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Investigative journalist Jack Brewer joins us to discuss all the latest hullaballoo regarding official alien disclosure. Naturally, this being The Experience, the conversation does not follow along conventional lines. Get ready to question how we question and dissect the assumptions that go into the perpetual motion machine that is the disclosure narrative.
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And be sure to pick up a copy of his book, The Greys Have Been Framed: Exploitation in the UFO Community.

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  1. Interesting
    Interesting interview…

    Having followed, explored, researched, and also been personally involved in various forms of ‘high strangeness’ myself (including UFOS which still pop in for me occasionally) I can’t help feeling that we often do over-think and rehash the same old stuff over and over again. (The old doing-the-same-thing-repeatedly-and-expecting-a-different-result being the definition of insanity).

    A case in point, Robert Bigelow. Bigelow is an entrepreneur with money to burn and a keen interest in real estate. He also has plans for the future, and habitats are his specialty. He also was involved with Skinwalker ranch, another piece of real estate associated with NIDS that happened to have lots (lots) of strange stuff going on. He believes in ‘aliens’, and supposedly has a warehouse full of UFO related materials. He also has a lucrative contract with NASA to develop inflatable structures to be attached as usable living and work space for the ISS. It should be quite obvious that he wants to expand his business out into the Solar System and beyond. Let me state again: He is an entrepreneur. There is nothing mysterious about that. He wants to expand his business empire. If he can do it with superior technology, and full cooperation and partnership with our government, so much the better for him. If there is a chance there are aliens, he wants to be the first to get his foot in the door with them too. He has one sweet deal going with the government, and he’s no idiot. He did not get start-up money from a wealthy family member, he did it all on his own. He’s got the whole corporatism/fascism thing down, so if you think he’s going to open up that warehouse and spill secrets, think again. It’s a win-win for Bigelow AND the government, and the majority of Americans do not care enough to raise a ruckus about it, because they are preoccupied with things like work, family, and how to insure their kids’ healthcare if CHIP goes down the tubes.

    The UFO nest has been stirred up again, but mainly only within the UFO ‘community’ itself. As usual, the rest of the world goes on and is not involved, nor does it care to be. Really start asking around about the big reveal by the Pentagon and see who knows about it. Ask friends, family, and the people at work: “Say, did you hear that the Pentagon revealing they spent 22 million dollars to study UFOs?”. If they did hear about, see if they cared about it enough to follow-up and come up with questions about it. (Cue chirping crickets).

    Last week on ‘Dreamland’ Whitley interviewed Kevin Randle and they discussed the case of Lonnie Zamora and the UFO event near Socorro, New Mexico. I almost wrote a comment about the interview, but had second thoughts and did not do it. The reason was because I was having deja vu through the entire interview. There was nothing new presented—at all. I remember studying that case WAY back when I was a kid. I remember the photos, and the physical evidence, and Mr. Zamora’s appearance, his visage seared into my memory.

    There have been times when I thought about joining a group or organization involved with UFOs or paranormal activities. Each time I did my research I discovered agendas and one point of view, and very little open-mindedness within the organization being researched, which is how I ended up here at Unknown Country. While I wasn’t crazy about last week’s Dreamland about UFOs, I do appreciate the different perspectives that Whitley and Jeremy are willing to explore.

    Sooooo…Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming—but not in circles, because that is NOT exploration. It’s time to get REALLY uncomfortable, folks!

  2. Why can’t both be true? In
    Why can’t both be true? In the same way that we have physical bodies yet are more. Can’t there be a physical AND a consciousness aspect to this?

  3. And yes, Cosmic, I agree
    And yes, Cosmic, I agree completely. Your average American simply does not care. Even if you show someone the NY Times article they still somehow glaze over with apathy. And who knows, maybe they are right to not care. I have no idea.

  4. It’s the boy who cried wolf
    It’s the boy who cried wolf syndrome.

  5. Indeed, why not both Andy.
    Indeed, why not both Andy. Personally I don’t think we can lump all UFOs into the same basket, so to speak. I suspect that some of them may be purely physical, with some kind of gravity propultion system…others might be primarily physical but where the consciousness of its occupants forms the means of propultion…or perhaps a physical craft imbibed with its own consciouness, or an AI that become conscious…yet others could essentially be seperate conscious beings that appear as a physical UFO one moment, or an orb the next, attracted by or interacting with the consciousness of the observer. They could be a fractal of a Universe – thought made physical…or their source could be our own consciousness, erroniously interpreted as being separate from us…or their conscious source may even be from the Earth itself.

    Then again, maybe they could somehow be a mixture of the above? I don’t suppose we will get to know any time soon, regardless of how much we are able to study the physical elements…there will always be a strange aspect that defies complete integration. I think we have a lot to learn about this Universe and more importantly ourselves, before we can fully conceptualise what UFOs really are.

    1. Sherbet and Andy,
      I agree

      Sherbet and Andy,

      I agree about about the experiences being physical and consciousness aspects. We have these physical bodies in order to experience, learn, and grow, and not only can you not lump UFOs into the same basket, we may be talking about an infinite number of baskets—or no basket at all. I once started my own list of of possibilities for a blog that I wrote several years ago:
      • Man-made, super-secret, military aircraft
      • Spaceships from other worlds in our known Universe
      • Crafts piloted by inter-dimensional beings, possibly from parallel realities and universes
      • Time travelers from our own past/future
      • Spiritual entities
      • Some previously unknown life-form living in our atmosphere
      • Actual portals or “stargates” (rather than craft) between worlds

      Since I came up with the list, things have changed due to more personal experiences and continued reading and research to get to the bottom of it all—leading to more strange experiences! The only thing that hasn’t changed for me is my feeling that all things are connected. Maybe it is about nothing more than experiencing, which leads me to another thought: Everything is simply consciousness at play with avatars and and unending experiences.

  6. It’s true that the UFO
    It’s true that the UFO subject is frustrating, with questionable characters, tall claims, and low standards of attribution and evidence. Over many years, this tends to make one jaded and bored with the whole subject.

    That said, if you subscribe to the narrative that the government is withholding evidence and has highly classified and compartmentalized the subject, it’s not unreasonable to believe that they might reach out to Bob Bigelow for two reasons: 1) his research (e.g., Skinwalker) might actually uncover some things or make some interesting observations 2) by approaching him and offering (perhaps disingenuously) to give him access to a much greater body of knowledge, they could control his research and observations. It’s reasonable to expect that Bigelow would be receptive to such a proposition because he seems to care more about understanding what’s going on for himself, than he does about sharing the truth of what he knows with the rest of the world. He’s interested in craft (still) because he had an impactful sighting as a child–apparently the craft came right up to the windshield of his grandparent’s car (

    As to the surprise that we have to relearn the limitations of hypnosis, which were understood in the 1800s. Well, I’m not surprised. I see a whole new generation of engineers making the same mistakes we learned in the ’80s and ’90s. Human knowledge is not always effectively transmitted to the next generation. I suspect that much of what is learned is lost and has to be relearned again and again.

    A worthy show.

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