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Twin sisters. One dies at birth, but she’s still alive… inside of her sister. It sounds like a tabloid headline, but for Kay it is the most real thing she has ever known. On this episode, we start by exploring the experience of living with your twin when your twin isn’t alive. But that’s only the beginning.

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  1. Haven’t listened to the show
    Haven’t listened to the show yet but I have a twin within me, too. I am a chimera. I am a 70 year old only child. My parents passed years ago. I am a genealogist. About 10 years ago I sent my mtDNA sample to Family Tree DNA. They soon matched me up with a handful of people who had also had their mtDNA analyzed. Nothing unusual there. Then in 2009 I decided to upgrade my DNA profile as the science improves and more data can be recovered & refined. They used the same DNA I had sent in 4 or 5 years before. So at the age of 64, it was discovered that I have 2 mtDNA sequences in my body. Sometime in the first 4 days after conception (in 1944) I had a fraternal twin sister. For some reason we melded together and became one healthy baby girl. When these “meldings” go imperfectly, the result is con-joined twins or if the twins are male/female, the surviving child is a hermaphrodite.

    Two last comments: when I received this notification, of course I was surprised. And yet…somehow I had always known on some level that someone else was with me. Can’t explain it but I did. Second comment: when I told my dentist this he said. “Does that mean you have two souls?” Good question but horrifying idea. I sure hope I’m not responsible for TWO souls and all the karma that would come with that!

    1. Thank you for your comment-
      Thank you for your comment- you are the first dual twin I have heard from. Can Jeremy forward your email to me? I would love to correspond. A cousin found out that our mtDNA traced back to Laplander reindeer herders, so interesting to explore roots!

  2. Kay, just curious about the
    Kay, just curious about the original due date (month/day) for you and your twin. Then, the actual month and day you were both born.

    How does this premature birth challenge the soul? Could it? Does the soul make itself ready for the influence of a certain astrological sign then all of a sudden the developing personality is abruptly thrown into something totally different? Just wondering if this could happen? Might the soul/personality/sign at the time of birth have a more difficult time adjusting then someone that comes into the world full term?????

    1. thanks for your comment- What
      thanks for your comment- What interesting questions! May 8 is our birthday. original due date was early to mid July. The Dr. didn’t know it was twins and Mama was given A big dose of ether after my birth. My Twin was born unconscious and died after 3 days. I have Taurus characteristics through and through! so I believe I adapted well. Many challenges for a premature soul to face. Development of sight and hearing, lung development and also brain development are things that are very important in the last 2 months in the womb. I was very fortunate to have survived, and am thankful to not be more handicapped than I am! I know for sure that my psychic gifts are a wonderful “consolation prize” for not being “normal”. If Jeremy could forward your email to me, I would like to correspond with you further on these ideas.

  3. I just love this environment
    I just love this environment and how we can all link together and communicate…can’t wait to listen to this show! I guess technology isn’t so soulless after all, since it allows this kind of unique ability to reach out to one another in this super unique environment!! 🙂

  4. My name is Caryl Dennis,
    My name is Caryl Dennis, William’s wife. What you are talking about is the Vanishing Twin Phenomenon/Syndrome. The current medical statistics are that 1 in 8 people actually begin life as a twin. I am a single twin who continues to communicate with my twin, as well. I have been a professional psychic for over 25 years and my twin is my “Guide” or communicator too. My twin “channeled” my book, “Colorology: The Science of Color”, to me. I have interviewed hundreds of others who have also experienced similar things with their twin, whether actually born or died in utero. I have been researching the VTP for 25 years and I have a yahoo e-group of over 500 people from all over the world who discuss the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues created by the VTP. I have a large webpage to help single twins and their parents understand the importance of this issue on all levels. I also wrote about it in my book, “The Millennium Children: Tales of the Shift” in 1995 and have recently made the decision to return to and update the research since there have been so many recent articles on the subject and new medical research. Lots of information here: If I can be of service to anyone on this subject, please feel free to contact me. Kay, know you certainly are not the only one experiencing their twin in spirit, whether they were actually born, or Vanishing Twins. Interesting side note – I was born in 1950 also.

    1. I have just spent several
      I have just spent several hours looking at your website and some videos- haven’t had a computer long and I didn’t know you were out there. Thank you so much! So nice to discover that lots of survivor twins are psychic partners with their deceased twins ! Also that twin survivors have their twin as a muse when they are artists or musicians or writers- how wonderful-just one more little proof that whatever we are survives death and interacts with us here on earth. This all seems to tie in with Whitleys’ journal entry this week about his and others’ interactions with Anne. What marvelous times we are living in that we can experience things like this and know that it is real.

      1. It is such a relief to know
        It is such a relief to know you aren’t the only one, isn’t it? Please feel free to email me privately. I think we have more to discuss.

  5. I, too, find myself not
    I, too, find myself not owning a cell phone. I also live in a house with metal siding and a metal roof (Faraday box?). Coincidence, or a direction I have been led to?

  6. Those “golden sparklies”
    Those “golden sparklies” sound consistent with eye-floaters. They float around your vision, can “sparkle” or “flash”, and are more visible in high contrast lighting or bright backgrounds, especially sunlight.

    There are competing theories for what causes them, but they’re generally thought of as physical particles floating in the vitreous humor of the eye brought about by lack or circulation or from damage to the retina. Overwhelmingly they are benign and not caused by anything serious.

    That being said, I just yesterday read an article arguing for a possible “psychic” and or “entoptic” explanation to them beyond the traditional biological explanation. I’ve literally never heard this idea before, so talk about synchronicity seeing the article then hearing this show! You can read the article here:

    1. Hi, I have eye floaters too,
      Hi, I have eye floaters too, which are completely different from the sparklies! The analytical part of my brain would really like to categorize and define all of this and the metaphysical side of me just accepts it with wonder and amazement! Thank you for the link- that is fascinating!

      1. I see the “sparklies” too,
        I see the “sparklies” too, only I call them the “bubbles”! Everyone I’ve ever mentioned them to has also made the “floaters” remark. They differ greatly from floaters, which I also have. Floaters do just what the name implies– they float. They also have trajectories which match the way my eyeballs move. They also have a completely different “makeup.”

        These sparklies or bubbles move independently of my eyes, and they all have different trajectories. They look busy, as if each of them has somewhere to be, and they’re all in a hurry to get there! They also have a luminosity to them, and like you said, they are more present in sunlight. They also seem to move faster in sunlight. I’ve often wondered if they’re prana energy. If I look at them in twilight, they seem to congregate around the leaves of trees and plants, and makes the plants themselves seem to be alive, or less dense, if that makes sense.

  7. I loved this show. Kay was
    I loved this show. Kay was one of my favorite guests so far. I can definitely relate to the experience of feeling the universe “breathing”, it was the first time I’d heard another person describe it that way. I also loved the discussion about fear and its role in our growth. Thanks to Kay for her open and earnest discussion.

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