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If ancient medicine can invite in the paranormal, can modern medicine block it out? Yes, says our guest "Lindsay" who has had her chronic sleep paralysis and nightly out of body experiences disappear as a side effect of taking antidepressants. A neurologist might hold this up as proof that the paranormal is all in our heads. But what does the experiencer herself actually think about her experiences now?

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  1. Was she so frightened of her
    Was she so frightened of her OBE events that she didn’t want to open her eyes? How sad! She didn’t even attempt to explore anything outside her room. I suggest the guest might benefit from a consultation with Robert Bruce, or read his incredible books on OBEs… and get some training. She has an incredible gift to be able to do this naturally, without any aids. She needs a teacher not drugs. OBEs are also hereditary.

    Perhaps her depression was a result of her fear of the almost nightly OBEs, combined with her interpretation of them as having an evil influence, which she could not get away from.

    What if the anti-depressants quashed only her conscious memory of OBEs, but not necessarily the OBEs themselves?

    If those powerful anti-depressants can alter brain function by suppressing mood, why wouldn’t they act to suppress memory too? Thus the notion of such drugs eliminating paranormal experiences and relegating them as only “in our heads” is simply hog wash, which I think is more accurate.

    Robert Bruce has interviewed with Whitley many times and these audios are probably still archived. He has answers to all this guest’s questions and has addressed many fears that she has expressed here.

    1. There was a “twist” I was
      There was a “twist” I was going to put in at the end and forgot, but then realized the Bill Birnes interview reveal might be enough to pass as one. This twist potentially has to do with your post, which is that the guest wrote to tell me her experiences have just now started coming back despite the medication. There’s more to it but that’s the gist. I was waiting on permission to read her email, which she gave me, but ultimately, I think we’ll hold off for a future episode.

  2. I also went through a period
    I also went through a period of OBEs in my early twenties. The coincidence of sleep paralysis and OBEs makes sense to me. In my case it was my struggling to break the paralysis that caused the OBE. Instead of being able to move my body I found that I was able to get up but I was outside my body!

    The buzzing sound was also very loud and it was also a sensation of vibration throughout my body.

    My last major OBE was significant as I may have broken some kind of rule. After I was out, I decided I wasn’t going to come back. So I basically tried to flee as far and as fast as I could away from my body forever. Immediately, I was grabbed by many hands all over and put back down on my bed. I was held in place by these hands until I started to wake up. I can still clearly remember the sensation of a strong hand on the back of my neck forcefully holding me down to this day.

    1. We need to get to the bottom
      We need to get to the bottom of the buzzing sound or any audio component to these phenomena. What IS that?

      1. If I had to guess, Jeremy I
        If I had to guess, Jeremy I would say it was the ‘carrier frequency’ of the channel that is kept open between our spirit selves (wherever they may actually reside) and our bodies which many people mistakenly believe we inhabit.

  3. I’ve been having “sleep
    I’ve been having “sleep paralysis” experiences since I was about 10 years old (I’m 36 now). Early on I had experiences where it felt like I woke up and couldn’t really move. My limbs felt like lead and I would panic and struggle to move before fully awakening. Later in my teens the experiences turned darker. In my sleep I would feel an energetic attack-almost like someone was electrocuting one of my chakras. Often it was my solar plexus but occasionally it would be my sacral chakra. When I felt the attack I would struggle to move and get away but again my limbs felt like lead and my body just wouldn’t respond. Who or what is attacking me? I don’t know but I was taught how to protect myself about a year ago and I’ve had very few of these experiences since.

    1. Are you certain they were
      Are you certain they were attacks? I had a healing experience that is far too long to address here. But the energy transfer, if that’s what it was, felt like what you describe going into my stomach or thereabouts. After that I couldn’t feel my back and I was afraid to move. Maybe fifteen minutes later sensation came back and my back was healed. So, energy (from a person in a dream) was directed into my front, which felt akin to electroshock–not intolerable, though, just jolting… and it healed my back.

      1. I don’t think I’m certain
        I don’t think I’m certain about anything in my life, but they felt like attacks to me. I think I’ve experienced what you are talking about during meditations. That’s a very raw energy and almost paralyzing, but it never scares me. It’s an experience you can give in to and allow to happen. You may not know what’s going on but you know everything is going to be okay.

        I’ve had hundreds of these attack experiences over the years and I always feel lousy the next day-totally drained of energy. I certainly haven’t had any healing events associated when them and there is something that feels wrong about them. The feeling is of a very low frequency pulse being shot into me, kind of like being shocked by the spark plug wire of a car at idle. It’s very unpleasant. About a year ago it happened three times in one night. During the third attack I asked god to help me, something I’d never done. The experience ended instantly and I was shown how to protect myself. Since then no sleep paralysis, no attacks, no drugs required!

  4. Demonstrating the idea that
    Demonstrating the idea that paranormal, natural, and even religiously valid experienced have been labeled as “illness” by the western medical establishment….. I have an image from the teaching temple of the Dalai Lamas. This is where the entire lineage of Dalai Lamas were taught about their tradion with teaching aids of murals on all the walls.
    One mural shows a man on his knees with his head to the ground and his arms over his head in a self-protective posture. Above him are a shimmering grid, a prism of light, undulating forms like snakes, bars of dark colors, spirals, a peacock feather.
    The teaching associated with this mural is that these are visions that seem very real during early stages of learning to meditate and there is nothing to fear.
    **In the DSMIV, those exact words are used as causes to diagnose *”schizophrenic hallucinations’*.
    In my practice as an astrologer I’ve worked with several people who have actually been hospitalized for “mental illness”. My approach is to take every experience a person has as REAL, and then see what it is about the experience that causes others to think them mentally ill and how else might one respond.
    One client was traveling with a group to Washington DC and suddenly saw many small and dangerous beings swarming around members of the group with intent to harm. She physically tackled the leader of the group to the ground and yelled at the others to get out of there.
    Seems to me she was seeing things at other dimensional levels that were VERY real, but invisible to those who could see only physical reality.
    We spent a lot of time discussing how one could figure out if others were sharing the perception and how to take appropriate avoidance steps without making others think she was “crazy”. This task of integrating two realities is VERY difficult. Not claiming credit here, but fortunately this young woman was very successful in bringing her comprehension into harmony with outer expectations, and is completing work to become a transpersona therapist.

    1. Here’s a question out of left
      Here’s a question out of left field… Do you know if these Buddhist murals ever contain a portrait of a red demon or gargoyle-looking creature? And if so, do you know what it is or what the meaning is?

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