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What happens when you flip off an approaching UFO? Hint: they don’t call it cursing for nothing. It sounds rather silly and yet the centerpiece of this week’s interview is a fascinating glimpse at just how highly strange high strangeness can get. It’s not the only jaw-dropping encounter discussed here but it may be one of the most intriguing ever told. And the guest? Host Jeremy Vaeni’s new neighbor, Michael.

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  1. Great show Jeremy!
    Wow, what

    Great show Jeremy!
    Wow, what a fascinating guy, very well spoken. Can you tell us something about his background?

  2. Michael has certainly had
    Michael has certainly had some very unusual experiences! Wow!

    I have some more questions, specifically about his 3 dogs during the incident on the beach (both times!). He mentioned that the dogs were staring at the object in the far distance—that in itself seems odd. How did the dogs react once the object came close to the shore? Did they bark, or try to hide? When the object began to move parallel to the beach, did they try to chase after it? When he got them loaded back in to the car and back home, did they just act ‘normal’. Or was he so caught up in the object that he paid no more attention to what was going on with them? I can understand why he may have ceased to focus on the dogs at all, but I am curious if he remembers any other behavior that may have been going on with the dogs, since they were part of the experience too.

  3. Twice For The Price of
    Twice For The Price of Once.

    First of all I would like to thank Jeremy for an interesting and varied interview with a very sympathetic, no-nonsense and articulate guest. It was indeed quite a pleasure to listen to his neighbor Michael.

    Now, regarding his experience at the beach happening twice, I think the reason Michael could not react normally (mentally, emotionally or otherwise) to the first one is because he had not then experienced the actual event, i.e. at the point in space/time he felt he had, but rather, his consciousness, in what Castaneda called the second attention, had moved to where/when it would happen, in this case a week later, from our usual common perspective. (I’m realizing as I write that this explains déjà-vu). Because he was in the second attention, he could not effectively bring the experience back to his regular level of consciousness, the first attention. I know from experience that what we think of as being the future is already there to be accessed, the circumstances allowing. The personal importance the event would have for Michael when it actually took place, on the one hand for its high strangeness content and on the other hand because of his conviction of having already lived through the event, like a beacon in the fog of timelessness it attracted his consciousness and made it to jump forward a whole week. I also know from experience that some UFOs can react instantly to one’s thoughts, and try to conform to what one feels one should normally be seeing up there; which implies that they can establish an instantaneous telepathic link with whoever is conscious of their presence – a large UFO will sometime be seen by only a few among a big crowd. Therefore, Michael’s flipping an emotional double bird to the UFO would have established a very strong connection between him and it, further facilitating/encouraging his consciousness to move forward toward the actual event.

    Which brings me back to déjà-vu (it really spells that way, having been borrowed from the French). That’s what could be happening with every instance of the phenomenon. We know from the random event generators installed by the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research lab in a few places around the world that we collectively can not only, albeit unconsciously, affect these REGs, but that we also start affecting them in a statistically significant way a few days before big, collectively significant events take place. And we also know from PEAR’s research that we individually, although again unconsciously, consistently know something will take place 3 to 5 seconds before it actually happens (like the appearance of a disturbing image on a screen). So whenever our consciousness would have, in the second attention (the level of consciousness associated with our energy double, maybe), gone through an event yet to be experienced in the physical, when we actually do get to the actual event, a shadow memory of this little trip forward in time is triggered, giving us the impression of having lived twice through the same event. Which is not possible, since every single moment, or dimensionless point of the time/space continuum, in whatever universe or timeline, is unique. And not only is it unique, it is also a discrete unit. Time as we generally understand it does not exist. Rather, what we perceive as time’s flow is the result of our consciousness forever jumping from one instant to the next, in the direction of what we call the future, so as to make our “time” in the physical understandable/manageable, and teach us that actions have consequences.

    Which brings me to free will (I’m almost done – and forgive the new subscriber who rarely has the opportunity to exchange with anyone about these topics). Yes, all the dimensionless points of the time/space continuum have always existed and will always exist, simultaneously, all of them. But it is still the choices we make from moment to moment that make them what they are. Everything is there, but we’re still creating it, mainly with our thoughts, by way of Bohm’s implicate order.

    I’m done. And if Michael ever reads this, I’d appreciate his letting me know, by way of this page, if my understanding of his double experience at the beach resonates with him in any way.

    1. Very well stated, Michel! The
      Very well stated, Michel! The concepts that you presented are very much in line with my own. I, too, had an encounter where ‘they’ showed up, and my response was anger. Not fear, shock, or surprise, but anger. My personal flow of what was to happen next, was disrupted. My question for myself since that ‘time’ has been: Was I about to jump the gun, and was I about to disrupt my chosen timeline ‘years’ ahead of schedule? Furthermore, was the UFO really me sending a message to myself?

    2. Welcome Aboard Michael V. and
      Welcome Aboard Michael V. and great post.

      I’d like to reply to just your first paragraph as there is enough material in what you’ve written for a whole show! I too have reflected on the nature of the time stream and how we as humans (and all life on this planet), relate to the perceived passage of time, vis. – UFOs (them) and other types of paranormal experiences (us).

      I had my UFO sighting years ago and what stays in my mind is the fact that I found myself completely alone during the event when there should have been others nearby.

      One school of thought hypothesizes that the witness actually leaves the consensual timeline and temporarily enters another time-space (realm) to interact with the visitors. What if, instead they are entering ours and are taking pains to be VERY careful how their activities are carried out or risk collapsing our entire consensus reality, possibly into a Singularity.

      UFOs and the aliens are not going to land on the White House lawn and announce their presence -not because of the social chaos that might ensue, but rather they are avoiding the risk of collapsing the entire psychic framework as a result of their activities. We exist inside this consensus and it may be under a certain amount of natural tension. If you have a balloon and want to let the air out of it with a pin you must be very careful or the whole thing will POP! This internal tension forces the visitors to try and work around it, and while it looks to us humans like ridiculous behavior, they are really trying to be as gentle as they can with any modifications they are attempting.

      Hence, the visitors initially abducted individuals (or sometimes two) from very remote places at odd hours so their perturbation of consensual reality would be slight. (Historically, there is a progression here as the interaction is getting more sophisticated over time). But their genius lies in the fact that it’s the stories and tales that get told in the population which eventually spread throughout and serve to alter our consciousness en masse.

      Their agenda, I believe is to merge slowly into humanity’s awareness without causing a mortal wound to us or themselves.

      Afterthought: They may be more of a Galactic Bomb-Squad carefully neutralizing a potential threat!

  4. great show!! I’d love to see
    great show!! I’d love to see some of his paintings. :0)

  5. Another awesome show Jeremy.
    Another awesome show Jeremy. Thank you

  6. Great show. Did anyone else
    Great show. Did anyone else hear what sounded like a woman laugh/chuckle at 49:31?

    1. I’m pretty sure that was
      I’m pretty sure that was Jeremy!

  7. This show was
    This show was fantastic…with regards to the UFO on the beach, it reminds me of something I read about a black ops type team who supossedly built a UFO…the main engineer was interviewed about some aspects of the craft and said that the gravity propulsion system it employed meant that it effectively travelled in time, just as much as in space and that this aspect had particularly strange ramifications on the perception and memory of those who either got close to it in flight or flew within it. He mentioned that some people just could not remember the trip at all, whilst others, the memory came back in phases, as if from an out of body experience, or a dream, that needed to be downloaded…whilst others became temporarily emotionally unstable, as if trying to reconsile two conflicting memories.

    As far as Michael’s finger-flicking response is concerned, that reminds me of a powerful lucid dream I had, where I got a telepathic communication from huge UFO hovering above me, asking whether I wanted to go on board and have look around. My immediate response was excitement but then followed by an instinctive wave of fear…upon which the offer was immediately rescinded. Later in the dream I was telling this guy about what happened but that I secretly still wanted to go on board, at which point, three greys started to beam down Star Trek style, right in front of me…my reaction…I was absolutely furious…that they dared to come into my dream without asking permission…and I yelled at them to F-Off…(the full version)…to which they promptly did, surprisingly. When I woke up, I was more than a little embarrassed at my reaction…but then again, they had invaded my dream space and I just wasn’t having that…I felt justified but childish. As an aside, if they had have completed their beam down, I noted that their feet would not have been touching the floor…which I thought was interesting.

  8. Entropy
    Could it be that


    Could it be that consciousness imposes its state of entropy upon a wave in superposition, collapsing the waveform at a specific time and place? There is utility in this concept, from a practical point of view. The quantum state of a wave in superposition is ill defined, and therefore in a timeless, inert state of potential. But if a consciousness can impose its state of entropy (which exists in correlation with every other piece of matter in the universe, in the present, if one accepts the premise that all matter is connected) it would tell the wave in superposition PRECISELY where to collapse in time and space. A state of entropy is completely specific, depending upon where all other matter in the Universe is located and how the Universe is correlated to an object that conveys consciousness; a consciousness which exists in the present moment. So, a person with consciousness tells the waveform when and where to collapse, using its current state of entropy as a guide. This can happen every single time, in the present, because consciousness is evolving into new states of entropy continuously (time passage). Thus, consciousness tells the wave where to go, and what time coordinate to inhabit. It’s like the photon in superposition is lost, and consciousness tells it exactly where to manifest. Consciousness gives it a purpose, as far as its manifestation in space-time is concerned. A state of entropy contains specific information about a space-time coordinate, and this coordinate is located for a being with consciousness always in the present (because we are trapped in the perspective of existing in the present moment entirely).A state of entropy would be particle-reality related, because such a state would exist only in the present moment, a discrete moment in time.

    For the body existing in space-time, its specific position is also set by its state of entropy. Entropy determines its exact position in space-time.

    Entropy is the process of decay and erosion, as matter gradually returns to its component quantum wave state (its ultimate destination). Entropy is the devolution of matter, the breaking down and separation of it. This breaking down, separation and dispersal of matter creates time. Expansion of the Universe, which is part of the process of matter eventually breaking down, is also correlated with time passage. Time splits into perceivable moments (past, present and future) as galaxies and stars race away from each other. There is thus a movable center of time (the changeable present), which moves through these motions in an arrow of time, always towards greater disorder. Human consciousness lives in the present, which is always changing. Comparatively, time passage in the quantum realm is a fixed, unmoving point, in which all events transpire instantaneously. Time perceived by humans in the Universe (entropic time) is a sub-divided, surface phenomenon, while quantum reality is defined by deep, coherent waves residing in superposition and eternity. Anything that contributes to the breaking down of matter, (pain, erosion, suffering, death, abuse, aging, destruction, annihilation) adds to the march of entropy. The exact progression of entropy can be determined from the exact position of galaxies and stars relative to each other in a given moment, the amount of disorder involved with the consciousness that is perceiving it, and the amount of destruction that is occurring in the circumstance.

    The original singularity that existed prior to the Big Bang consisted of a perfectly ordered state. All matter was inherently connected together. This pristine state was ruptured, and the Big Bang ensued. The separation of forces into their parts began the process of entropy. As galaxies formed and began to move distances from each other in a Universal expansion, matter was still connected together at a fundamental level, but entropy on the surface became greater. This instantaneous connection of matter across distances at the quantum level ensured that the level of entropy between galaxies could always be known precisely during a given moment, the galaxies relationship to one another determines it.

    Matter therefore exists in two simultaneous conditions. That of quantum flux, and entropic time. Respectively, one confers depth, timelessness, and cogent waves, while the other is concerned with disorder, decay, discrete separation, and a surface notion of time (time as incremental moments). Humans perceive time generally in the manner they do because our bodies are almost continually involved in the process of decay. Damage to the cells produces disorder in the body, part of the breaking down process. In order to counter this decay, humans must receive regular infusions of energy, obtained from the ingesting of nutrients. This infusion allows for repair and also carries energy with it, which can be used for tasks such as locomotion. Energy also arrives from the quantum realm, and helps to sustain the body briefly in the quantum elements—energy returns the body to a timeless state to a degree, where it is partially connected to quantum flux. The need for nutritious resources is the need for timeless suspension of reality, which is salubrious to body and mind. Sleep, which puts the body in a relatively motionless state (mirroring the quantum zone’s fixed point of time reference) is also pivotal, allowing the body to absorb waves from the Earth’s quantum mass, and the greater quantum plane. Evolution is the push and pull of entropic (random chance, disordered, destructive) forces, and the consumption of resources (some of which are also entropic in character). This culminates in a particular breed being produced.

    I believe that the goal of evolution is to produce a being that can utilize both the entropic and quantum energy states effectively for the benefit of civilization, rather than simply being subject to the harsh realities and unfolding of entropy. Entropic time is like a disease, one which causes beings to emulate its particular attributes. I am convinced that the destructive histories of mankind can be linked to exposure to entropic disorder over time. Adopting a stance based on what one is perceiving seems logical, in light of the fact that entropy seems to be pervasive. However, following the lead of the Universe in this manner will simply lead to oblivion, there is too much destruction in the world today. The quantum realm must be explored in order to insure survival at this epoch in history. The quantum realm should be regarded as an inexhaustible resource, one that can tip the balance of order over disorder. Without this resource, we simply decay, and the painfulness is prolonged and excruciating. Following the preconditioned destiny of the Universe’s matter through entropy is bound to be an extremely aggravating experience if we cannot attain a measure of control and comprehension. This means managing the progression of entropy in a responsible manner.

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