This week we hear from "James" who is not only a corroborating witness to the Tehran, Iran UFO Incident of 1976, but also of the amorphous colored shapes Jeff Ritzmann photographed in his hallway. How is this possible? Why, because he’s an experiencer, of course!

These are the two anomalies photographed by Jeff that will be discussed on this show:

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Experiencer/researcher Jeff Ritzmann returns to update us on all that has (and has not) happened since he installed cameras all over his property. Cameras monitored by people like us! Then he goes deeply into the question of the possible source of high strangeness phenomena.

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To watch the video discussed in the show, click here. The flash of light against the ceiling is on the left and occurs 22 seconds in.
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Is there an intelligence here masquerading as our emotional expectations that needs us to perceive it to be here? Does it build the architecture of itself in this world through a feedback loop with experiencers? Jeff Ritzmann isn’t certain, but it sure seems to work this way in his life. He’s here to explain it. But first, he has an exciting new experiment he wants to try, but he needs our participation for it to work. Who amongst us will step up?

A note from Whitley Strieber:

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