Terry Lovelace has evidence he might have been 60 feet above his house. His iPhone seems to have captured a dramatic change in elevation that coincided with a probable early morning contact experience! He awoke with a racing heart, and it was so severe that he called an ambulance and was rushed to the emergency room. He describes the unsettling clues that emerged after waking in a panic on April 16, 2020. Mike and Terry explore the memories and emotions that come with these experiences. There is also a discussion about the events of 1977, a complex story from the terrifying camping trip in Devil’s Den State Park in Northern Arkansas. This is a follow-up episode after Terry’s appearance on The Unseen in August of 2019. That highly recommended episode is linked HERE

Here’s a screengrab (left) from his phone, and it shows that he somehow rose up 60 feet above his home.

His 2018 book The Incident at Devil’s Den is available HERE. ANd Terry’s site is HERE.

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  1. Such a great interview and I have an experience I want to share. This e-mail was sent to Whitley and Linda in July 2011…….

    Terry Lovelace says, “It concerns an incident near (((Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri))). Make of it what you will.”


    —— Forwarded Message ——
    To: SUBscribers@unknowncountry.com; “Linda Moulton Howe”
    Sent: 7/4/2011 4:38:23 AM
    Subject: STRANGE…..

    Linda, I am including you in this e-mail since I saw you listed on the website below as I was trying to check out Whiteman Air Force Base. Also, remembering an incident you had reported on in 2010. Anne, Whitley and Linda, just treat this like you would any letter. File it away for reference in case someone else reports on a similar experience at the same time and date. 



    I started writing this on July 3rd.


    First I need to tell you that what we saw was a B2 Bomber from Whiteman Air Force Base. (Part of the FAIR ST. LOUIS AIR SHOW.) A once over on Saturday scheduled for noon. We didn’t know this of course at the time since neither (niece) nor I had ever seen this craft in real life. When we got to my brother’s house in Hillsboro, another niece and nephew told us that was probably what we saw. TRUE, I believe this is correct but I am not sure about the rest of this experience, WERE WE SO STUNNED THAT WE LET OUR IMAGINATIONS RUN WILD ????? This started around 11:45 and continued for 20 to 30 minutes. We didn’t have any way to record this as I had left my cell phone at home in my backpack and Terri didn’t know how to record on her phone.  


    On July 2nd, 2011, my (niece) and I were on our way to my brother and his wife’s house to celebrate my birthday. They live in Hillsboro, Missouri on Fort Hill Trail. The route there is always the same, take Gravois to Tesson Ferry Road (highway 21) all the way into Hillsboro. At the last minute my niece decides to take highway 55 instead. So we are on highway 55 going South at Butler Hill Road when she starts to panic. I thought she had seen something awful on the highway, she was driving crazy and I was trying to calm her down. She is now pointing up to the left; she saw it before I did from out of her peripheral vision. It was a black triangle in the sky and coming in our direction. She was nervous and missed the exit so we had to turn around and go back. At this point she decides to take the familiar route. Now we are on Lindbergh and going North so we can connect up to highway 21. The traffic has stopped, we look up and it is hovering in front of the van we are in. Neither one of us is very good at trying to gage distance but I can tell you that we could see the underside dark gray metal, we could not see the top (cock pit). It was directly in front of us and we both had a strange feeling that the pilot could see us. CREEPY feeling. This is also strange, traffic was heavy and one would have thought other people would be looking upward because it was so low. It felt like no one else was aware of it. (Perhaps they did but I couldn’t find any comments on the internet.) The air conditioner was on in the car/van, we heard no sound from the craft. So, now we decide to pull off onto a parking lot, we needed to calm down. While in the parking lot it approaches again from the left, then flies off. We do not see it again. My mind was in such a turmoil that I cannot remember in what order I observed things. My niece kept remarking on how thin it appeared at a distance. We both saw the three bumps where the craft was the widest but the order of just when we saw these things escapes me. The thing appeared at least  three to four times. Once I could see it way up in the clouds looking like a distant bird.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/stopnewnukes/2024273410/


    So, now we are on highway 21. We get to the road that leads to my brother’s house when everything becomes surreal. We thought we were in the wrong place/house and started to back out, although we have going there for almost 40 years. I ask my niece today what she felt and these are her words. “When we got on the road going to the house I felt disconnected, there was a powerful light like a different sun or maybe a double sun, I could see veins in the leaves. Things looked more lush, green and alive. …..I Felt like I have experienced this before. What I saw was the same as a solar eclipse only my vision was greatly enhanced. I felt like all the greenery and trees were just bursting with life and beauty! I noticed everything was outlined around the edges like looking at 3D. My depth perception was just amazing!!! It truly felt like we were in another world. I felt totally disconnected from reality although it didn’t last long. The brightness around us should have blinded us but it was diffused in some way. As we got closer to the house I felt a little confused when looking at the house for some reason. At first I wasn’t sure if we had the right house! I simply did not recognize it!!! We went in and felt better right away. Strange!!!!!”


    For me it was not as extreme but I did feel like I was in a different and brighter light. Everything felt surreal. As soon as we joined the family, life seemed to flow again in a normal way.

  2. What a great show! Love your interview style. I always feel like grabbing a cup of coffee and just joining you and your guest, very conversational. I read Terry’s book and it was great. Super interview!

  3. Great show. Terry and Mike have great chemistry and it was quite an experience. I called Terry after the show and he suggested I tell Mike a short story. When “Owls and Synchronicity” came out, I bought a copy and started reading it in bed. My wife asked what I was reading and I told her about it. As soon as I started talking about the premise, an Owl started hooting on the roof right above our bed. Shortly, another owl started hooting from the roof on the opposite corner of the house. They kept this up for three to five minutes.
    While we have Owls in the immediate area today, at the time, there was a family of Red Tailed Hawks in our immediate area and Owls were very rare.

    Sorry one more story. In July 2019, I went to the Pine Ridge Reservation. The evening that I came home, I was sitting on the front patio talking to my wife about it. I looked up and saw a large Owl on the peak of our roof over our bedroom. As I watched it, it took off and flew quickly down towards me. It’s claws were out and it followed the sloping roof line, only about 6 inches above. With its claws still out, it flew about a foot or so above my wife’s head. She was facing me and did not see it. It pulled out of its dive a couple of feet above my head; pulled its claws back in; and flew away. Quite a homecoming.

  4. Really enjoyed listening to this show. Brought more reading material for me to investigate. Love it when that happens. Both guest and host kept my attention and wish for more.

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