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On this episode we look back at the first 9 shows not as a retrospective, but to glean new insights they have provoked in the host. But first, Jeremy opens up about how his perspective has changed through the years and addresses the elephant in the room: hypnosis.

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  1. For Jeremy: much energy and
    For Jeremy: much energy and love.

    1. Thank you. Very kind.
      Thank you. Very kind.

  2. Lots to think about. Here’s
    Lots to think about. Here’s what i get so far:

    – People need to be listened to without feeling judged negatively.

    – Need to be believed.

    – An important part of the telling/retelling even if only to themselves/family, is processing what happened and forming a context of what life is…making sense of it all…

    – Since fear is a part of many experiences, processing is a necessity. Safety is a primary need of every person. Processing can help one find ways to cope with and/or change what needs to be changed.

    – Fear of rejection is a big deal!

    – So is belonging!

    – There are many kinds of experiences and experiencers. A lot of them are children. Children are only in the “early” stages of creating their own view of reality. Their expectation that adults can control the world around them, is directly confronted by their experiences.

    – Learning to live with unknowns can be exceedingly uncomfortable and/or painful. That pain may come from the responses of others to one’s telling of the experience(s).

    – The particulars in one experience can shape an entire lifetime.

  3. Jeremy, you have done a great
    Jeremy, you have done a great job on these shows. I have learned a lot! It probably has a lot to do with my being ready to learn. All have done a lot to make this community a safe place where respect and care are palpable.

    I have had one uneventful experience with a UFO. “It” was a huge triangle which was silent and flying above my car as i drove my daughter home from a school thing 35+ years ago. One white light on each angle and in the center. When i parked in the driveway, we sat in the car for a good while just looking at it and talking. Then we were silent for a little while. I cannot explain why i was so peaceful… as i typically am high energy and sometimes anxious.

    We probably sat there 10 to 15 minutes when I sent my daughter (who was starting to get scared) to go in & tell Dad to come outside and see it, too. He never came out. I wanted him to see it so he would know these are real.

    I never told anyone about it til about 25 years after it happened.
    If a being had come out of the ufo – i suspect i would have been a basket case! I did not feel threatened, and i already believed ufo’s exist since i was a child. ( My Dad asked my older brother and i if we ever saw ufo’s.) That was in the 50’s. Never had when he asked, but his question opened me to the possibility. I have seen lots of “lights” in the sky which were possible ufos for most of my adult life.

    At times, i have thought it was a secret US military aircraft. I still go back and forth as to it’s origin.

    1. That seems like a fairly
      That seems like a fairly dramatic sighting to have carried with you for 25 years. Did you think about it a lot? Even though you already believed in UFOs, did this do anything for you in that regard? I guess, did it change or reinforce your perspective in any way other than the obvious, “Oh, now I KNOW this exists.” (Although it sounds like you’re still open to the idea that it’s military. If so, what do you make of the feeling of peacefulness as you were watching it?)

      Do you remember what you were discussing while you were watching it?

  4. I’ve enjoyed all 9 of your
    I’ve enjoyed all 9 of your shows and I’m looking forward to more. The interviews with experiencers confirm my view that strange experiences are what is normal and real. Most people don’t talk about them. Over the last five years I’ve learned that my mother had a classic near death experience, my sister described a UFO hovering over head in front of the house we in which we grew up, and my dad saw dead relatives a few weeks before his death and accurately predicted the day he would die. I had strange experiences through out my junior year in high school, but I have only told my sister who saw the UFO and my husband. I think we all have experienced something strange at some point in our lives.

  5. Jeremy, in the immediate time
    Jeremy, in the immediate time after this sighting, i did think in terms of “why.” I was trying to understand why hubby didn’t come out to see it. The answer in fullness of understanding took a while. (Not everyone will CHOOSE to challenge their world view.)

    I am one who has always, even as a young child, been unafraid to ask lots of questions. I have always known everything i experience has something to teach me. Lastly, there is a reason i am here…maybe more than one reason.

    At first my daughter and i were talking about the ufo:
    How high is it? (Had to be above trees – but i was unable to figure out more than that as i have no background that would have contributed),
    what it looked like, probably why it is so clear in my memory),
    Where is it from? (no idea only conjecture),
    Who might be at the controls,
    Why is it here?

    I know she was curious at first, but then i think the unknowing caused her to become afraid.

    I wasn’t afraid because i felt protected and safe.

    My worldview didn’t change. But my understanding of me did over time, and that the differences between people may be from their differing world views.

  6. Hello Jeremy!
    Thank you for

    Hello Jeremy!

    Thank you for this show series. I like the honest and rational point of view that doesn’t cater to blind believers. I have an open mind but I never issue a blank check to anything.

    I have a quick question:

    You mentioned that hypnosis cannot be trusted for memory retrieval for some very well grounded reasons. Therefore, what OTHER technique would you recommend for retrieving lost or hidden memories?

    I have had extremely strange time slips and missing time that happened earlier in my life, stopped, then started about a year and a half ago and now stopped again.

    To put things in perspective, I’m healthy as a horse, do not drink or do drugs and possess a healthy sense of skepticism.

    And yet, I’ve experienced something that can best be described as slipping from this reality or world into another (somehow very familiar) world.

    I have bits and pieces of these experiences, sort of like remembering exactly how the first paragraph of a book and the last.. maybe one in the middle… and that is is a good book, yet unable for the life of me to remember WHAT the book is about. I hope my description makes sense.

    So in a nutshell, if hypnosis can lead to false memories, what would you recommend instead?


    1. Jeff Ritzmann, Jacques
      Jeff Ritzmann, Jacques Vallee, and others have found that if they brought witnesses back to the site and had them just relax and talk about it memories would come back to them. In one instance a man who had missing time at a park did a walkthrough with Jeff and was embarrassed but grateful to remember that he’d slipped and whacked his head, rendering him unconscious. I shudder to think what he would have thought happened if he’d seen an abduction specialist hypnotist. Many others do recall abduction experiences naturally just by walking through and talking it out with someone.

      There’s no guarantee that this will work. Perhaps in that case we just have to make peace with missing time. Maybe it’s missing for a reason; maybe it will come back to the experiencer at a later date. Maybe it won’t come back at all and that’s okay. We work with the clues we’ve got.

  7. I have had many kinds of
    I have had many kinds of unusual experiences over my lifetime, including one much like ‘not so much dreamer’ as mentioned above. Oddly, what I feel is always extreme curiosity, excitement, and not much in the way of fear. I want to know more! I have felt ‘observed’ pretty much my whole life but, not in a paranoid, weirded out sort of way. The only hypnosis I have experienced was pretty much on my own, with self-hypnosis and ‘past life memories’ (of course, I question those as well), but what’s interesting is after a few of those sessions which were really guided meditations, I began to have spontaneous flashes and ‘memories’ going forward, and which I still experience occasionally now. My feeling is that I do live many lives simultaneously and that those lives affect me, and my life affects those others, but that is only a feeling—I don’t know what is really going on, or if I just have a colorful imagination! Other than that, I pretty much remember odd occurrences all on my own, with no need of hypnosis.

    Jeremy, I think that you are spot on with most of your ideas, and I applaud that wide-open mind of yours that has learned to observe and question, and those are also signs of wisdom, something in short supply in this fascinating reality of ours. It is also why I am a subscriber to Unknown Country. When I first read ‘Communion’ when it was first published all those years ago, I was not convinced of any so-called-alien-from-outer-space scenario at all, but I was convinced that something profound was happening to Whitley that was very real (…and I also question what constitutes ‘real’!).

    Thanks for opening a new chapter at UnknownCountry!

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