Ryan Sprague is a podcaster, author, playwright, journalist, and host of the television series Mysteries Decoded. His 2016 book Somewhere in the Skies: A Human Approach to an Alien Phenomenon, explores the personal challenges of people who have been confronted with the UFO mystery.

Mike and Ryan explore the difficult role of trying to share these strange stories—both the role of the author and the responsibility to the experiencers and witnesses. 

Find Ryan at his site, Somewhere in the Skies.


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  1. Mike and Ryan; Thank you for mentioning my experience during this outstanding interview. What a pleasure to listen to both of you break these stories down.

  2. Since you both live in NEW YORK and since Ryan has a “SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES podcast” I am posting this.

    Saturn, Mars and Jupiter align over the New York City skyline on March 26, 2020. (Image credit: Alexander Krivenyshev/WorldTimeZone.com)



    “Saturn’s influences have made for rather those test periods, and those experiences where the mental attitude necessary had to be expressed or manifested in order for the entity to remain steady.” (322-2)

    “Saturn has made for a great many changes that have been eminent, though not often made in the entity’s experience. The desire to do this and the desire to do that, and the attempt to make this association and that association, in all its various activities, arise from those innate urges from the sojourn of the entity in same.” (914-1)


    “In Venus and Mars we find the artistic temperament, and hence those activities as would have to do with pattern making, or designing of anything made of metal or wood…” (2915-1)

    “In the astrological aspects we find these have been as the ruling forces: Mars, as related to material things. Hence there have been in the experience some very disturbing forces in the activities of those associated with the entity in their relationships to madness, anger, satisfying of personal appetites, aggrandizement of interests; and these have been problems for the entity.” (1438-1)


    “In that relation in Jupiter, makes for the bigness, the noblenesses, as are seen in the entity’s experience…” (6-2)

    “In those in Jupiter, of those of the broadness of vision… Nature has made of the entity a leader…” (5-2)

    “…in Jupiter we find the high ennobling influences in the experience of the entity; in materiality making for associations ever with those in high places, in power, in authority, that deal with problems in the affairs of great numbers of individuals or peoples, or the masses.” (1285-1)


  3. The age of 12/13 is interesting as that is the age I had my first sighting. My daughter also had an almost identical sighting at the same age. 1974 was also a high strangeness time. Interesting. I often wonder why “we” are so afraid. I think it is our own imaginations that cause the fear. perhaps if we stop imagining and just go with it, we can learn and understand. All of this feels like something I already know and have just temporarily forgotten. In due time all will be remembered. Then we’ll laugh at it all.

  4. Excellent interview! I did indeed appreciate the insights into podcasting. Keep up the good work!

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