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Jeremy’s back with the Experience on a regular basis again, after completing a move to a new home. This week, he reveals some hard-to-deny evidence of a trickster force in action that actually outs itself as just that! This one would be too hard to believe… if it didn’t involve second and third parties.
Fasten your seatbelts, this is one VERY unusual show!
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  1. Interesting about the three
    Interesting about the three tries being the charm on your audio problems. I had just read, an hour or so before listening to your show, in “The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries”, the classic study by Evans-Wentz, about an Irish farmer who wanted to build a wall across a fairy path. Twice, all the stones were thrown down by the fairies, but the third time it stayed up. The audio gremlins and the little people seem to be the same force, as yet not understood by our philosophies.

  2. First, i didn’t expect to see
    First, i didn’t expect to see a show today. Figured it wouldn’t be til the weekend. Yeah!!! : ) Great show.

    Congrats on the move… sounds really good for you and Carol. I am happy for you both.

    What a great thread you weave…or is it unrolling a ball of yarn?

    Are you trying to understand the bigger picture which your experiences might be painting? Or are you asking how this works/happens?

    You used the word synchronicity. I call it esp. Something draws my attention – i become “aware.” Air is always there touching my skin. I ignore it/ am unaware of it – until something draws my attention: tingling skin or what feel like tiny drops even though it isn’t clearly rain.

    Two people say the same words at the same time. They connected without conscious intention and then become aware. Parents do this with their children. Friends, lovers, heck, our pets seem to do it! I think it’s life.

    The questions signal the brain and mind are aware and connecting? Where is the mind? Is it one MIND and we are part of it, or are we all separate and we are sometimes aware of others and connect?

    I think the audience are folks who notice, pay attention, search for understanding and clarity, just like you and me.

    Is it the search that creates meaning? Or is meaning the whole we are searching?

  3. If you’ve ever noticed the
    If you’ve ever noticed the way herds will move together, schools of fish swim together, birds fly together, etc., you may wonder how they achieve such a state of synchronicity.

    My offering, on that, is this: The individual earthbound mind doesn’t begin with the brain. It begins deeper down, with the heart. The mechanism which fuels it, as in the breath and the lungs, the bloodstream and nutrients feeding it, from the stomach.

    Try this simple mindfulness practice: Relax your throat and surrounding area, relax your chest and heart, etc., relax your stomach. Keep your defenses just below this threshold. You can take this further up and down, further refining and homing in on the actual centers of the energy points, but these three points are central and crucial to the practice as a whole. Breathe deliberately, consciously, as if to feed your heart, while your heart feeds the brain. Try to maintain this throughout the day, as if you had something on the burner you had to stir occasionally. You can take this practice a bit further, even, by trying to keep your energy reserves centered just below the navel, using your breath to achieve this.

    Humans have connections with other humans and creatures — even objects — similar to the ones of the animals I mentioned. But they don’t begin with the brain. They begin with the heart. Try to see it as one mechanism.

    Our brains, and the things they have created, have distracted us from our natural state, our natural perceptions and connections, as creatures living on this planet and in the universe. Synchronicity within one’s self will help remedy this, and fortify your synchronicity on the outs.

  4. I don’t do yoga to be
    I don’t do yoga to be enlightened, I do yoga to be more present and handle with a little more grace what ever the trickster throws at me.

  5. Am I the only one that laughs
    Am I the only one that laughs my head off when listening to Jeremy? I mean this entirely in a good way. Jeremy, your sense of perspective and the craziness behind our experiences is exactly what we all need. As I listened to this week’s ‘The Experience’ with my own love, Richard, we both laughed a lot. At one point, my sweetheart said, “Jeremy sounds like a Virgo.” I told him, yep, you’re right! Of course, my significant other is also a Virgo!

    The only reason that Richard listened in last night, was because of his own little synchronicity involving an old Peter Sellers Movie, ‘The Party.’ Without going into detail, suffice to say that I told him that maybe he should listen in on ‘The Experience’. He enjoyed it, then stayed up to watch ‘The Party’, which turned out to be an awful movie that he only watched for about a half hour before throwing in the towel on a very un-funny movie and coming to bed. This morning, it occurred to me that Jeremy looks like Peter Sellers (look up images of Peter Sellers wearing those black-framed glasses and you will know what I mean). Being curious, I also looked up Peter Sellers and found out that his birthday was September 8th, making him a Virgo!

    What DOES it all mean…?

  6. I tend to think of
    I tend to think of synchronicity as a three dimensional perception of a four dimensional expression.
    The ‘meaning of life’ question has been turned on its head. Life is the meaning. The interim measures between questions should be directed toward the means and progress of its motion through the various orders of motion (read: space) together with what that actually entails.

    It is my contention that we do not describe what is real. We describe a way of thinking about what might be real. From where we are along the ‘continuum’, it must be hubris to suppose we can know, as we are, that we can reach any so called absolute beyond the next level of evolution. The universe I imagine is still an interaction of poles and what is the heaven of attraction becomes the hell of repulsion. Maybe.

    1. Wow, Larry. Thank you for
      Wow, Larry. Thank you for your insights. There is much truth in your words. You have given me something new…and beautiful.

      Cosmic, i also found much humor in this show. Humor can reduce stress… it sounds like Jeremy does that as he responds to things with humor.

  7. Wow! 🙂
    Wow! 🙂

  8. Strangely enough, when Jeremy
    Strangely enough, when Jeremy said “Super Will,” I did immediately (and none-too-seriously) picture Will Smith as a superhero in my head. When Jeremy followed up with “and not Will Smith,” I about lost it. This trickster is all over everything! 😀

    1. Brakyeller, just a few days
      Brakyeller, just a few days ago, NFL Super Bowl champion football player, WILL SMITH, was murdered during a road rage incident on April 9th. Your posting was on the 11th. When did you listen to ‘The Experience’? There could be a couple of different things going on with the Will Smith situation, depending on when you listened to the show.

  9. omg just going back to 1988
    omg just going back to 1988 or 87 for those early on the draw!

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