Ann Eller has a unique perspective of the UFO mystery. She worked closely with renowned astrophysicist Dr. J. Allen Hynek during his final years of UFO research. Their friendship gave her an insiders view of both the research, and personality of Dr. Hynek (seen together at left).

Ann has had powerful contact experiences, including a remarkable event on a Wyoming ranch in 1985. She has been able to frame her experiences within the foundation of her own spiritual practices. She tells her story in the 2010 book Dragon in the Sky: Prophecy from the Stars.

During the interview, Ann said that many of the people on the frontlines of the contact enigma are volunteers, and this is similar to story that emerged in Mike’s self exploration—that story is covered in a previous episode of The Unseen linked HERE (38:20 time count).

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  1. So Ann, when you quoted part of your dream as, “A LAND OF MILK AND HONEY,” I remembered this dream from many years ago.   

    April 7th, 1998


    I am with Fuji and her family is with her. (Fuji is my sister-in-law and was born in Okinawa). Many Asian people here from Okinawa and I notice so many slanted eyes. We go by St. Luke’s Church and I am thinking that they might like to see this beautiful church. We go by it and come to another place that looks like a church. We are riding in a white car and it now pulls up onto a ramp. We get out and go inside this building. It is not a church, looking more like a medieval castle. People are dressed and eating at long tables of a time period long ago. (One group at a table on an elevated platform).  I am eating a french fry. An Asian man puts one in his mouth and analyzes it from the time it was planted as a potato until the time it was cooked in oil. HE DID NOT EAT IT. I am not sure what these people eat? I do not think they are able to eat much here. Now I am cooking honey (in a pot looking like a large cauldron) and adding ‘MILKY WAY BARS.’ The same man that tasted the french fry says, “why would you want to change something that is already perfect, IT RUINS THE PURITY OF THE HONEY?” (I TOTALLY FELT HE WAS TALKING ABOUT THE MILKY WAY GALAXY). I start over with the cooking. Now I see Fuji’s mother and she does not look well. I ask her if she wants me to do a hands on healing. She says, “only from a distance.” 


    Notes, I had to go searching in my ginormous stack of dreams then type it out. I too am a dreamer. 

    I do not think these were actually my sister-in-laws Okinawa family. I think they were extraterrestrials, the eyes were to large.

    I tried not to change ANYTHING about this dream encounter, only to clarify a few things.

  2. Great interview, as always.

    Face changing into an alien, wow. I have only seen something similar once in a seance when I could see the medium’s appearance change into the spirit she was channeling.

    By the way, The Path of the Masters by Dr. Johnson is also available free in pdf:
    It is a long one, but I am sure its worth it. I am starting on it today.

  3. Great show! I love Ann Eller; what a refreshingly real person with no hint of pretension! Sure can understand why you’d want her on your show. Thanks for this one.

  4. This was a blast from the past and I enjoyed hearing from Ann. When I was in jr. high and high school, I used to subscribe to the Center For UFO Studies newsletter and lived next to Evanston, IL, where Hynek worked at Northwestern University. My bed was tucked in a corner nook and on three walls around me were posters of deep space. During those years, I read one sci-fi book per day.

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