Zelia Edgar is  a researcher, blogger, podcaster and youtube vlogger. And for a short time she was also the Wisconsin state director for MUFON, and I am pretty sure she holds the title of the youngest state director in that organization—ever!

Zelia has been exploring at the paranormal, both the cases she has researched as well as her own experiences, and those of her family, through the lens of of the Fortean author John Keel. She runs a blog titled Just Another Tin Foil Hat, and you can find her find her podcast and videos there.

During the interview Christopher Bledsoe Sr. gets mentioned, and his experience with “The Shining Lady” is discussed. Christopher was recently spoke with Richard Dolan, and that excellent interview is linked HERE.

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  1. Best interview yet. The timbre & tone of your voices go so well together. Zeilia is an old soul-wise and humble. I appreciate the give and take in your interviews. You interject without hijacking the conversation. I am now so intrigued about the clothing aspect!

  2. Mike this was a fantastic interview! Thanks so much.

    I loved her creaking chair

  3. Thanks for introducing me to justanothertinfoilhat. I’m really enjoying Zelia’s research and style.

  4. I am new to the work of John Keel, and very interested in it after listening to this interview. Which book does anyone recommend starting with?

  5. Author

    Zoe, Start with *The Mothman Prophesies” or with “Operation Trojan Horse”

    Both are excellent!

    1. Thank you! When I searched Audible for John Keel there were 24 results, overwhelming! Now I have somewhere to start.

  6. The younger crowd must surface and carry the torch. Funny, I was thinking about this all day. I have been reaching out to attempt communication with people in the community but have found some of them to be jaded, and one rudely told me to go do my research. Like I’m a bother. Others won’t answer questions. I don’t associate with big heads. I think attitudes like that can be turning some of us away. Beautiful episode. Thank you.

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