In a previous episode, "Kay" came on and spoke about her deceased twin sister living inside her. Caryl Dennis is an author and researcher of Vanishing Twin Syndrome who heard the episode and reached out to explain that this is actually a known phenomenon. But now, on this episode, it will become clear that what that known thing is…is unknown. In fact, much of what comes out during this chat about vanishing twin phenomena sounds like textbook "alien abduction" narrative, and in some hugely surprising ways.

And so the world gets just a little stranger. Well, actually, a lot stranger!

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Twin sisters. One dies at birth, but she’s still alive… inside of her sister. It sounds like a tabloid headline, but for Kay it is the most real thing she has ever known. On this episode, we start by exploring the experience of living with your twin when your twin isn’t alive. But that’s only the beginning.
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