Is it possible to square all of the high strangeness phenomena reported in ufology with aliens or time travelers? David says yes, Jeremy says no, and Stephen says sometimes in this well-rounded roundtable discussion of what we believe is probable and why. And as tidy as that sounds, it wouldn’t be The Experience without a few unseen twists and a Trickster ending winking and nudging at the whole thing!read more

Jeremy’s back with the Experience on a regular basis again, after completing a move to a new home. This week, he reveals some hard-to-deny evidence of a trickster force in action that actually outs itself as just that! This one would be too hard to believe… if it didn’t involve second and third parties.
Fasten your seatbelts, this is one VERY unusual show!

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Jeremy pauses in the middle of moving house to give us a gem of a show!

We talk a lot about Trickster Theory on this show and how high strangeness phenomena amps up during anti-structural moments in one’s life. But is this true or just a theory? Host Jeremy Vaeni is in the middle of moving to a new home with a new love of his life. In this solo show, he tells us that yes, indeed, psychic chaos is swirling around these events.
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