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This week’s guest, Matt, has only a few high strangeness experiences in his background. But the one that has haunted him his entire life is huge and may be unique: a recurring dream he had all throughout his teen years that involved a class reunion well in the future. What Matt witnessed over and over again in dream time during his youth has been unfolding in real time throughout his adulthood exactly as he saw it.

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  1. The Experience normally posts
    The Experience normally posts on Wednesday. This week’s edition was delayed due to a technical glitch.

  2. It just keeps getting better
    It just keeps getting better and better … I am going to listen to this episode again tonight. I will probably repeat the medium’s episode tonight as well. I have to make time for Dreamland too.

  3. The only precognitive dream
    The only precognitive dream I’ve had was when I was living in Virginia Commonwealth University dorms and I had a very vivid dream of running up some stairs and running down some hallways maniacally with friends, but I found it so odd that there were dark slots in the walls, it was just so odd. About three weeks or so later we got some LSD and chose a weekend to take it and went wandering about Richmond, VA, as we did. Eventually we came across a building that was obviously made out of concrete, but it had wood impressions like it was made from wood planks. It drew me further in and I found a lovely little zen green alcove nestled in the center of this big building, and it was relatively open, but it just seemed magical. We saw someone walk up a back stairwell and decided to check the door – it was open! We went up, I think to the third floor, and walked out. As I found out later, it was the Pollack Building (you can google images to find the courtyard), the art building, and we didn’t run down the halls because we didn’t want to draw attention to ourselves, but the slots in the walls were painting racks! Students would finish a project and store them in the wall holes. I had a deja-vu feeling at the time that was strange like I was repeating, but I didn’t remember that I had had the dream till after the event when I was reflecting on it.

  4. This is a dream that goes
    This is a dream that goes back to the late 1970s or early 1980s.
    I am writing this dream from memory. It is quite old but one that has never left my mind.

    Not really a repetitive dream but the memory of it is often triggered by different things like this interview with Matt, so I have decided to post the dream experience.


    DREAM: I am a much younger me and standing in my dad’s radio and television repair shop. In front of the shop I see people of all races/ethnic groups holding hands and forming a straight line all the way down the street. I look up into the sky and see a large man; he is throwing a sheer curtain from heaven, down to earth. On this curtain there is written the names of all the prophets and holy men that have ever walked this planet. As the curtain starts to fall and has almost reached the earth, all the people that have been holding hands are frantically trying to roll it up before it reaches earth.

    TOO LATE, the curtain has touched down. Everyone runs and tries to hide; I run into the back of the shop and seek shelter under a doorway. The wind is TERRIBLE and then it is over. I AM DEAD. I am now flying on the back of another entity and looking down at the earth. All of the land has been burned; will anything ever grow here again?

    This dream has stayed with me for many years. I was there and felt all of the emotion. Being in the presence of the curtain with all of those holy people whose names are written on it was humbling. The words, the warnings, all of those teachers who came to show us how we should live according to GOD’S law, THEN…..The cause and effect of our actions.

  5. Wow…I understand why Matt
    Wow…I understand why Matt is reluctant to talk. One has to wonder if he is remembering the past and a life being repeated (Time loop), or is he somehow the creator of his reality in Fallon? The wonderful part of this is that he has become an artist from a podunk town that ends up with an Arts Center years later (Did he have a part in manifesting his wildest dream that carried over from childhood?). On the other hand, I can see how this might also haunt him, especially the ending of the scenario that he does not want to reveal.

    In looking up Fallon, NV. apparently there are other reasons that clusters of children may have gotten cancer there. Los Alamos Laboratory conducted an underground nuclear blast 28 miles from Fallon in 1963 called Project Shoal, and according to Wikipedia it is still a restricted area. So, what may be going on with that? Even an underground blast should not be ignored. In addition, only 7 miles from Fallon is Grimes Point Petroglyph Trail, with petroglyphs going back over 8,000 years and near the shores of an ancient lake.,_Nevada

    So, I can think of a few reasons why there may be an oppressive air about Fallon, and my guess is that much more may have gone on with Matt than he may even consciously remember about his childhood there.

    Grimes Point Petroglyphs

    Since he did not mention Grimes Point, I am curious if he has ever been there? If not, I recommend that he make a special trip to visit. If not, he may want to check out the video link above. He is an artist, and he may connect to the rock art in ways that may bring him some answers (or more questions) that connect to his experiences. He grew up very close to a very sacred area and should not discount it.

    Jeremy, thanks for allowing people to tell their stories in their own voices. It matters.

  6. Great Show Jeremy. Thanks for
    Great Show Jeremy. Thanks for sharing Matt, it triggered a lot of memories.

  7. I really enjoyed this show,
    I really enjoyed this show, Jeremy, and I found Matt’s story to be very believable.

    My youngest son experienced precognitive dreams when he was between the ages of about 8 to around 11 years old. It was truly eerie when something would happen and he would literally shake and cry, “I dreamed this-I dreamed this exactly like it’s happening.” The dreams frightened him so much (even though I did attempt to comfort him) that I believe he ‘turned it off’ because they simply stopped. He still has a highly developed intuitive sense about events and people, but he’s unwilling to talk about this very much today… even to me. He is now 33 years old.

  8. I understand why your son
    I understand why your son “turned it off”. I did that too and sometimes still do. If you are trying to live a ‘normal’ life (home,work, family, etc), it can be disruptive and disturbing. The worst ones are the ones that use symbolism, unknown people, etc. They are like a puzzle, then whenever it is actually happens and you realize that it was all in your dream…The old TV show with Patricia Arquette, ‘Medium’ is still spot on with how many of us experience these things.

  9. hey Jeremy, It sounds like
    hey Jeremy, It sounds like “Matt” was traveling WHILE he was sleeping. Basically, during sleep, his spirit leaves the body and travels time & space. He is moving forward thru a timeline that is a “most likely” future. If it is recurring, then there are red flags his traveling self is telling his conscious self. A comment earlier covers a shaman attitude about dreaming the future into reality. I personally believe we all were meant to have this ability. for some, it doesn’t wane with time. If you even slightly deviate from the dream, you will enter a different time stream with other consequences.
    What ever happened in the dream, WILL happen in one of the multitudes of alternative realities. You just dont have to have conscious presence in the one you keep seeing. Anyway, what will happen has already happened. Thats how you travel forward. That doesnt mean you have to experience THAT particular time stream.
    Nice interview. Thanks for sharing Matt.

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