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"Scott" returns to talk about his spiritual theory of everything called "Absolute Holism." But first, we continue our conversation from last episode, delving into the high strangeness and dreamtime experiences that most shook his worldview and led him to rethink reality.

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  1. Great shows–crazy awesome
    Great shows–crazy awesome set of experiences. Some feedback on the absolute holism based on my experience. Why do we defecate (burning question from the show) and do the things we do? Because of reactive conditioned patterns. It’s very mechanistic–motivated by assessments of potential pleasure and pain. The world on that level is very mechanistic, following laws that we can discover (e.g., classical or quantum physics…). But there is more than that story. We need to find that which transcends thought (concept, judgement, function, differences). We need to get out of mind–thinking, thinking, thinking (and emoting, emoting, emoting). There is something that all thoughts, things and emotions appear in; and it’s not a thing or state itself (words fail). The mechanistic stuff appears in That. To be lost in ideas is to be lost in confusion: samsara; the relative world. However a set of ideas can be used to point beyond ideas (use a thorn to remove a thorn; then throw both away). Like a finger pointing to the Moon; once you see the Moon, forget the finger. To function in the world you must take a step back from that transcendental realization. If you are a Zen master, maybe you ‘become a person again’ 5% of the time. If you are are a father or mother who has tasted this realization, maybe you become a person again 90% of the time. Once extremely rare, like the first flowers that appeared on the Earth, many people are starting to experience transcendental awareness. One day, such flowers will no longer be rare but will cover the countryside. There is joy in That.

    1. Lorem,
      Hmmmm. Conditioned to

      Hmmmm. Conditioned to defecate?I would think that we are physically programmed to defecate. It is hardwired into us. It is necessary. Assuming that defecation and eating are unnecessary illusions will lead to all sorts of potential problems… 😉

      I diverge with you concerning the importance of thinking and experiencing in the material world -While i do agree that there is much, much more to Ultimate Reality. My major point is that the relative world (the Many/All/Differentiated) is just as important as the objective world (the One or Undifferentiated) to Ultimate Reality – “What’s the point of being God if you don’t Dream?”

      My belief is that this state of existence is not a mistake or a flaw, but rather a necessary stage of experiencing All possibilities. “All that can exist must exist” and “God’s Nature Is To Be and To Know What That Means”.

      Also, in reference to your analogy above, forgetting you have a finger does you no favors. The finger is your expression. Why would the finger cease to exist? Why should it?

      Of course, only focusing on the subjective experience offers even less. My idea is one of synergy (and ultimate Unity) of these two “poles” or ways of perceiving reality. To me, true enlightenment/transcendence come from the synergy and unification (and expression) of these two “poles” or states of perceiving reality.

  2. This was a great program…
    This was a great program… as usual, Jeremy.
    Scott, you did a lot to bring up each of the ways we “make sense of the world”in your experiences. It is the first time i ever thought about it this way! Obviously, you have spent time reflecting and understanding.
    I heard Scott explain his mental reasoning about his experiences in order to make sense of them.I also heard Scott address emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects as well. If i missed anything, someone can bring it up.

    People seem most comfortable using one mode of reasoning….(physical, mental, emotional, spiritual….) in dealing with difficulties. I wonder if using and bringing all these aapects of our “being” are how we find some place where we can “function”.
    Perhaps Tyler Kokjohn ( please forgive misspelling your name, i don’t remember…)
    can speak/write on this for clarity….?

    1. Thanks, Dreamer!
      And here I

      Thanks, Dreamer!
      And here I thought that I was “all over the place” when I was actually just being “well rounded” 😉

      1. Being “all over the place” is
        Being “all over the place” is not a bad place to be. I know, because that’s me all over! 🙂

        Seriously, you cannot begin to understand a concept like ‘absolute holism’ unless you are all over the place and making the connections. For those of you that have not read ‘Anne’s Diary’ entry ‘Love is Holographic’ (When I read it, I thought “Well, of course it is!”), it is in line with the concept of absolute holism and is probably the driver of absolute holism.

  3. One concept I have been
    One concept I have been considering of late is the idea that “all roads may be one road”. What this one road may be is a mystery, and may exist at the limits of our comprehension.

    1. Mace,
      The outcome is certain.

      The outcome is certain. It’s the journey that matters….

  4. Here’s what I believe happens
    Here’s what I believe happens as we age: we don’t actually lose energy, but the way our energy is expressed mutates. We do maintain our overall energy status. However, our energy begins to split into quantum packets of lower energy. I imagine this as photons splitting into multiple photons of less energy value. So, whereas there was a photon of 10X energy previously, now two photons of 5X energy supplant it. These photons are of less energy and lower frequency, and therefore they are closer to a lower state of energy, as expressed. These photons continue to split accordingly as time advances. The crux of this is that we have lower energy photons working for us. This corresponds to a higher entropy relationship to factors in the real world, and the energy is less usable than it was before (previously, focused lower entropy energy was better utilized for tasks). Now, it is harder to coordinate and harness the energy because of the split photon scenario. Lower energy means we exist at a lower vibration that is closer to no vibration. Our aged energy exists at a level of high differentiation, because of the scattering and splitting of the photonic energy. Because of the separation factor of photonic splitting, we experience time passing by more rapidly. We become divorced somewhat from unity, unity being a high energy, low entropy state. Our perception of time may be due to photonic spitting, or differentiation, and unity may dissolve this splitting, unifying photons and energy into an aggregate. There is actually a Scientific term for photons becoming reunified, but it escapes me for now. Unity is the holism of 10,000 things, and separation is closer to the void of separation and forking. Time is therefore a consequence of photonic splitting, moving us closer to the low frequency dark side, and unity is that which causes time passage to cease.

  5. Interestingly, if our energy
    Interestingly, if our energy is simply dissolving into lower frequency packets of lower energy, and overall energy levels basically remain the same, how does one increase one’s overall energy levels? I believe this can be accomplished by exposure to experiences over the course of one’s lifetime. Eventually, if the exposure to novel or unique experiences is sufficient, the person will accumulate enough energy to evolve past his/her baseline energy state. Therefore, experiences are necessary for evolution, they are the inherent right of the individual, and should not be denied….

  6. I believe that photonic
    I believe that photonic splitting happens daily, and is a natural function of aging. We sleep in order to repair our bodies and reunify photons so they resonate closer to unity.

  7. Btw, when I speak of photons
    Btw, when I speak of photons splitting I am fundamentally speaking of the energy of consciousness. This energy constitutes the chakras as well.

  8. Oh, and I found the term for
    Oh, and I found the term for photons becoming unified, it’s called “second harmonic generation”.

    1. Mace,
      Correct me if I’m

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds like you are talking about the Many Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics – the branching of realities by “choice-making”(actualization of all possible states at the time) and that this branching changes the energy state of the entities in question (?).

      This loss of vitality over time (higher entropic state) would then culminate in what? I assume physical death. Would you consider this just a physical process? What about mental or spiritual properties?

  9. This is my first time posting
    This is my first time posting I just want you to know that I enjoy the show very much I felt an energy in you Jeremy of being ready to give up because of the people on the site that do not take it seriously I’ve been a listener for years and just want that I and many others do I feel like a student at your feet never give up your teaching is important to so many thank you. Kat Feather

    1. Hello, Kat!
      Hello, Kat!

  10. Jeremy, I love the guests and
    Jeremy, I love the guests and the conversations that you have, and I so much wish I could join in. Sadly, I am very shy, but that doesn’t mean I cannot express myself, but rather what happens is I have trouble being centered enough to make my point coherently. It’s frustrating, and in your interview with Scott about dualism and non-dualism, my mind was screaming, IT’S ABOUT TRANSCENDENCE, that was the word that was missing from the discussion.

    Do you think it might be feasible to have more than one guest on your show at the same time; –a quasi round table, and allow some of us to join in and maybe express some of the thoughts that come to mind?

    1. Cyan,
      To me, what you are

      To me, what you are alluding to would be the synergistic outcome of the Unity of All things and Nothing, Light and Void, Infinity and Eternity, Yang and Yin. It is knowing, experiencing, and embracing both of those poles of Reality intimately, and by Unifying them in yourself, becoming something else also. Something unlimited by the concepts of time and space, yet participating in them. Both Transcendent and Imminent at once. In effect, “God in the World”.

  11. Scott: Thanks so much for
    Scott: Thanks so much for sharing your experiences and thoughts; wonderful show.

    Cyan_Aura asks a question that has crossed my mind from time to time, as well:

    “Do you think it might be feasible to have more than one guest on your show at the same time; –a quasi round table, and allow some of us to join in and maybe express some of the thoughts that come to mind?

    Read the original source:

    I’ve often thought that Jeremey would do well to host such a show. The guests on the experience have lots of wonderful stories, experiences, and insights. Having a few of the willing on the same call together could prove to be interesting. 🙂

    Great show.

    PS: Perhaps something to have a look at: “dual aspect monism” in J. Kripal’s new book “The Secret Body”.

    1. Interesting idea. It could be
      Interesting idea. It could be pretty awesome. Of course, moderating the panel could be interesting…… Have fun, Jeremy!

  12. Scott: I am talking about the
    Scott: I am talking about the actual physical splitting of photons, not the many worlds theory. This results in the energy being more evenly distributed across space. Multiple lower frequency photons take over for high energy ones. That’s what I meant by one 10X energy photon is supplanted by two 5X energy photons. Conservation of energy occurs, but overall frequency is lower. The male brain physically enlarges after age 30, and I believe DNA begins to enlarge once the telomeres taper off. The youthful brain is lower entropy, more compact, and more unified. How the energy is expressed determines it’s relation to particular fields. The aged brain contains as much energy as before (energy cannot be destroyed, only changed) but it is less useable because of its high entropy state. If one could reverse the process of entropy in consciousness, eternal youth might be possible. Old people have just as much energy as they did previously, and I believe this will be restored when they reach the afterlife. They simply have trouble applying their energy in a physical manner. Death is the conclusion of high entropy living, and is a physical process, but mental and physical factors can contribute to heath as well.

  13. The third eye, the point of
    The third eye, the point of focus, becomes enlarged with age too. This is why the aged have trouble concentrating at times. Spiritual factors make a difference too regarding aging, but the physical factors have to be addressed if we want to live longer.

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