Brooks Agnew joins Whitley for an incredibly dynamic show covering the physics of the soul and time travel. In the third half hour, Brooks tells of his DAY of missing time as a child, the way it dramatically altered his mind and of his visit to another world. Think thatread more

This week on Mia Feroleto’s New Observations on Rebecca Hardcastle Wright joins the New Observations Podcast to discuss her new book entitled “Exoconscious Humans: Claiming Psychic Intelligence in a Transhuman World.”   We discuss the range of gifts we are born with and our right to develop them asread more

Senate Intelligence Chairman Marco Rubio has tabled a bill that calls for the Director of National Intelligence to produce an unclassified report on what information the U.S. military has gathered regarding UFOs, or what the bill refers to as “Advanced Aerial Threats.” The bill also specifically calls for the reportread more