Maybe?

      Perhaps they scrutinise my attention from time to time, to see how much attention I’m devoting? Seems to me that the most powerful experiences have come when either at my most distracted in life or at my quietest conscious retreat.

      Funny old business all the same, but not one that I’d want to be without.

      They are, to be honest, good company, however subtle.


  10. If I ever have a chance to ask a question of a gray person, it will be, “What is the first thing you can remember in your life?” That answer *might* shed a lot of insight into their point of view, their experiences, etc.

  11. Speaking of the blondes, the one who spoke with Whitley who said that his race was perpetually at war with the grays always stuck with me. I remember the distinct image given of them being like a snake wrapping itself around a person and tightening its grasp slowly over time. Not sure of the exact nature of the conflict but that one anecdote would lead me to not trust the grays. Perhaps this reason is shallow, given how Whitley has articulated in his last book why the visitors are so interested in the human species and what we have that they may have lost.

  12. In 1986 i had an encounter. I remember being asked to go with them. Which i flat out refused. I remember eating a biscuit that was very thin and melted on my tongue. It was the most bitter thing i can remember tasting. This taste would comeback randomly over many months. Until and this is going to sound strange, i willed it out of my body. After that i don’t remember much or what i do it seemed scrambled. I remember seeing the light at the end of the dark tunnel. {i believe this to be my higher self, but 3 greys came with me} Floating somewhere high up above a isolated beach in the dark looking at the stars. Then having an argument about getting back into my body. It’s messed up. Even hypnosis really didn’t help. In the light i was redirecting light ropes like an old fashioned telephone operator on a switchboard. To this day i still want to know what happened that night.

    1. Jacques Vallee talks alot about the biscuits. I was fascinated by that as I did my masters thesis on Celtic mythology and folklore and it is a ubiquitous motif in the faery lore, which he also addresses.

  13. The very unpleasant physical intrusions which many abductees report might symbolize the intrusion into the soul of experiencing being but a human creature.
    As this is a dreamlike virtual reality, things in it are reflections of the reality beyond it, as is the case with dreams including in nightmares.
    I’ve had nightmares in which the worst was just about to happen to me when I opened my eyes. At that moments I realized the worst had just become a reality to me: now I experienced being but a member of the most feared race of predators known to us: the human race.
    Experiencing being but a human creature is a nightmare compared to enjoying Who we really are. Yet we lovingly willed that also other beings would come to enjoy what we in oneness with Source already enjoyed, so in accordance with the Divine Plan we imagined being those other beings, in this case humans. That also the souls of the humans would know their true Self and have the happiness of Who they really are.
    An that sense as Who we are in truth we have all given our Life for the humans.
    During one experience I was with beings of light, myself being one of them, and during our telepathic sharing of information about what we had experienced the day before while “down there” -meaning in this world- and what we planned to experience the next day here we thought of the humans we experienced being in this world as “those biological robots.”
    I now realize that might be symbolized as the Grays in this virtual reality like dream. Gray because there is still doubt about the meaning of love and about our true Identity, as gray is a mixture of white and black, or light and dark.
    So we might be testing ourselves and each other here to find out whether our love is selfish or altruistic. It seems to be a mixture of the two, but how is our real love? And with that, Who are we really?

    1. Author

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      1. Thank you much dear Whitley for letting me know, and for the work of posting them manually.

        Good to know, as it makes me being even more serious about what I write here. I now must feel it’s also worthy of your special effort to post it.

        Might symbolize that some unseen powers would prefer not to see my sharing appear here… but that in cooperation with a sympathetic neighbor who also shares messages about important issues also not merely about nor from this world it still gets done. ; )

        1. By no small irony, that post wound up in the spam bin, too. Thankfully, it’s just a matter of us hitting the “Approve” link—we don’t have to re-enter the text of the post itself, we just have to keep an eye on the bin to make sure the legitimate posts are readable.

          What’s likely happening is that someone out there with a tele2.nl address is abusing the account, prompting spam filters to universally react to the domain. In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye out for unpublished posts.

          1. Thank you much. I’ll contact my ISP about it. Again. I’ve been forwarding spam to Spamcop for years, but lately that didn’t work any longer, as the spam filter of my ISP thinks it is spam. I contacted my ISP two times about it over the last month and their technicians were going to fix it…

  14. The seed symbolizes the spark or memory of our true Being, meant to give birth in this world to Who our true Identity is. The soul is the female nature of or our Being in which that birth is to take place, the spiritual male part being that which is the initiating energetic element, also called the Spirit.
    Light symbolizes consciousness, and we all have the spark of divine consciousness in us, like a glowing coal under the ashes of this material world. It still burns hot and bright enough to light up this world and set it ablaze with the Fire of Love that is our true Nature.
    That divine Fire of Love turns everything -including the “pollution in our bodies” that seems to differ from It into Itself. That “pollution” is the belief we are but human creatures and all the entails that to our soul painful belief.

    1. Correction and more clear:
      “and all that entails what to our soul is a painful belief.”
      The “Sun” symbolizes our Source Self, and the stars us as extensions or individuations of It. God and sons of God.

  15. One more comment as I’m listening to the very interesting podcast:
    When we stand in an open field looking straight ahead, the furthest point from us that we see is the horizon. When we make a complete turn around on our feet, the sky above us is like a stretched out dome sloping downward to the horizon, meeting the ground under our feet there, the ground which in turn by sloping up towards the horizon around us meets the dome of the sky at that horizon. In that sense it is as if we stood in the middle of a classic saucer shaped UFO.
    The eruption of the volcano in that story symbolizes the destruction of our original divine Self-awareness world, by it being covered up under the mud symbolizing the material perception, the ice symbolizing the coldness or lack of enjoying our divine Love and its happiness, and the bringing of souls up at least to the lower floor in the UFO by beings not from this world symbolizes the elevation to the intellectual understanding that also we are not from this world.
    The higher floor of the UFO symbolizes the actual living event of Self-realization more than intellectual knowledge of Who our true Being is.

    I don’t want to continue giving comments here -as I’ve already done plenty enough of that- not to OD anyone on interpretations. ; )

  16. Just couldn’t resist. Please bear with me one more time:
    Disappearing from from this world to be with the beings that are not from this world including with our Source Self has been described in the Bible as the ascension to the Father and our divine Kingdom which is not of this wold.
    Even while still in this world foretastes can be received of our Kingdom. In it we are rulers over our individual Kingdoms as well as over the whole Kingdom in cooperation with our Source Self and His individuations of Himself, all as One.
    Those already in that Kingdom -whether still appearing here physically or having passed to the non physical realm, not really looking like they did on earth any longer, although they might appear to us that way so we can recognize them I we knew them in this world- are inspiring us with their loving desires that also we begin to enjoy at least some of what they already enjoy.
    In the mean time it takes great courage to be willing to experience being in this world as a human. And “Back Stage” we all know that and have the greatest respect and love for ourselves and each other. For we all came to bring heaven on earth, knowing that it would mean a lot of unpleasantness at first before that divine mission would be accomplished. Including the unpleasantness of experiencing being and doing the opposite who Who and How you really are. And being accused of that by your conscience and the consciences of others, not aware yet of Who you really are beyond your and other’s often upsetting human appearances, characters, and behaviors.
    So in that sense all of us are like divine soldiers -“there and here”- fighting to conquer this world for God’s Kingdom, to the eternal benefit or all souls.

    1. PS:
      Speaking of soldiers, a part of the collective subconscious =the black or dark part of the doubt that does not believe that God is good nor that we therefore in essence are good, believing instead that God is a murderer who kills us all in the end, as it seems He kills people by ending their human lives sooner or later- that believe can be manifested in the military, which can be manifested symbolically by those who appear as reptilians: the sadistic pleasure some soldiers derive from killing and behaving cruelly to others.
      Yet by taking on that role they have completely deprived themselves of the original happiness we all enjoyed before coming to earth.
      They serve as examples to evoke our strong dislike of such a loveless attitude, that we may recognize that in essence we are very much unlike that, for our moral dislike of it proves we are unlike that.

      In that sense it is true that the devil doesn’t know for Whom he works… and it is a most thankless job to play such a miserable role on earth. But some were willing to play it, all to our ultimate benefit, that we might realize we are not really like that at all, and so begin to realize Who and How we really are. Thank God.
      And Who we really are is symbolized by the soldiers who are willing to give their lives for the good of their beloved and even for those many they don’t know personally, but with whom they share a nation. As a reflection in this virtual reality dream of our true divine Nature, pointing us towards It.

  17. Whitley, You may be written “out”.
    But I think your conversation between the author and you agreeing to board a UF O and went.was an interesting idea.
    I think you have a book there.

  18. I’ve just ordered the book, firstly because I have always been fascinated by the subject and secondly to see if any of the details ring any bells. I have only three ‘lucid dream’ experiences with UFOs and their occupants. The first, I found myself in the navigation / control room of a UFO. Two big headed beings were to my right, near some control panels and I got the impression they were pretty pissed off and wondering what I was doing there. I remember feeling fairly impervious, and being really amused at their response. The second, I was asked whether I wanted to go on board a dark UFO hovering over our house… it sounded like an exiting idea but I then I got scared and they changed their mind. The third was when a group of hooded figures got me to fly a small UFO that was in the back garden. It didn’t last long, but there are some interesting details that I am interested to see might be in Preston’s book.

    On a slightly different note, my earliest memory of seeing a UFO was about aged five or six, looking out the window of the front room. It was dark outside and there was a rugby ball shaped craft moving slowly over nearby houses. It was like a patchwork quilt of rainbow iridescent colours. Interestingly my younger sister was with me in the ‘dream’ and the next morning she said she had had the same dream too. Whenever I ask her about it now, she remembers it but doesn’t want to talk about it. It just makes me wonder whether anything else happened that I can’t remember… I suspect there is no smoke without fire.

  19. Whitley and Preston Dennett, I have thought about this interview for a few days now and eagerly await the interviews next week with two of the witnesses from Preston’s book. I also want to give encouragement (even if it is only in words) to those abductees who have been spirited away and returned (some not). Some of the places taken might be barns, old farm houses, shiny metal looking houses, normal looking bedrooms, strange dry reddish looking places (soil) with a sulfur like smell; I am sure the list goes on and on.

    Last year, June 2019 a crop circle appeared that I still look at every single day. It affected me like only a few other crop circles have, HOWEVER, it has stayed with me this whole year. I did not want to lose that initial feeling I had the first time I saw it. (A warning.) So here we are almost a year later from that crop circle and the whole world is in a PANDEMIC. I WOULD SAY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN ABDUCTED, TAKE NOTICE, FOR SURE YOU WILL PROBABLY HAVE A BETTER FEEL FOR WHAT IS HAPPENING ON OUR PLANET. 

    I want to post this crop circle along with comments/articles for those who have not seen it. (Hopi Ant People.)





  20. Author

    Preston Dennett will be with us in subscriber chat on Wednesday April 29 at 7PM PDT in the subscriber chat room.

  21. Incredible show I was on the absolute edge of my seat once it got going. Thank you both.

    I’ll buy the book

  22. “You wake up in a situation like that you’re going to be concerned.”

    Oh, Lord, Whitley, only you could say something like this!

    Concerned is rather an understatement, don’t you think?

    This gave me such a good laugh!

    Absolutely great interview!

  23. Killer show!! I’ve been in contact with Preston just recently about his upcoming book on UFOs and Drive-in Movie Theaters – looking forward to it!!

  24. This was a great interview. I’m listening g to it on Sept. 30, 2020, and a few things came to mind as I listened.
    “Paul,” who gave away his possessions, told his friend “Tony” he was considering leaving —with the beings who had given him a tour of their craft and invited him to rendezvous with them exactly one year later— disappears. His truck is found near the site where he had met him and a missing person is filed, an official search went out. We know from David Paullides that if this was a suicide, as was mentioned, there would have been a body found, or at least some evidence of his person or possessions. That was a fascinating story, and I don’t think any of us believe it ended in suicide.
    Also, the question was raised about why any visitors would care about pollutants in our bodies. I can think of a few reasons—1. If you were looking to breed with a species you would want clean and healthy stock. 2. I have read in other literature about these tests being performed to see if certain environments— not of this planet— would be appropriate for human habitation, and/or that an environment was being prepared for human habitation and it would be important to know what our bodies were contaminated with and what they could tolerate. The story about the people being saved from the volcano made this scenario a lot more plausible to me then it had been before.
    This was an incredible episode and interview, thank you Whitley and Preston.

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