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Experiencer/researcher Jeff Ritzmann returns to update us on all that has (and has not) happened since he installed cameras all over his property. Cameras monitored by people like us! Then he goes deeply into the question of the possible source of high strangeness phenomena.

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  1. Jeff Ritzmann,
    Only a few

    Jeff Ritzmann,

    Only a few suggestions here…….

    Ouija Board, no, no and no. Not with a family in the same house.

    Quartz Crystal. YES. There was a time when I actually taped a small Lapis lazuli to my forehead. As I drifted off to sleep, this is where I held my attention.

    Also, as Whitley suggested some time ago, (INVITE IT/THEM IN). This is what I NOW do before drifting off to sleep at night and it seems if asked with a sincere heart and NOT for self aggrandizement, wishes/prayers can be answered. Do you have a special entity you pray too/or with when asking for advice or for help? If yes, then invite that in. BUT ALWAYS do this in the betterment of understanding so you can then share with humankind.

  2. There is some kind of faint
    There is some kind of faint but detectable light (or object?) moving around the opposite side of the screen – up very high (same height as flashing light but opposite side of the room). Do you see it?

    1. Yes, Kristin, I see it. It
      Yes, Kristin, I see it. It arrives at about 0:19-0:20 on the right ride of the room, as viewed through the video. It moves around a bit at the place where the ceiling meets the wall . Very interesting.

      Oh wait, looks like it is there at the beginning too. Then it almost disappears. Later, it reappears. Fascinating.

      1. There is also string of out
        There is also string of out of focus lights that are moving slightly throughout the whole sequence, running diagonally across the bottom-left, just above the white object right in the corner. I suspect the small light object in the top-right and the string of lights on the bottom-left are a few spider’s webs floating about in the air currents. The flash of light at 23 seconds, who knows – interesting that it matches previous sightings by Jeff and Jeremy though.

        I know cost is an issue but if I were to set up cameras for the purposes of observing this kind of transient phenomena, I would be very tempted to hook them up in stereo pairs, because if anything was picked up, it would be easy to calculate how far away from the lens the object was (- assuming it was picked up on both cameras, of course)…and could indicate if was it on the ceiling, or floating in front of the cameras or wherever – which of course would have implications regarding the size of the object, or light.

      2. I spotted this orb-like
        I spotted this orb-like object too. It’s there throughout the video, although it kind of changes shape and fades in and out at times. I took a screenshot, circled the object in red, and passed it on to Jeff Ritzmann. I have photographed these kinds of objects in the past, and I am also able to see them with my own eyes. I usually see them in the size range of the one in this video, but I also once saw one as big as a basketball sitting over my kitchen table!

        I may need to check in with Project Oculus and allocate some time to watching the live feeds. I think we have all focused on that light bar so much that we may be missing other things. Maybe that bar of light is the distraction…

        1. ‘The Spider’s Web Hypothesis’
          ‘The Spider’s Web Hypothesis’ or ‘The Floating Orb Conjecture’…sounds like two episodes from the TV show ‘The Big Bang Theory’ 🙂

        2. What we could do with is a
          What we could do with is a video frame comparator, that adds all the differences between frames into a single image…that would save having to look through every frame and would show the main bits of interest all together…something like that must already exist, I just haven’t had time to search for it yet.

          As far as the ‘orb’ on the bottom-left is concerned, there are a whole string of them, of various brightnesses. I can see two fairly bright ones right at the top of the string, another one further down and a one that hardly moves at all, right at the bottom. They are strung together by several other barely discernible ones. That is why I’m suggesting a spider’s web…but hey, it’s just a guess 🙂

          BTW Cosmic, that’s pretty cool you being able to see orbs now and again…and one the size of a basketball…nice!

          1. Sherbet, I immediately
            Sherbet, I immediately discounted that ‘spider web’. I’m talking about high up near the ceiling on the right and on that border near the ceiling. It’s not a spider web, but at first looks like a small rod that quickly moves up to the ceiling and takes on a round shape. It fades in and out, but pretty much stays near the ceiling through the whole video. I was also able to do a screen-shot capturing the light that Ritzmann is most interested in. While the flash seems very bright, what I captured looks very much like the same kind of ‘plasma’ energy that appears with orbs, and it appears at 23 seconds. Jeremy, if you haven’t already isolated these things on the video, let me know and I can forward them to you to post, so that people know what I am referring to…

  3. I wanted to relay an
    I wanted to relay an experience I had back in 2005. I was taking care of my Grandmother, in her home. She was asleep during the day, and often took naps. I acted as a general monitor, to make sure she did not get into trouble. Often, we both slept during the nap portion of her days, then she would wake up and call to me so I could prepare dinner for her. This specific day, she was already asleep and I was eating some fruit. I usually stick with 5 pieces of fruit per day, as a routine, but this time I had two more pieces. I fell asleep in the recliner chair I was occupying. Suddenly, I moved into a lucid dream state (I was awake, yet dreaming) and reacted to the felicitous sounds of bells. They reminded me of fairy bells, streaming throughout the room. My consciousness moved forward to locate the source of the bells and I began to float. I followed the sounds of the bells, floating around the front room. Next, I became convinced that someone was in the house, and moved into different parts of the house to check. “The kids playing outside are really loud” I thought. I checked the door to make sure it was locked, and was satisfied that it was. I realized I was completely paralyzed, unable to move, and was aware of this. Finally, this passed and I was able to wake and move.

    This feature of “sleep paralysis” is what I wish to discuss. Lately, I have been considering the notion that in the quantum realm (what Jeremy has referred to as “subspace”) time is a fixed, unmovable point (where everything instantaneously happens at once). Could this be correlated with sleep paralysis? When the body is sleeping, it is relatively motionless, and perhaps that is how the body taps into the quantum wave fields. Sleep paralysis might be a similar instance of this, but more pronounced. Sleep paralysis might prepare the body and mind for entrance into the quantum realm, where time behaves differently. Therefore, sleep paralysis is intrinsic to these types of experiences because time is halted in some manner during these phenomena. Visitors may induce this state of mind because it is natural and makes a person interact with the quantum fields more smoothly.

    Regarding creatures of the astral plane, or whatever they are, and their self negating proclivities, I wonder if the subjective nature of their existence is partly to blame for this. Since they may live in a subjective plane, these creatures may self negate in order to remain free. Capturing them with some find of energy field or belief system may threaten their very freedom, and so they are elusive in order to escape enslavement. They may support the belief systems of others (“Yes, I am”, as Jeremy so eloquently put) but they stop short of delivering themselves into the control of others. They thus employ a self negating phenomenon, which maintains their freedom. This may be essential, as they may be wild creatures, in imminent danger of being caught.

  4. “In 2012 Nobel laureate Frank
    “In 2012 Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek first proposed the idea of time crystals. He argued that these hypothetical objects can exhibit periodic motion, such as moving in a circular orbit, in their state of lowest energy, or their “ground state.” Theoretically, objects in their ground states don’t have enough energy to move at all”.

    Like self-propelled spinning tops? 🙂

    Perhaps the purity of the crystal eliminates some of the dissonance associated with the matter, enabling it manifest its quantum flux. I am also noticing that the crystal is stationary (at rest mass) and that is when it can move around, due to the quantum states it produces. Is this related to the fixed time concept I mentioned in my first post on this program?

    I once had a crystal pyramid (obtained from a Russian company) that I was sure emitted waves of some sort. Crystals may be good at manifesting their quantum states better than other types of matter.

    1. Mace, so do you think the
      Mace, so do you think the statement made by the Master of The Key could also apply to this last statement or am I mixing apples with oranges?
      A. However, in recent years, a number of scientific discoveries have been made that he described with great clarity, not as prophecies, but simply as things he knew. These are pointed out in the introduction to the Tarcher/Penguin edition. One, in particular, about (((gas being a medium for high density computer memory struck me at the time as ludicrous. I included it, though, because I recalled him saying it. Now it turns out to be an emerging area of scientific research))).
      “In collaboration with experimental research groups, we are exploring the possibility of realizing Floquet time crystals in systems of (((cold atomic gases,”))) said coauthor Chetan Nayak at Microsoft Station Q and UCSB.

  5. Maybe so! Perhaps Whitley
    Maybe so! Perhaps Whitley will comment.

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