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Have you ever met someone who was a genius on the brink of madness? In this riveting detour, Ian returns to tell of his time with a man who showed him that "aliens" might be more closely linked to the occult than outer space. But the more he learned about his friend the more Ian suspected he was crazy. And the more he thought his friend was crazy, the more evidence would present itself that, through the madness, he may have been seeing the truth.

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  1. Ian brought up an interesting
    Ian brought up an interesting point…when his altered state of consciousness/dying of the ego occurred after taking LSD in his teens, I wonder if he wasn’t simultaneously going through the Dark Night of the Soul, the journey of the Visitor download aka Kundalini during the night?

  2. This is a great program! More
    This is a great program! More people need to find out about this!

  3. I once met a mysterious guy
    I once met a mysterious guy when I was in college that ended up living with me and my family for a whole week! He told us all kinds of things that were coming in the future, and after all these years, I still wonder about him, who he truly was, and WHY he picked me out that day at the student center, although I realized later that I may have somehow brought him there that day.

    Ian’s stories are compelling, yet something is off that I can’t quite put my finger on. Is anyone else picking up on this?

  4. Great show! Some very
    Great show! Some very interesting conversation here. I think Ian is being very open and honest, just trying to get his head round high strangeness. Looking forward to next week.

  5. Much of the talk in this show
    Much of the talk in this show is reminiscent of Albert Bender (R.I.P.) and that whole era of early ufology + occult. Are UFO’s and the occult bedfellows? I think they may be. Could a form of hypnotism also be involved? Again perhaps. Certainly got me thinking…loving this show Jeremy, brilliant questioning 🙂

  6. “I wonder if he wasn’t
    “I wonder if he wasn’t simultaneously going through the Dark Night of the Soul, the journey of the Visitor download aka Kundalini during the night?”

    I Think it depends on how you define those terms. I am pretty familiar with kundalini yoga and the kundalini awakening experience and while some of these experiences did involve and intense energetic quality, I am not so sure it was Kundalini or Shakti energy. Aside from practicing energy work (yoga, chi gong) and having some “flashes” I have never been symptomatic of the classic kundalini experience.

    I have been through several dark nights of the soul and it’s a par for the course when you take that leap of faith into the world of magick.

    “Are UFO’s and the occult bedfellows? ”

    Yes they are. See: Kenneth Grant, Jack Parsons and H.P Lovecraft to a lesser more aesthetic extent. I have heard legends that German, Nazi (and proto-nazi) occultists had been successful in contacting ancient races of ‘supermen’ from the stars (or under the earth)

    I forgot to mention that prior to my friend and “older brother on the path” had his experience with the Freemasonic building he had another confirmation of this whole concept by a Freemason, if somewhat indirectly.

    As said (somewhat) He was a real colorful character who liked to put on a show and be a confrontational in a playful way and always with a sense of purpose. One day he passed by the imposing doors of the Scottish Rite Freemasonic temple and saw a group of older gentleman outside, with what I assume was his theatrical display of vocality he shouted out “Aliens? Magic!?” and initiated a brief back and forth between them regarding the topic of magic, freemasonry and extraterrestrials. Only one man spoke and he dismissed such ideas and probably rebuffed him with the tag of Freemasonry being about “making good men better”.

    Yet, there was one guy in the back who was slowly nodding in the affirmative, a subtle telegraph to him, quietly saying “yes.”

    Still though I am not quite sure where HE got the idea in the first place! That’s the real mystery to me.

    All this came back to me when listening to a recent dreamland about the death of FDR and the freemasonic ties to the ET crash and resulting bodies kept in tubes beneath the capitol building. There is a lot I didn’t mention in this interview regarding this time period. Very strange and intense at times.


  7. Mind bending….highly
    Mind bending….highly provocative.

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