Mitch Horowitz is one of the leading scholars of the occult in the world. During his distinguished career as editor of Tarcher-Penguin, he published Whitley’s books Solving the Communion Enigma, the Key and Super Natural. This week he takes us on a journey down some seldom traveled paths including theread more

It’s summer solstice weekend and what better way to celebrate than with a Wiccan high priestess! Here on Dreamland we welcome all searchers, so we’re taking this opportunity to listen to the wisdom of Wiccan author Deborah Blake whose new book, the Little Book of Cat Magic, is an absoluteread more

During a routine patrol on August 10, 1990, Idaho Air National Guard pilot Lieutenant Colonel Bill Miller spotted a strange sight from the cockpit of his RF-4C Phantom fighter jet: a quarter-mile (0.4 kilometer) wide series of intricate geometric designs, carved into the dry lake bed of Mickey Basin, located southeast of the Steens Mountains in Idaho’s Alvord Desert. The design was later identified as a Sri Yantra Mandala, an ancient Hindu symbol. But how did this large and mysterious earthwork, not there the day before, appear seemingly overnight?
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Have you ever met someone who was a genius on the brink of madness? In this riveting detour, Ian returns to tell of his time with a man who showed him that "aliens" might be more closely linked to the occult than outer space. But the more he learned about his friend the more Ian suspected he was crazy. And the more he thought his friend was crazy, the more evidence would present itself that, through the madness, he may have been seeing the more