Mike Stevens has endured a lifetime of contact experiences, and this journey has meant confronting the unknown. He’s navigated the dark times of confusion and terror, and has recently come forward with his story.

The book Granite Skies, written by Nomar Slevik, documents Mike’s remarkable experiences. But more than that, it’s a very human story of coming to grips with the trauma of repeated UFO abductions. It’s a turbulent biography of one man’s fear, torment, acceptance, and eventual hope in the face of something deeply challenging. 

The book is available HERE.

A big part of Mike’s healing came from helping others, and he founded Granite Sky Services, with the straightforward mission statement: To provide rock-solid support to any and all experiencers of extraterrestrial encounters, contact, and abduction. This support organization is linked HERE.  

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  1. I just download “Granite Skies” for free on Kindle Unlimited. I am so excited. I have always wanted counseling, even though I am nearly 65, and most of my active abductions occurred in my early to mid-childhood (late 50s to mid-60s). I believe I was presented tiny babies as an adult, but my memories have never been clear past 1968 or so. The fear was horrible! I am no longer afraid, and had fun plucking a preying mantis off my hummingbird feeder the other night. “Payback’s a bitch!” I laughed. “I was taken by some of your MUCH larger relatives!”

  2. Over a series of nights in 1975, Loring Air Force Base in Maine was invaded by mysterious craft originating from Canadian airspace.



    Short 12 minute video

    Wallace remembers hearing “stressed voices” over the radio as the pilots and tower personnel attempted to track the object as it seemed to fly back and forth over the base at incredible speeds. As quickly as the transmissions began, they ended as tower personnel stated simply “We’ve lost it” When Wallace later saw the pilot of the lead aircraft who was sent to intercept the object, he told Wallace “I can’t talk about it, and you wouldn’t believe me if I could talk about it.”

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