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Nap time. Classroom full of kids on carpets sleeping away. Except you wake up and… they’re not there. The teacher is not there. The school is empty. This happens over and over. Alone. Until you aren’t. Suddenly, you’re comforting a friend who finds himself alone with you. And then another… and then another. One day the teacher wakes up. One day there’s a disk in the sky hovering over the school. Welcome to kindergarten.

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  1. I remember a class that would
    I remember a class that would happen from time to time on the weekend or school holidays. We would sit in a semicircle and be taught different things. One girl about my age would be my class mate. I was always made to sit next to her, and often get that “I’ve got to put up with you again” feeling from this memory. Her face seems to be in my memory. I would remember her if i saw her again. Twice when this school was on during the day, i was missing for hours, my parents went looking for me. This school was the most fun and challenging. In my teens i became very depressed at school remembering that at one time school wasn’t so regimented and covered all i could be. I would remember what happened to learning all the fun psychic stuff, then get confused as i couldn’t place the class in the past. But i had a clear tangible memory of it. But it certainly never happened when real human school was on, always after.

    1. Thanks for sharing some of
      Thanks for sharing some of your experience with us, Si. The school we went to that involved what I believe to be ETs, happened at night, on a seemingly random basis. I too had a ‘classmate’ for lack of a better term, who was of the opposite sex. Thing is that we enjoyed being together, and continued to seemingly be taken together into our teenage years, she even told me her name. Again, I agree, I would know her if I ever met her in regular life, but so far it hasn’t happened. Do you remember much of what you were being told in your Secret School (I think it’s appropriate to use Whitley’s term for these experiences)? Hope you enjoyed the show and tune in for the next segment. Thanks, Brian

  2. The Awaking series is worth
    The Awaking series is worth the subscriber fees. This one let me know that my decision
    to be a subscriber was fabulous!!!!!!

    1. Naomi, glad you are enjoying
      Naomi, glad you are enjoying the subscriber area and The Experience. I was really excited when George told me about this “radio” show, and I think Jeremy is providing a great service to all UFO enthusiasts by creating a place for us to share what’s happened to us. Maybe more people like myself will come out to talk about this stuff and we can really start putting the pieces of the puzzle together as a community.

      Besides, who doesn’t enjoy all things Strieber? I’m often chastising my local book stores for not carrying his books. Many are unaware of much but his earliest works!!

      Thanks for listening. Enjoy your subscription!

  3. Could these experiences be
    Could these experiences be out of body?
    Some OBEers have indicated they find themselves in the same place but in a different frequency, which might account for the same-yet-different atmosphere of these events.

    1. Interesting thought, Michael,
      Interesting thought, Michael, and I must say that both George and I have considered this possibility. The main thing that makes me connect it to the ‘real’ world is that all five senses were involved (not to mention telepathy). I’ve also had some incredibly vivid dreams, but they are always missing at least one sense…no smells, or something. I also cannot rule out these experiences having been created through some sort of technology that, much like the Matrix films, put us in a Construct, which was controlled by who or whatever was using the technology. I keep hoping that some insider will come out and be able to narrow it down for us. All I can say is it felt as real in every way, as every day life did, in all but the respects I discussed on the show. Thanks for listening, Brian

      1. Brian,
        A ‘Construct’ sounds

        A ‘Construct’ sounds about right! So strange, but I just speculate that your classmates did not go anywhere, but you and George did…Or maybe this was some kind of test for the entire class, but you and George were more ‘awake’ ( both literally and figuratively) in terms of level of consciousness than the others? When the cat’s away the mice will play…Maybe you were also being observed to see your reactions under stress as well. (Ya’ll realized it was weird, but you relaxed and found some enjoyment and play time too!)

        I look forward to more of your story…You sound like one laid-back, dude! 🙂

        1. I wouldn’t be surprised to
          I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that these events were being monitored; in fact that’s why I think the saucer was over the school. Even back then I half expected to find myself walking down the hallway suddenly, during one of these experiences….like it was just being beamed into my head by the visitors. That never happened as far as I can recall, but we must be careful not to draw too many conclusions, as we know so little relative to those in various black ops, and in corporate conglomerates (namely the aerospace industry).

          Hope you enjoy the next part, which should be up sometime soon. It gets us close to my adult years. In my 20s and 30s things got much more interesting in some ways.

          I guess all the years and strange experiences have made me learn to deal with all this oddness. I’m not always so laid back though. When it comes to the secrecy and ridicule around the subject of UFOs, and visitors, I often become quite animated. After meeting a mantis being for the first time I was anything but laid back for days! We’ll get to that later though. 😉


          Thanks for listening,

  4. I assumed that these
    I assumed that these experiences did not happen in our physical reality, rather in some out of phase physical or on a conscious level akin to a dream or OBE landscape. If someone were to have set up cameras to observe what was happening, I would bet that everyone would be sleeping soundly exactly where they were supposed to be. That is not to say it didn’t happen. If there are beings that can interact with us on that level, indeed that this is their primary domain, then we are at a distinct disadvantage when setting out to understand or control an experience there.

    What is fascinating to me is the shared memory of Brian and George regarding this. Wouldn’t it be interesting to have found out if the teacher remembered anything of this otherworldly nap. I can only assume she fell asleep, or was induced to sleep during this one time too….and also whether Brian’s mum remembered anything of the trip down to the empty school and the hovering UFO. I wonder whether she was an induced figure of Brian and George’s, that is to say whether she was a construct of that reality, whatever the source, or if she was home asleep at the same time too and forced to intermingle on this shared stage, in whatever level of reality it occurred.

    Also the way that these memories came back to Brian reminds me of the way an OBE, or lucid dream memory is downloaded upon awakening. A really great interview…I can’t wait for the next part.

    1. It was George’s Mom, and no,
      It was George’s Mom, and no, he asked her and she denied anything strange having happened, let alone anything that dramatic. It seems certain that she was really there in the same sense that we were, rather than being a projected part of a construct…if that’s what it was. The difference is that, as children, we didn’t have traditional science saturating our consciousness, so we accepted the experience, and most of us remembered at the time. George’s Mom clearly wanted to forget the incident, as it was too far outside of what we are taught is real. I throw out a more frightening proposition: that there’s an outside chance that this whole situation is so vast that everyone really was taken, while we were not. If you’ve seen the movie Dark City, there is another possibility presented in it: that “others” turn us off at midnight, but maybe some can be left on…or awake. What if our physical existence is a hologram, and the other people were literally turned off? Perhaps our souls are only conscious of “life” when the hologram is on. It’s just amazing, whatever it was that happened, because it seemed completely real….outside of the utter strangeness of it all, the quiet and the dim sunlight. I think everyone will be fascinated by the odd connections and events of my teen years, which will be in the next episode. Maybe we were victims of MILAB experiences.

  5. I echo Sherbet UFO, both
    I echo Sherbet UFO, both about the “out of phase” consciousness, and in wondering whether the teacher or Brian’s mom would remember and confirm these experiences or not.

    And some say that most of us travel out of body at night, but only remember fragments of dreams. I do not have experience with lucid dreaming and so can’t respond as to whether that might be true or not. But something about Brian and George’s experience does sound out of phase or even out of body.

    1. I think the conditioning to
      I think the conditioning to blindly accepting so called facts, during our education, makes it easier for whoever is orchestrating these events to make us forget them. If something doesn’t fit what we expect as a normal part of life, our first instinct as adults is to write it off without further thought. That way if whatever is done to make us forget doesn’t completely work, our own minds try to wipe out the rest. Sort of a self preservation instinct, if you will.

      I used to be able to have great lucid dreaming experiences, when I was younger. At the age of around 12 I read a book my brother had on the subject, and was able to get it to work. Part of the technique was to imagine a marquee displaying what the theme of your dream would be that night, and keeping that image in your mind as you drift off to sleep. Unfortunately that’s about all of that technique that I remember, and by the time I was about 14, it was something I could no longer do. As a sneak peak I will say this: around the time that encounters seemed to start back up, in my 20s, I had a couple of experiences lying in bed, trying to get to sleep, when it felt like there were dozens of hand on the edge of my bed, bouncing the mattress. When I dared to open my eyes slightly I saw a bright blueish white glow around my body. Thanks for listening. Brian

  6. It’s always a puzzle when
    It’s always a puzzle when something is witnessed or experienced by two or more people and that one person either does not ‘see’ it or acknowledge it. Maybe from their perspective it feels more dreamlike rather than ‘real’? Or they are afraid if they do acknowledge it that it will it become ‘real’ and that’s what really frightens them? Having been through several experiences with other witnesses, where one is totally in denial or refuses to discuss it is more than frustrating, but perhaps that is just built into the experience too, for reasons that we do not yet understand. If you do have someone in your life that witnesses and validates these experiences, it’s great, and Brian and George are lucky to have had that validation with one another, as well as the friendship itself. In some other comments on this site recently, we have discussed ‘soul agreements’, and it sounds like Brian and George are part of that too.

    1. Not only George, but there
      Not only George, but there was at lest one UFO sighting that we shared with another friend. That was just amazing. It makes you much more certain that you aren’t completely insane. 😉 One thing that I think must be said is that I’ve been brave enough to bring UFOs and aliens up with new friends and acquaintances, once I get a sense that they aren’t massive skeptics, and found many more people who’ve had serious UFO sightings than I ever would’ve imagined. Some people took many years to finally decide to share their experiences with me, but I go out of my way to be supportive once they have. I know how vulnerable it makes you feel when you admit to seeing something that isn’t supposed to exist!

      George and I both feel that we’ve incarnated at least one other time, where we were friends and spent time hanging out together. I’ve read about soul groups that we return to after we go back into the realm of the soul, and the idea resonates with me strongly. It’s sort of like a study group for ascension or development of our souls. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least of George and I were part of the same soul study group, or something along those lines.

      1. Brian,
        You’re right about the

        You’re right about the people that aren’t ‘massive skeptics’. I’ve had many people relay their stories to me once they find out I am open and non-judgmental about it. Years ago, a friend of mine and I were out on a double-date. I’m not sure how the topic came up, but my friend mentioned to the guys that I had studied UFOs for a long time. In an instant, the mood and demeanor of her boyfriend changed. He got this frightened look on his face and began telling me of an encounter that had happened to him when he was little boy. The intensity of his experience and how he expressed it was very poignant, and I have never forgotten the confusion in his eyes as he asked me, “What was it?” All I could say to him was that I did not know what ‘it’ was, but that what had happened to him had happened to many others, and never to discount it as ‘not real’. That seemed to help him ( at least in that moment), and we were soon back to having a ‘regular’ conversation and enjoying the evening.

        1. Cosmic Librarian, that’s a
          Cosmic Librarian, that’s a great story, and part of what I think our “job” is. I was telling a co-worker about this interview, when he updated his own UFO experience. He had told me how his family had been outside, when he was young, and they saw a very unusual object in the night sky. It hovered, made quick maneuvers, and made a huge impression on most of the people there. A few years ago he had broached the subject with some family members individually and found some didn’t want to talk about, while others were still fascinated by the event. This time he related that at a recent family reunion he brought up this family sighting and found that of about ten people that witnessed the event, two couldn’t recall anything, while the others remembered nearly exactly the same thing that he does. He said there were minor differences between their stories, but the details of the craft and its movements were all the same!

          My co-worker and several other people who have shared things with me were very reluctant at first. Now that they’ve shared their experience with me, they go on to share them with others, and the hesitation is gone. We must empower each other to honestly share our experiences with others, because not doing so will keep this whole thing mysterious and keep us from dealing with it. Plus the more people understand that they are not alone in these experiences, the less fear there is, which means we can make progress in finding out what is happening. It is my belief that the topic of the visitors is so complex that we are only given bits and pieces. Almost as though the visitors are trying to give us the key to open interaction, which is sharing what we know and putting it together with what others know. Only by dealing with our experiences as a group will we one day be granted the gift of open contact with these visitors.

          Good luck out there and keep opening minds everywhere you can! Together we can at least better engage the visitors in a constructive way, grow, and perhaps find an answer or two along the way. Not to mention helping to give other experiencers a sense of stability that they can’t have as long as they think they are the only ones who’ve had odd experiences.


  7. Just a correction–It was
    Just a correction–It was George’s mother, not Brian’s.

    1. Yes, that’s right. I think
      Yes, that’s right. I think some people may have been confused. It was indeed George’s Mom that we went and got then brought back to the school to verify we were alone.

  8. Hi radio show guest, sorry
    Hi radio show guest, sorry for the late reply.

    The girl in question was always interrupting me in the class speaking over me, she was very opinionated. lol. But i remember a play time after class where we were good friends.

    1. Si, that girl reminds me of
      Si, that girl reminds me of my first girlfriend. She would attack everything I said in class, until one day she gave me a note inviting me to come see her at work! We humans deal with each other in such strange ways that it often defies all logic.

      There was one incident when I too was missing and had people looking for me. I came walking out of the house and everyone freaked out, wondering where I had been. Everything seemed normal to me, so I’ve always wondered if there was some strange time dilation or something going on. I don’t remember too many details, so didn’t bother mentioning it in the interview. Think I’ll message my neighbor’s daughter and see if she remembers anything about it…she may have even been with me…I cannot fully recall.

      Thanks for sharing,

  9. Fascinating show, Jeremy and
    Fascinating show, Jeremy and Brian. Your interview is an example of why I am so glad that I subscribe to unknowncountry. Nothing gives me the same peculiar feelings as when I am listening to stories such as yours. I am not an experiencer, but doggone something inside really resonates to this subject and at times I feel disturbed by the effect it has on my thinking.

    I can’t tell you how many times the shows on DreamLand and The Experience have expressed exactly what I am currently thinking about just moments before. I can’t write it off as Deja Vu or something that simple because so often what I have just written in a comment on one show I’ve immediately had the very same thoughts echoed back from another show almost verbatim!

    Something very large is going on here and I appreciate your bravery in relating the honest truth about what is happening to you. It seems the fear of ridicule must be uppermost in your mind, but at least for this audience we all resonate with what you are saying. The feeling I get is that you experiencer guys are like the astronauts I so admired as a kid. You are being taken on a stupendous journey to the outer limits of Life, the Universe, and Everything, (pardon me, but yes I am envious). The people who stoop to ridicule, I have found in most cases are actually deeply afraid, and I suspect they feel the resonance also, and recoil from it.

    Keep on Truckin’ man we are here with you.

  10. I’m lovin’ this!! Bill and
    I’m lovin’ this!! Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure…with carpet remnants :0) I also love the description from George that nothing really weird has ever happened to him…apart from the beings in a ufo at kindergarten!

    But on a serious note I loved the show, hearing about their experience, and Brian’s delivery as a guest (I’m in the UK so respond to regional accents differently I guess). It’s also great that Brian is taking an interest in the feedback after the show. 10 out of 10 Jeremy and Brian. It is so strange that, as you say, the beings have taken the time to learn English but seem to be slack on the rest of their study procedure. My mind is reeling which is great. Looking forward to more discussion.

    Best wishes

  11. Brian and George and the few
    Brian and George and the few others they eventually shared their secret recesses with were chosen to be taught in the secret school, but they actually chose themselves, by being able to respond to some kind of technology aboard the hovering ship used to raise the vibratory rate of whoever was within said technology’s intended range.

    Brian, whose natural vibratory rate was probably already significantly higher than average (making him naturally empathic) was the first to respond sufficiently to receive the prompt to wake up, which he did. However, by then his vibratory rate was high enough that everybody else in the school had become invisible to him, as he would have been invisible to anybody else, should they have been awake too. That’s how one travels between dimensions: by sufficiently changing (up or down, depending on your dimensional point of departure and destination) your vibratory rate.

    The ship’s occupants were obviously benevolent, for that is why they readily showed themselves to Brian when he expressed his desire to know and understand what was happening to him. Also, the initial terror felt by the few chosen kids was neither intended nor desired, but unavoidable under the circumstances.

    As for the secret schools for kids (for there must have been quite a lot of them over the landscape and the years), their aim was, and maybe still is, to produce as many light workers as possible, whose life mission would henceforth have been to help raise the vibratory rate of as many humans as possible while there is still time to do so.

    The human species is deeply flawed, and its world is doomed. The only way out left is Ascension, and that is how the meek shall inherit the earth. The one percent that controls 99 percent of the wealth shall not ascend, unless they see how terribly they have erred, and start working at raising their vibratory rates. But they must hurry.

    I recently read an interview by Linda Moulton Howe where she kept asking her guest why one or more of the many alien races present at this time on and around Earth (the Gathering) weren’t doing anything to help us save the world (to save it for us, in fact). But they are. Oh, they are. But in an exceedingly subtle and smart way.

    On the September 16 episode of Dreamland, Whitley Strieber interviewed Mike Clelland, author of The Messengers. In closing, I would like to suggest that you read the transcript of the end of a past life therapy session Mr. Clelland had with Lorraine Flaherty, last week’s guest on Dreamland. Here is the link:

    There it is again: Ascension. The reason so many have chosen to incarnate here and now. Not despite the extremely late hour, but because of it. All with the same job to do: get as many of us as possible to let go of everything, so that we get to inherit the earth. But the hour is so very late.

    I love you all.

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