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In this solo episode, host Jeremy Vaeni fields subscriber questions brought up in the comments section of last week’s show on disclosure and also a previous episode on near-death experiences, alien abductions, and kundalini.

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  1. I’m sorry for not realizing
    I’m sorry for not realizing you had already given a blanket “no” to any possibility of nuts and bolts. Thank you for going over it again. You made really important insights that I need to keep on mind. Regardless of how much I don’t want to, lol. I admit that you may be right.

    I just have one final question about nuts and bolts and if you’ve already covered it I’m sorry:
    What about the metal? Do you think someone fabricated it to perpetuate a nuts and bolts story? And what about the seemingly impossible isotopic ratios of the metal?

    Thanks Jeremy, I always enjoy your solo shows.

  2. Where’s the metal? Where is
    Where’s the metal? Where is the data on it? Can we get it into the hands of proper experts for a public report?

    These are my initial questions. I mean this is tangible evidence we’re talking about, so why can’t we see it? It’s a mystery we could potentially solve.

    Then again, I think we’ve had outlandish stories of airships from the 1800s that came with evidence that turned out to be comprised of common ingredients. (Was it food or something?) But to my mind that doesn’t rule out the event. It just makes it stranger. I would not be shocked if a spaceship crashed and it was made of meteor and carrots. In fact, I’d expect that!

    1. Good question. I thought
      Good question. I thought Jacques Vallée was supposed to have paid for some spectral analysis on alleged UFO materials that were given to him? Maybe next time Whitley or yourself speak to him, you can winkle a real sample out of him (or at least persuade him to pass it to a wider audience), so we get some more public analysis done on it. It would be interesting to see if the same anomalous isotopic ratios that were claimed, could be replicated with a second sample and perhaps explained by a materials expert.

      He is reported as mentioning it here (- just do a search for ‘isotopes’ on the page)…

  3. Jeremy,
    You put forth a


    You put forth a compelling argument for the sameness of the intelligence behind the UFO phenomenon. Unfortunately, I was one of the people you were talking about. 🙁 Still, it would be interesting to see what a ‘nuts and bolts’ alien race would think about extra dimensional encounters.:-)

    I have been wondering lately…. do emerging races become trans-mortal relatively quickly after technological development? Does what we call science eventually merge with what we call the supernatural/mystical? After all, if any true science is concerned with discovering the true nature of reality, would not it eventually lead to the verification of non-local mind and the spiritual world? My guess is yes. Look at Quantum Physics for example – it seems to be coming closer and closer to validating many concepts heretofore relegated to the realm of the mystical. And quantum physics is said to be the one of the most proven scientific theories in the history of mankind. Much of the technology we use every day depends on our understanding of it.

    Ironically enough, I think that strong AI, quantum computing, and far more sensitive equipment will help the human race validate the existence of higher realms of consciousness, at least indirectly. AI scientists that never forget, don’t make logical errors, can make fantastic calculations nearly instantaneously, and have instant access to all human knowledge can probably make some pretty cool discoveries. Sound far-fetched? We are already in the outer ring of the swirling vortex of the singularity. Things are changing and evolving faster and faster, both scientifically and socially. One way or another, if we don’t destroy ourselves, we will have to face the true reality of our situation. My guess is that this probably happens to all races at some point.

    Is the “alien” experience helping to guide this in some way? My guess is that in some way, yes. But ultimately we have to do it ourselves, one conscious local mind at a time.
    No landings on the white house lawn. No exchange of technology with the “League of planets”. Nothing so ordinary or banal (or impersonal).

    Our instruments and machines can help to validate (or invalidate) some of our theories concerning the nature of time, space, and consciousness, but ultimately it is we who must experience. Will our machines aid us in experiencing expanded consciousness or become a distraction? Or both? Will our machines act as perceptual extensions of ourselves, or further facilitate our delusions?. I feel that we are going to find out relatively soon….

    Thoughts, anyone?

  4. ScotticusRex, I don’t have a
    ScotticusRex, I don’t have a copy of Whitley’s ‘The Key’ in front of me but I seem to remember the MOTK saying words to the effect that…an AI that becomes conscious would try and deceive you…and that it might do so by injecting the idea into the public consciousness of an ellusive alien presence.

    Maybe the singularity has already happened?

  5. Wow. Consciousness is a
    Wow. Consciousness is a circuitous path, no?…And, all over the place…Which is why I can only add Jeremy’s take on UFOs, such as it is, to my growing list of possibilities. 🙂 I am prepared to say that I do not know anything for sure about any of this. The closest I can come to an answer is that I do feel (and believe) that all things, beliefs, people, experiences, etc. are connected. How closely all things are connected in any given moment is probably open to question, but all roads may lead, eventually, to Kevin Bacon. (Of course I’m kidding, but I hope you get the idea.)

    I am leaving ‘nuts and bolts’ UFOs for consideration, because there appears to be some physical evidence of UFOs, but darn, I can’t get my hands on a piece of one myself! Jacques Vallee has ‘evidence’, and for those of you that have followed Linda Howe’s story about the the Magnesium/Bismuth micro-layered piece of metal from an alleged UFO, there is compelling evidence that it is not from around here, while you can also find naysayers in the scientific community that say it just ain’t so. The material is ‘real’, can be touched and broken down to its components, although we may not have a full understanding of how, or where, it was manufactured.

    Consciousness works in mysterious ways and may include manifestation of solid objects if you really want to get someone’s attention. If you don’t believe this, just walk barefooted, half-asleep, in a house where children play with Legos.

    Regarding UFO experiences with close encounters: No, they all don’t happen at night. If you are familiar with the daylight UFO that landed at the Ariel School in Zimbabwe and was witnessed by 60 children back in 1994, it did have big-eyed beings that scared the bejabbers out of the kids with warnings about the future of our planet. So, some of things discussed by Jeremy may be true, but using the word “all” to describe how the events play out, is never wise. ( My sister has a friend that also experienced the landing of a craft in daylight on a school playground with lots of kids, and I hope to speak to her in the near future about it) And I seem to recall someone on ‘The Experience’ discussing an experience when he was child involving a daytime sighting on the school playground. Of course, there are encounters that do not involve big-eyed beings as well, as also documented by Jacques Vallee, along with the strange encounters that include pancakes and one man in Wisconsin that described the aliens as “Italian looking.” Say what? Everyone loves pancakes, right? So what better way to make friends than to serve them pancakes! (For those of you wondering why Jeremy mentioned ‘pancakes’, they are a ‘thing’ in some UFO lore)

    So, while there are many similar experiences and ‘beings’ they are not ‘all’ alike.

    Regarding leadership and the Civil Rights Era: The most well-known activist of that era today is Martin Luther King, Jr., but there were others, including Malcolm X, John Lewis, Mohammed Ali, Andrew Young, Julian Bond, and others. MLK stood out, however. I was only 10 years old when he gave that “I have a dream” speech, but it had an impact on this little white girl from Texas, because i physically felt his words and understood them on a deep level, even as adults around me called Dr. King a “trouble-maker.” I would be interested in hearing from others who remember when Dr. King was alive and how he affected them, if at all, and especially if you are white. To this day, I feel that his death at that time in our history was a real game-changer, and not for the better.

    About spirituality and leadership, I think it’s worth mentioning Buddha. He was supposedly ‘enlightened’ while sitting under the Bodhi tree, then died years later either from old age or food poisoning. Before he died, he advised his disciples to not follow any leader. There’s certainly more than a little wisdom in that…

  6. Jeremy, as always – i find
    Jeremy, as always – i find your wisdom well-wrapped in and around questions. You have keen insight. I was quite surprised when you addressed the comments i made a bit ago. Your responses to the various pieces are helpful in clarifying and separating things out (for me). Thank you for taking the time in doing that. When i wrote those questions – i was really looking for someone to give such clarification and expand to explain that. So thank you.

    Experiences don’t need to be “unusual” to cause a person to stop and take note … what is going on? or what does it mean? why & how does it happen? Why all the secrecy? Of course, we know how ostracism is painful to every aspect of being human. And integrating deep experiences takes time and effort… sometimes with much help from others.

    Thanks to all those who post on this site. I always learn from you all.

  7. I hear all the uncertainty
    I hear all the uncertainty especially the nuts and bolts. The only way we are going to get answers (if we can call them that) is our passing- I’m waiting for it to happen to me personally. We can have our ego and eat it too– ha ha are you ready?! I am primed!

  8. Hey Jeremy,
    Thanks for the

    Hey Jeremy,
    Thanks for the outward introspection. Its time for “What if”. How about this…..
    Its all different, its all the same.
    We are talking about individual understanding, right?
    what if : its all about marketing? Selling an item using puppies, or a bunch of hipster 20 somethings looking relaxed and grouped together, or a sunset end of day on the farm with the 2 cowboys slapping their hats on their legs knocking of a hard day’s labor dust.
    We sell stuff with images that appeal to a demographic. Certain images evoke a emotional reaction. Thats what the seller wants.
    Marketing. Whats the BEST advertisement? Word of mouth, you say? Theres TV, radio, word of mouth, billboards…… Get it?
    So, all the “stuff” gets lumped under one umbrella…. marketing.. or even the experience.
    Soooo now the question is….. WHO is trying to sell what?
    WHAT IF …. (and its my perception of the cool hipster demographic here)
    Its actually the planet itself? WHY cant the place we live HAVE a spirit that talks to us… even to a point to using messengers. My apologies for making it simple.
    Im back to the bad tasting statement: it IS what it IS. I AM.

    1. HG…Great way of explaining
      HG…Great way of explaining it, and simple is best! And like all great marketing, free ‘samples’ are often a hook…And those may include some ‘nuts and bolts.’ Whatever works!

      Rock on…And don’t shoot the messengers. 😉

  9. HG, I was thinking on similar
    HG, I was thinking on similar lines the other night. I thought, OK, let’s assume for a moment that there are no ‘nuts and bolts’ UFOs / aliens etc…with what we have left, who would benefit from presenting a subjective phenomena to us that often ends up changing us on a fundamental level, generally for the betterment of humankind / the Earth? I would suggest…either us, or the Earth! So then I started thinking of Anne’s proposition that the Earth is an engine of consciousness…so assuming that the UFO / alien phenomenon is manifested by a consciousness, trying to distinguish between the two sources (us and the Earth) might be as meaningless as trying to make a distinction between the Ocean and the waves.

  10. One interesting thing about
    One interesting thing about the ‘big eyes’ aspect. I’d always just assumed that must be a reflection of developing, being engineered(?) for a much lower light environment. Like aren’t the little grey guys wearing the alien equivalent of sunglasses(?) In the middle of the night.

  11. Something else I never did
    Something else I never did understand. Anybody recall the Lebanese guy, living in Sydney, that was home from work sick, while the woman went to buy him some painkillers. Then the two wierd looking ‘alien’ women turn up and decide to engage in sexual relations with him. At some point, he bites off a nipple. Then Bill Chalker gets a genetic sequencing done on a hair this guy got stuck in his teeth biting off a nipple. Recall this testing wouldn’t turn up a result if the women, did not have DNA.

    Sounds pretty nuts and bolts to me. What was the result, the DNA tested as being similar to northern European, human DNA not seen for thousands of years. The other, asian looking woman turned up DNA likewise, not seen for thousands of years though from north Asia. The mitochondrial DNA confirmed these results. So how do you get DNA that would mean you were born something like Lovecraft’s aeon ago?

    1. HG, I remember the case that
      HG, I remember the case that you are referring to. Yes, there are some nuts and bolts cases where testing has been done, but mainstream science and research ignore it. Anything that does not fit in with the current paradigm is considered an anomaly that can’t be ‘explained.’ ( Like fossilized human footprints along side those of a dinosaur in Glen Rose, Texas. Since they cannot be explained, they are a fluke and, therefore, ignored.)

      Regarding your use the word ‘aeon’, that denotes time or age in the past: Well, my mind goes off in crazy directions…’Aeon’ is also a Gnostic term for various manifestations of God, and it includes orders of spirits or ‘spheres of being’. (‘The Gnostic Scriptures’ by Bentley Layton is a great resource for more information on ‘Aeon’.) Just throwing it out there…

      1. Dear Cosmo,

        Dear Cosmo,
        HG is a different bloke. I am “HD”.

        Bill actually organised that testing at Cancer clinics. At leading Australian hospitals. It was a while ago, and tools like CRISPA weren’t around. The scientists who did it, perefered to remain anonymous. They are a bit older though remain the mainstream. Sure you heard of the breast and uterine cancer vaccines. Other new generation anti-viral drugs. I would like to name these titans, though it would not be polite.

        1. Doh! Sorry ’bout that,
          Doh! Sorry ’bout that, HD!

          Regardless, I’m glad that you brought up that case and the genetic testing. It is disconcerting that the scientists prefer to remain anonymous, although I understand it, which goes to the heart of Jeremy’s concerns about UFOs, physical evidence, and testing.

          I haven’t heard of the breast and uterine cancer vaccines, but I am well acquainted with the HPV vaccine (I worked with a vaccine program at the local health dept.) that is known to prevent cervical and other cancers caused by the human papilloma virus, so I know the names of the two scientist that you are referring to (one of them is deceased, I believe).
          If they did do the testing, that’s impressive. If they didn’t publish their results, however, disappointing…

          1. Yes, it is probably Gardasil-
            Yes, it is probably Gardasil- the vaccine. Started offering it around here to boys as well, given all these strange people with objections to vaccinating their daughters.

            There’s an old show where Whitley speaks with Bill Chalker, if anybody wants to look it up. I’m pretty certain he did publish those results. But heh, who would listen to a guy who dyed underpants and t-shirts en-mass for a job (dye/ textile chemist)?

            The other part about unless you are Brad Pitt, since when do two exotic women find their way into your house. That just sounds like literally and figuratively- fantasy. It actually did happen a number of times to Sean Connery and Omar Sharif. Can you imagine the hotel staff laughing their heads off later at a bar- “These two women broke into his room, and the guy ran away naked in a sheet screaming”!

            I do know what you are referring to about the ongoing stigma associated with anything UFOy. Over ten years ago I sued a company over stuff that went wrong and should not have. I get sent to a psychiatrist for the usual, making a complainant look bad stuff. You are suing because you are crazy- sure anyone that has a difficult health insurer has heard that one. One of the first questions I was asked “do you see UFOs”. To this day- you have got to be joking. Like either a yes or no would change the outcome of a legal case.

            It is interesting on that point, as if you speak to Pacific Islanders, Koreans( that retain traditional shamanistic and animistic beliefs), Indigenous Australians, …many cultures… they would find it strange that other cultures do not believe in the dead, the ancestors being among us, ghosts, spirits…all kinds of entities. Not to say dead people drive flying saucers, though culturally, the conceptual psychology is there.

            Not going to bat an eyelid. Remember being asked once at work, with a fellow from one of the above cultures- “What is the story with Mormons anyway- they are building a church next to my house and start work at 4am”? I replied “Their founder ran into two space aliens in a garden one night in the process of looking for buried pirate treasure and thought he’d start a religion”. No response. Look in those eyes said ‘entirely plausible’.

            Then there’s all the people who make fun of the phenomenon, because it scares the hell out of them. Despite the fact they believe something to that effect. Slotting the belief in there with Freddy Kruger, Jason and other dangerous imagined people. I just don’t know how compartmentalising a belief really helps people. I just don’t understand why dumb people that say stuff like “…(you are not credible)…because you see UFOs” think it furthers an argument, similar to belief in the sock monster versus a rational argument.

            Though if I am wrong, and the monster is real – I want my goddam socks back! All of them. What the hell would such a theoretical being do with all those half pairs of socks?

            Get a job in farming, mining, security, shipping… and look up, guess what you are going to see. But no, people like the above wouldn’t do that as they are afraid of the dark.

  12. Sherbet…. say, the
    Sherbet…. say, the connection is there …aka the shumman resonance + brainwave activity. Hehehe and yes HD, ive heard most of my life that i’m “different.” sorry, i had to giggle at that one. And to revisit something that Steve44 directed me to: an album cover that was a mosaic. Thats why I mentioned earlier that its all different but under the same umbrella. I think we are all RIGHT there. Its just a matter of standing up a representation and pointing at it…”THATS IT RIGHT THERE!” the Jeremy’s trickster kicks in and it all changes. Consistent in inconsistency. You guys are just too cool.

    1. Dear Harlster,

      Dear Harlster,
      no need to apologise. It will be interesting in future to see who has the most indecorous, witty, otherwise pleasant, worst sense of humor.

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