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This is part three of our four-part series with "Ian." In this episode, he takes us into the question of what is subjective, internal reality and what is objectively out there in the world. In the life of an experiencer, it often becomes a fascinating blur.

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    1. Interesting article. Thanks!
      Interesting article. Thanks!

      1. Sure. Glad you enjoyed it.
        Sure. Glad you enjoyed it.

      2. The article reminds me of the
        The article reminds me of the Who’s Tommy, with the main character eschewing the senses in favor of feelings and spiritual flow. My interpretation of the article is that the world provided to us with the senses is but a superficial skin, while the deeper, more potent layers lie within, in the slipstream of flow.

  1. Thanks for confirming…I
    Thanks for confirming…I ain’t heard nuthin’ yet…Maybe next week?

  2. best guest ever! (maybe).
    best guest ever! (maybe). I hope he does many more episodes.

  3. I have to disagree that
    I have to disagree that Steven Greer was got at by government psychotronic technology. He’s just a dick that’s all. Andy B

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