Andras Jones is an actor, musician, podcaster, author—and synchromystic. He began broadcasting Radio8Ball on KAOS in Olympia in 1998, this is a pop-music oracle, a hip musical divination with a live audience. A question is asked, and like musical tarot card, a song is picked at random. Within the lyrics is an answer, bypassing the clutter of logic, and plumbing the depths of the unconscious for insights.

Andras has a deep appreciation for synchronicity, and the role it can play in shaping our lives, and reality itself. 
In this episode Mike asks the question, shakes the Radio8Ball, and the music holds the answer. Andras takes on the role of interpreter with wit and intuition. This was a fun show, an appreciation of the magical power of synchronicity.
Radio8Ball is a podcast, and now a divination app for an iPhone. He also hosts a new podcast on overlooked cinema, The World is Wrong.
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  1. Today on John C. FACEBOOK……”Yesterday morning Gene Meyers made his final delivery at age 91 when his soul entered heaven. Gene was the pharmacist, final owner and friend to all at the Tamm Avenue Pharmacy located at the N/E corner of Tamm and Clayton.”

    Many generations of my family grew up in a neighborhood but more like a little village. We knew most people or their relatives. There was a wonderful tribute on facebook to a wonderful human being/pharmacist. That said, my niece posted the comment below that refers to John Denver. (Might this be considered a synchronicity to the interview today? Whenever I hear the name John Denver I think of the song, “ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH.”

    Posted on facebook today…….
    “OMG! I have such fond memories of Gene and his Tamm Ave Pharmacy. Once back in 1975 I was in there with my 9 month old daughter and I sat her on the counter as I was paying for my purchase. A man was patting her on the head and I looked up and it was John Denver stopping by to purchase breath mints as he was on his way to his concert at the St. Louis Arena. He told her she was beautiful and to take good care of her. Needless to say I was speechless. I’m so very sorry to hear of Gene’s passing and will always remember him fondly as a good friend and a Dogtown icon.

  2. So, then, INVITE HIM BACK to chat about Coyote! Death is what happens when the conversation ends.

  3. The concept of songs providing answers to questions put out to the cosmos, reminded me of a strange incident that happened to me. During a meditation session, I requested a validation to the reality of a larger reality, God, universal consciousness, higher intelligences. The next day at breakfast the Apple Music app on my IPhone spontaneously came on and played one song from an album I had never listened to before. This was 3 years ago and Apple Music has never turned itself on to play a song since. The song was from Van Morrison’s Avalon Sunset album – When Will I Ever Learn to Live in God. I feel that the lyrics were an answer to my question. My interpretation was for me to accept the existence of a greater reality and stop looking for validation – when will I ever learn. As Mike often says -“we live in a magical universe”. The more one accepts this fact, the more likely magic in its’ many forms reveals itself.

  4. On another ‘NOTE.’ Funny how time seems to have no boundaries. So, pretty sure the VIOLIN SHOP simply moved from one location in the neighborhood to where it is currently, the former drug store/pharmacy.  MUSIC!

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    Phone: (314) 645-6670
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