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This week we talk with "Bob," a man whose high strangeness experiences run the gamut of paranormal/ufological phenomena. As a bonus, he is from a city neighboring host Jeremy Vaeni’s hometown within the infamous Bridgewater Triangle. They have much to discuss.

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  1. Difficult paragraph to digest
    Difficult paragraph to digest Cyan_Aura, had to read it twice haha. But it does make sense to me. I am “Bob” by the way so thank you for commenting on the time aspects.

    I felt like I took a step back from time as we perceive it normally sort of like I was in it as well as observing it simultaneously. Actually “feeling” how we are embedded in the flow of time was an amazing experience and was a further crack in inner reality wall that we all have.

    1. Yeah Bob, I almost put a note
      Yeah Bob, I almost put a note at the end saying that I really had to look up a lot of words before I could grasp the gist of what was being said. In the end I also re-read it several times, and then I realized that ‘explicate order’ is the outside world (objective) and ‘implicate order’ was our internal formulation of reality. (subjective)

      I gotta say – that these words, ‘Time Enfoldment’ literally popped into my head at the end of the interview. The most logical thing to do at that point was to Google the above. That is what I got back.

      Dreamland this week, Whitley talks with his guest about ‘interpenetrating levels of awareness’ and my original post addresses this precisely.

      P.S. – This sounds rough, but I will elaborate more later…:)

  2. As I listened to this
    As I listened to this interview, two words popped into my mind, Time Enfoldment. So I naturally did a Google search and came up with the following:

    ‘Time and motion, as these are ordinarily understood, belong to the explicate order. If we consider the process of ENFOLDMENT and UNFOLDMENT ( itself as belonging to the implicate order, then we can understand there is a sense in which, after all, time is implicit in the implicate order. The act of enfolding and unfolding cannot be divided into subacts that are temporally successive. It is a UNITARY act that either occurs in its entirety or does not occur at all. Some meditational disciplines concentrate on the full realization that at any moment one is just such an undivided act, which is NOT temporal in the sense in which TIME refers to the successive unfoldments. If the meaning of time is derived from the explicate order. then there is an important sense in which the implicate order, that is, the act of enfoldment and unfoldment, is TIMELESS. Nevertheless, this timeless act is an enfoldment of other acts which constitute its past and unfolds itself into other acts which constitute its future. Time is a function of the relations of these events.’ (emphasis mine)

    (Physics and the Ultimate Significance of Time: Bohm, Prigogene, and Process Philosophy)

  3. Fascinating discussion. Do
    Fascinating discussion. Do elaborate, Cyan_Aura.

    I think that what isolates us from the greater world of conscious energy is that we are in physical bodies, which are moving through time. Energetic beings can look into time and even enter it to some extent, but my impression is that entering it is a skill, and maybe also an act that is carefully controlled on some level.

    The reason that there would be a hesitancy to join us in time is that such being has perfect knowledge of the past and a clear vision of the aspects of the future that are inevitable. We are in the condition we are in–enclosed in physical bodies–in order to discover ourselves. Unless we can be allowed to act and react spontaneously, this is not possible. Thus our reason for living as we do is ruined if we can see too much of the future. So they are very careful not to come too close to us lest we connect with their clearer vision, and thus destroy our reason for entering time in the first place.

    We are here to find ourselves in our truth, and take that into the journey of ecstasy. In time, we are uniquely able to find ourselves. This is what life is about, and meditative and insightful practices such as those being explored by Colleen Mauro and many others enable us to gain real insight into our journey, and thus enhance it.

    It was a great comment, Cyan, thanks!

    1. I feel very strongly towards
      I feel very strongly towards this way of thinking Whitley. Thank you for being able to put it into words so much better than I can.

      The whole feeling of being outside of time and looking down on it was very strong for me during that event. It’s like the difference between playing chess and watching two people playing chess. Being the observer you can see more possibilities than either player because you are viewing it from a different perspective.

      Another way of thinking about it would be if you were the size of a particle and were inside a single salt crystal would you know it? Only pulling back and viewing the salt crystal as a whole can you understand what it is. I think “time” is like the salt crystal.

  4. Consider the possibility that
    Consider the possibility that we don’t really exist as separate, willful people or even souls. The whole apparent multiverse is projected out of a kind of ‘holographic filmstrip’, call it the akashic records, and the characters on the screen, which appear to move about and make decisions, really have no separate lives of their own, and really don’t make decisions at all (just like the characters on a movie screen). There is in truth just one consciousness pervading everything, and at any moment it may be recognized or not. Challenges and frights keep the focus on the ‘I am a separate entity with things to defend and work out…story’. But at any moment there is the choice to just stop all the techniques and strategies and simply be That. Until ‘you’ are ready to stop, the story of ‘you’ will continue to reincarnate. Why would it be like this? Two explanations have been offered: 1) it was a mistake that occurred and was resolved in a single ‘instant’ or 2) it is play, like hide and seek, and the payoff is the joy in unmasking what you truly are and where you have been hiding, which is everything and everywhere.

  5. My latest hypothesis is that
    My latest hypothesis is that as individuals we are not really ‘here’ at all. Just like we aren’t really on the Mars Rovers, (or in any role playing game we may chose to play on-line). Instead our conscious awareness in space-time is actually a function of a type of direct communication channel between our souls and our minds.

    This was the impression I got during an OOBE I experienced in my younger days. During this event I noticed the commonly reported rushing, roaring, vibrating sounds/feelings that people talk about. I also noticed that with some concentration, I could detect there was also some sort of ‘carrier frequency’ that was still operating during normal wakefulness. Although, not so apparent as it is part of what we call ‘normal’.

    The strange sounds seemed to be like what a person hears when ‘de-tuning’ a radio station they are listening to. As you move the dial slightly back-and-forth the sound becomes distorted as you move off of the channel. Go far enough and all you receive is static; go further and you may pick up another station! Fortunately we have a builtin ‘phase locked loop’ that keeps us on the right frequency.

    The Visitors, I bet have an ability to hijack this transmission channel at times for their own unknown purposes. Later, maybe we can discuss increasing the BandWidth of this channel.

  6. Jeremy and Bob, a powerful
    Jeremy and Bob, a powerful interview.

    Making space for Bob to share such difficult memories and unanswered questions, shows how skillful you are Jeremy.

    Bob, for you to speak of things which might not be believed or understood, takes an inner strength and real courage.

    do a majority of experiencers have a childhood with aspects of abuse in them?
    Does abuse cause changes in a person such that they are “opened up” to experiences?
    Do “experiences” add to their trauma from abuse, or in some way help them live through it?

    Childhood is where we start our discovery of “who am i?” and “is the world a safe place?” Speaking the unspeakable and facing ones’ big fears are amazing acts of courage.

    Cyan, your insights are a different level/kind than mine. I would never get there without others to lead the way. Thank you Cyan.

    1. I love these questions and
      I love these questions and will attempt to answer them next episode. Thanks!

  7. Awesome interview. Loved it.
    Awesome interview. Loved it. I’ve had those intense deja-vu moments myself, they’re VERY hard to explain.

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