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Whitley Strieber has proclaimed 2016 the year we must awaken. And he’s right. And that means all of us. But there can be no spiritual awakening if we neglect the psychological. To that end, last week’s guest "Andy" returns with a confession to make. A very big one that we all need to ponder.

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  1. I would like to suggest that
    I would like to suggest that a guest’s phone and phone system’s audio quality could be tested before an entire episode is recorded. Jeremy is one of the finest hosts in broadcasting/podcasting and as host his sound is excellent.

  2. With regards to the trickster
    With regards to the trickster theory, does this count?…

    Several years ago I was looking around my local bookstore and found one entitled “God’s Secret Formula” by Peter Plichta – it looked pretty interesting, so I bought it and started reading it a couple of days later. In particular there was one chapter that captured my attention called “The House of Cards that is Physics”. In there were some fascinating facts about the number sequence 2732, as you can see below…

    1). 273.2 degrees C is absolute zero.
    2). Gases expand and contract by 1/273.2 of their volume for every degree of heating or cooling.
    3). The Moon orbits the Earth in one sidereal month or 27.32 days.
    4). The period of growth in the human womb between conception and birth has a statistical duration of ten sidereal months, or 273 days.
    5). The relationship between the area of a square and the surface area of its inner circle with a radius 1 is the ratio 4/pi. 1.2732.
    7). The ratio of one quarter of a square and one quarter of the circle was 0.2732.
    8). A leap year is 366 days. 1/2.732= 0.0366 & 1/366 = 0.002732.
    9). The acceleration of the Moon in its path around the Earth is measured as 0.273 cm/sec^2.
    10). The Moon’s radius measures 0.273 Earth radii.

    …something was nagging me about those numbers but I couldn’t figure it out…and then it struck me. I dug out the receipt for the book and started to scribble down some numbers and I must have gone over the calculations at least ten times but at that moment, I realised there was something strangely non-random going on under the surface of this universe…because when I figured it out I could hardly believe it and it feels weird reading it back now but…to the nearest hour…I had been 27.32 years old when I had bought that book!

    Cue the universe winking…and me scratching my head. It’s one of those things, a synchronicity or whatever you want to call it, where I don’t really care if anybody believes me…not that I’ve actually mentioned this to anyone before…but the main point is that at the time it had a huge impact on me, during a period where I was starting to open my eyes to the possibility that there are levels of reality that are present yet mostly hidden, until you notice the ripples…and it feels conscious…at the same time separate from me but also part of me.

    I can’t put my finger on it…on whether it originates within me, in innerspace, or outside of me from a level I can hardly see into. Maybe in times like these, our mind is able to access those levels of reality that are normally hidden…so maybe it is both? It’s like you shout into the space around you and hear a faint echo…the words are the same but the voice is not really yours. It makes you curious but is equally unsettling…it feels like someone, unknown, is playing a joke on you.

    You know, I have heard that phrase “Trickster Theory” lots of times now but until I wrote that last sentence, it had not really resonated with me.

  3. I mentioned that I had not
    I mentioned that I had not spoken to anyone about this 2732 stuff before, so I was just pondering why that might be – what my reasons were. I know Jeremy has made mention that we might all be having strange things happen in our lives but we are not aware of how wide spread it might be, because we just don’t talk about it. Well I guess my reasons are probably a mixture of a few things…fear of ridicule…maybe a feeling that the experience was deeply personal and so was none of anyone else’s business…maybe that if I told someone and they derided the significance that I attached to it, the power of the experience might be diminished somehow…maybe then a realisation of self-delusion, that I might be just seeing faces in the clouds…yes, probably all of the above.

  4. I used to think it was
    I used to think it was apathy. I had sympathy for it, in fact, and for all the long hours people work and study, only to come up short when the bill finally comes.

    Now, I think that people, generally speaking, have just been blinded by alcohol companies and the entertainment those companies sponsor.

    From the concerts, to the sports, and the magazines that promote it all — not to even mention the little bits of syndicated news they slip in, along the way — it’s all about getting so loaded that you couldn’t even form a straight line, if asked to, the next day.

    Whereas music and sports might be inherent to a culture, Anheuser-Busch and Seagrams are not. However, we have been duped into believing that they are, and it will be to our demise.

  5. Anyone wanna ‘fess up to
    Anyone wanna ‘fess up to fabricating or exaggerating their experiences? It doesn’t negate your core experience story. C’mon guys, I can’t be the only one. Andy.

    1. I just listened to my
      I just listened to my interview again and while there are many places where I was speculating and I say something about that I’m speculating, everything happened as stated.


  6. I very rarely talk face to
    I very rarely talk face to face about these things with anyone and only then with someone that I trust implicitly…and as these experiences are extremely personal to me, and some of them feel to be a glimpse of the universe that seems almost sacred, I always try and portray them as accurately as possible. To not do so in that situation would be, for me, not so much a betrayal of trust really, as it is me doing most of the trusting…no, it would be more like a breaking of my own sense of credibility and if a lie was discovered, or even admitted to, there would definitely then be a very real and inevitable eroding of the ability to engender trust in that person. The last time I verbally recounted an experience was with a family member, explaining for the first time something that happened almost 20 years ago and I was so in the moment, recounting as if it were happening now, I was shivering with adrenaline. The experience was taken at face value, so I didn’t find myself in the position of recounting additional events or embellishing to defend an esoteric world view…I don’t know how I would react in that situation – maybe it would depend on how much I felt I needed to convince the audience of it. As to whether I have ever lied about an experience…well, I remember lying about seeing a ghost once, when I was a kid…that was peer pressure, pure and simple…and the adult I lied to was the father of a lad I had just met…the local vicar of all people. Of course, I knew it was wrong, even as the words came out of my lips…and it still haunts me to this day (pun intended).

    Andy, I admire you for owning up, that mustn’t have been easy…and the resulting conversation was fascinating.

  7. removed by writer
    removed by writer

  8. Thanks Sherbet UFO. I can
    Thanks Sherbet UFO. I can relate to your statement “The last time I verbally recounted an experience was with a family member, explaining for the first time something that happened almost 20 years ago and I was so in the moment, recounting as if it were happening now, I was shivering with adrenaline”. This also happens to me when recounting my experience. My voice will quiver and I will sometimes visibly shake when telling my story. Although it mostly happened when I was a child, it must have had a huge psychological impact on me, which carries on to this day. How do people come to terms with these experiences which totally shatter your concept of reality? Jeremy has said to me to just accept the experience and go with it. Don’t give any resistance. I’m not at that stage yet. I’m not sure that I ever will be.

  9. Jeremy and Andy, this is a
    Jeremy and Andy, this is a terrific show.

    I have totally removed my original post, and replaced it with this. More in line with today’s show.

    I so appreciate that you carried on this conversation. So many points raised by each of you… interesting how truth-telling and revealing human weakness, led to so many truths about life. I appreciate Andy’s honesty and do not think it was “easy”. Andy, i think we all have moments where something slips out… and can’t be “retrieved”. So also have i wondered “Why did i say that?” and maybe even “Why at this moment?”

    As to my experiences, i have rarely shared them. I thought it safe to share with someone i trusted, only to find out afterward, he doesn’t believe in ufos, and said the “i believe you believe you experienced that.” It felt so demeaning!

    It is the desire to “belong” at stake for me. I once thought that maybe people don’t share their stories because they risk “belonging.” Now i think it is more about vulnerability (vulnerability to ridicule, not belonging, or whatever). Some respond when another opens up… and become more open as well.

    What Andy did today was such an opening, and i find we are both quite human. Each with our own weaknesses. Weakness walks within and amid strengths. Revealing weakness makes one vulnerable to “negative judgmental responses.” It may also bring out the “humanity of others” and we find ourselves among people who are just like us, although the specifics vary.

    Just who hasn’t even once in their life, lied? I figure those who work hardest to be truthful are those who know how easy it is to “stretch the truth.” Those who try hard to be “correct” know how easy it is to make a “mistake.” Those who refrain from attacking “weakness” in others, know their own vulnerabilities. We live in a society/world that can be “wild” attacking weaknesses. Yet, we all have them. (Herd mentality…is it self-protection by drawing all attention to another and keeping oneself “safe”?)

    Learning and growth comes from this. I am so grateful that Jeremy and you did this part two show. It is all about becoming who we really are, and who we are called to become.

  10. Ah common guys and gals it’s
    Ah common guys and gals it’s about seeking paradise! yea! screw the trickster!

    1. If you awoke to find a
      If you awoke to find a Succubus f***ing your brains out I think you might feel a little different. I felt used and dirty I tells ya! 😉 Andy

  11. ok now we are getting into
    ok now we are getting into Dave Paulladis missing 411 territory and what the f. really happens with people. He has an actual working theory, but we will have to wait until his new book comes out to see wtf is maybe actually going on! maybe.

    1. I’ve googled David Paulladis.
      I’ve googled David Paulladis. Interesting angle. I wonder how accurate his statistics are? I guess I’ll have to read the book. Thanks! 🙂 Andy

    2. Sorry I spelled David’s last
      Sorry I spelled David’s last name wrong—Paulides should be correct

  12. Just a side note —
    In the

    Just a side note —
    In the 1956 film, “Earth Vs The Flying Saucers” (based on a book by Maj. Donald Keyhoe), the stop-frame animated flying saucers, executed by the legendary animator, Ray Harryhausen, had halves that counter-rotated as well, with the top half of the disk rotating in one direction, and the bottom half rotating in the opposite direction. Harryhausen once said he did that for “visual interest”. Maybe there was more to it?

    As I’ve never read the Keyhoe book, “Flying Saucers From Outer Space”, I won’t venture a guess as to whether that information was included. Still, there you are, Jeremy; more synchronistic weirdness to ponder.

    1. That reminds me, a long while
      That reminds me, a long while ago, I became intensely interested in the subject of Antigravity (a whole other story!), anyway I was in the process of reading all I could find on the subject and I happened upon this second hand anecdotal story on KeelyNet (I could have some details wrong but this is how I remember it)…

      …There was a guy who was involved in the early stages of the design of the Space Shuttle payload deployment arms, who went to a research and development place to do some testing on the hardware. Later on that day, he was shown to this chamber where they said he would be assisting with the testing and as he stepped inside, he suddenly felt like he was falling and started to float! He was told later that this chamber was indeed free from gravity, as there was no point doing testing on the hardware in any other environment, as it was obviously intended to work in space. After speaking to one of the Engineers further about this chamber, he was told that the cause of the gravity shielding was a room below it, which contained two massive counter-rotating copper disks, rotating close together around the same centre…and were running at a high RPM. I can’t remember if there was any mention of a DC voltage applied across the disks.

      I have no idea of the degree to which that story is true but I thought it was fascinating nonetheless. A long while after I read this, I thought to myself that if I were to see a UFO, then I would expect to see the top counter-rotating with respect to the bottom. I have heard plenty of reports since then that report this.

  13. Hey, Andy, you’re only human!
    Hey, Andy, you’re only human! (or are you? 🙂 Coming clean is good for the soul and Unknown Country listeners. Some of the stuff that has gone on my life has been so strange that I wish that I HAD made it up. I went through a couple of years when weirdness insinuated itself into each and every day of my life. My ex suggested keeping a journal back then. I did. When I read it now, even I can’t believe it was all true, but it is my point of reference for myself about keeping my facts straight about those events that happened in the past.

    P.S. David Paulides has been on Dreamland. You can find his interviews in the archives if you are a subscriber.

  14. Great show, guys ! Do we not
    Great show, guys ! Do we not all fib sometimes? “Hi, how are you?” “Fine”(not really, I feel shitty today, but I will smile and pretend.) I was so tempted, when you interviewed me about twins, to make up some stuff to seem more interesting. I didn’t, but I was tempted. The weird thing is, I left some stuff out-like that I have literal conversations with trees, plants, flowers, animals-not just my dead twin ! I have been thinking about Whitley,s new book and the idea that the mind is not limited to the brain, but can extend beyond the physical body-also that childhood trauma creates new neural pathways in the brain. Perhaps with those new pathways we are practicing to perceive the “more” that is out there. Is the awakening the realization that we really are interconnected to everything and that it is We instead of Me ? So if you Wake Up, that means taking responsibility for a lot more than our cultures’ perceived daily reality and that is a braintwister. Does the Trickster appear to give us a reality check on whether we are fooling ourselves, or to let us know we are on the right track ? or is it both ? As usual, your show raises more questions than answers which is why I keep coming back every week !

  15. Just an apology up front
    Just an apology up front here… no show this week as I am FINALLY moving once and for all. But next week I will share the most ridiculous trickster thing of all that just happened a few days ago. It’s a bit stunning, actually.

    I wish I were making it up!

    Keep commenting on this episode and if you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them on the show.

  16. I just wish the guests audio
    I just wish the guests audio quality was good enough that one did not have to struggle to understand what the guest was saying. I am sure there are listeners who will say they had no problem with the sound. They are blessed in their hearing abilities. I will just skip the poor audio quality guests. Fortunately or unfortunately the sound quality per guest varies from very poor to very good. Your solo shows are always excellent in quality.

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