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You may know Bill Birnes as a UFO Hunter. What you may not know is his extensive background in abnormal psychology. Given what he knows about psychology and the human brain, how does he receive testimony from someone like last week’s guest "Lindsay," who says that anti-depressants stopped her paranormal experiences and yet she believes they are not manifestations of her brain? Knowing what he knows, why does he believe in paranormal/visitor phenomena when so many psychologists and neurologists do not? And then, in a conversational twist, we’ll find out if deeply disturbed people such as serial killers and mass murderers report these types of phenomena in their lives.

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  1. My comments, First black
    My comments, First black holes do exist I believe Hawking just changed his idea about the event horizon in relation to black holes. Bill needs to consider that its not merely a mind connection he should base his psychological understanding on its a heart mind connection. The heart holds your feeling or emotions to your life experiences which are than processed by the brain so by transforming difficult or traumatic past life experiences through processing these experiences and dealing with the pain residing in ones heart this alters how and what one thinks about because your thinking stems from your emotions and the way you feel about an experience and this in turn than creates what’ll you’ll think about and in this way the heart directs the mind’s flow of thoughts and its thinking pattern and this can than alter the mind as Bill previously said.

  2. Just listened to experience
    Just listened to experience 8. Sleep paralysis is often experienced in OBES and many times one experiencing OBES will wake up with a sudden jerk of the body because of sudden reentry in ones body. I’ve experienced sleep paralysis not only through OBES but when I’m fully wake in the presence of others so I think in this particular case sleep paralysis is induced by other beings by suppressing the bodies ability to move and at the same time letting certain basic body functions operate normally such as breathing, heart and such and in these experiences one can’t speak so thought transferred from mind to mind by your thoughts. One of the side effects of being out of body or should I say being partially between the worlds is this sleep paralysis condition. I find this sleep paralysis occurs when ones between the worlds but not when one has fully separated from their body in an astral or OBE experience. This sleep paralysis condition is a partial astral experience where one is still connected to ones body and also partially connected to the astral world so one can experience both of these entirely different realities. This isn’t commonly understood and recognized but if somebody consulted others who are experienced with OBES they would know. So not all sleep paralysis are the equivalent. These mind effects or this neurological component to ufology is real but its just another layer to ufology and the physical experiences like seeing the craft and other beings and abductions are real too. Problem is we don’t understand how our universe and cosmos works and is put together and the means these other beings are using to get here isn’t understood so using the word paranormal is a joke what does that really mean. Too say its aliens but do you mean by aliens. Maybe some are from other places in the cosmos and some aren’t. I’ve been told they don’t like to called aliens or E.T.s because they think its derogatory and demeaning but they like to be called star people or star nations so what does that tell you about some of them and also just because your a interdimensional being and come from another world in the Hugh Everett model that doesn’t mean your not a star person or you live on earth. The cosmos and multiverse idea suggests their a multitude of other beings and life forms in our universe and therefore many different entities exist.

  3. Interesting podcasts!
    Interesting podcasts!

  4. Love what you brought up at
    Love what you brought up at 23:11. These are the important questions and (possible) connections we seek to understand.

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