As far as those of us without insider access are concerned, the question of whether or not the greys even exist remains an open one, and will remain open until we have access to physical proof. In this intense and provocative interview Danielle Sliverman and Dr. John Biggerstaff explore whatread more

Contactee "Susan" had dreams about being in a craft piloted by three grays. She was led by these dreams to seek certain Native American wisdom keepers, the medicine people of the Oglala Lakota Sioux community from the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. They interpreted her dreams and told her about their tribal contacts with the "star people."

This wonderous, rivetingly interesting contactee story is another example of what life is like at the edge of reality, where we break free from the bondage of our materialistic, linear and time bound lives and break free. Listen as Anne Strieber’s gentle voice draws "Susan" into telling her incredible story. There be secrets here to touch the heart and feed the more