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This profound discussion is rich with meaning–so rich, that you can feel it in all sorts of ways as you listen. We are much more than our usual, everyday selves, and it’s the experience of this reviewer that there are energies in this deep and searching discussion that feed theread more

According to Anne Strieber, we assume that our souls are a nonphysical duplicate of our bodies because we have no “sense of the soul.” In her diary entry of August 12, 2021, she outlines a completely new vision of what a soul is and how the soul-body relationship works. In this
unique edition of Dreamland, Whitley explores the implications of what Anne said, tells about how he succeeded, after many tries, in communicating with her–or rather, the soul that created her. As she said immediately after she passed on August 11, 2015, “I’m not Anne anymore but I’ll always be Anne for you.”

We don’t just disappear when we die, but rather return to what we truly are. In this show, Whitley also explores in depth the small figurine owned by Mark Sims that reveals with extraordinary clarity a very ancient concept of how the soul and the body are connected, and what is necessary to live a life that offers the soul rich food. He relates this to Anne’s amazing explanation of the soul-body relationship and suggests ways of strengthening and enriching the bond. He also explains why Anne chose the saying from Ecclesiastes, “Two are better than one and a cord of three strands is not quickly snapped” as the motto and guiding theme of their marriage, and the bond that their marriage has created between their souls.

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