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Jeffrey J. Kripal holds the J. Newton Rayzor Chair in Philosophy and Religious Thought at Rice University. He’s the author of numerous books that stretch the mind, including The Supernatural with co-author Whitley Strieber. The backdrop for this episode is his book, Authors of The Impossible: The Paranormal and the Sacred. But as is generally the case on The Experience, we travel far beyond the book, into the impossible.

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  1. I’m glad that Kripal showed a
    I’m glad that Kripal showed a somewhat healthy skepticism towards science…

    For centuries, great scientific discoveries were often made by those working in two worlds. Science and spirituality (or religion) often went hand in hand. We remember Sir Isaac Newton as a genius, the inventor of calculus, the one that ‘discovered’ gravity, while downplaying that he was also an alchemist and an astrologer. Indeed, many ‘scientific’ discoveries were made by people like Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell when they were also researching occult matters such as ‘etheric currents’, as they were inventing the phonograph and telephone. Francis Crick enjoyed conversations about the mind and consciousness, and his partner, James Watson, came up with the structure of DNA through a dream. (Watson admitted to his discovery in a dream, which might make one wonder how many other unknown discoveries have been made through dreams)

    We could also discuss people like Nicola Tesla, whose discovery of his Tesla coil and alternating current came about because of his belief in an ‘etheric’ dimension between physical and mental planes. One could probably compile a pretty long list of scientific discoveries made by men of ‘science’, who were also deeply into what we would call today the ‘paranormal’, including such esteemed figures as Francis Bacon.

    So maybe the problem in our modern age is that scientists and researchers have totally brushed the paranormal and sacred aside to their detriment, and ours.. OR, they haven’t brushed those things aside, but pretend otherwise, rather than risk ridicule and missing out on that big grant…It ultimately might be more about integrity, something that appears to be in short supply these days.

    While I have read ‘The Super Natural’, this new book of Kripal’s will be added to my reading list, and I am especially interested in what he has to say about Jacques Vallee. In the 60”s when I still a very young girl ( VERY young,ha, ha) I was studying UFOs and I remember that before he got into technology, he was an astronomer looking at UFOs in a totally different way than he does now (I used some of his work as reference material in a project that I did for school). So was there something on a personal level that made him pivot in his attitude towards UFOs and go in another direction, or did he change his perspective slowly over time?

  2. Another great show
    Another great show Jeremy.

    Here are some thoughts that came to me earlier today after listening to this.

    These paranormal events are merely different than regular events. They emerge from somewhere else than the regular daily events that we perceive as occurring in a normal reality. The real questions have to address this other reality from which the different events emerge from. However, to address the other, we must first come to understand that it is there.

    The buffer is imposed by denying it’s existence. This other is deep within us and despite us trying to look and convince ourselves that we are seeing it, we do not allow ourselves to reach it. The “awakening” that occurs in each one’s self awareness is the stepping into the other, to taste it. However, and the reason why it is difficult to pin these paranormal events down to anything is because they are fleeting, there is not a permanent connection between this and the other.

    Once experienced, it cannot last, we are drawn back into this world and the little that we knew of is gone, just leaving us with a taste of that other.

    What it means to be human is at the core of this experience, I believe, because we are a part of this other, it is something that is us, but we cannot see it. When we do experience it, we perceive it as being different, but that different thing is manifested in this world by one’s own conscious being, what one believes, how one acts, who one thinks he or she is. But what is that person really? The answer should not be “I don’t know”, but “I desire to know”. Through great work, one may begin to see more and more of what we really are and less of what we think we are.

  3. Cosmic has highlighted that
    Cosmic has highlighted that so many searchers have a foot in both worlds. Etheric and physical (not necessarily in that order). We structure thought to maintain our physical world while entering each day (usually, though not always, at night) another realm more akin to an ocean, with tides, currents and swells, than a discernible point.

    It’s Summer and energies have been high. I sense a lull right now, especially here in the UK. Instinct suggests that we are going to see another truly grand circle appear before the end of the summer, one facilitated by this gateway:

    Talking with a friend on Skype last weekend, I was compelled several times to raise the presence of crop circles but oddly failed to do so. My gut tells me that this was for a reason and that if we hold the circle energy in a conscious state for a week or so longer, we can all assist in aiding the bridge that the circle makers use.

    I see a Swan.


  4. Great interview.
    Great interview.

  5. I was just thinking about
    I was just thinking about this whole idea of consciousness and started writing down a few ideas…sorry it’s so long and rambling…

    I find this notion of gaining inspiration for an idea from an otherworldly source fascinating. We hear of composers being divinely inspired, as if the heavens opened and all was revealed to them. But what is the source? Is this inspiration from without or from within? In the example of the composer citing divine influence, maybe a divine overlay is applied, because an internal source is not recognise as possibly being divine in nature?

    I heard a story that a particularly talented engineer got all his ideas whilst in a floatation tank…I also heard that some author’s plot and character development comes from lucid dreams…and that some artists next artwork were inspired from works they saw in this state. It seems that lucid dreams can be a shortcut to the almost limitless creative ability of the subconscious…but as Jeff Kripal suggests, this term (subconscious) may hide it’s true nature. What I am wondering, is if our subconscious could be classed as a holographic part of a universal consciousness…and that the artists, engineers, authors, musicians etc., that mention divine, otherworldly, or dream inspiration, might just able to somehow see that hologram more clearly, or draw more pieces of it together, to see for a time with far more clarity than the rest of us seem to be able to.

    So if we sometimes have access to seemingly limitless levels of creativity, is this source cut off from every other source, or is it from the same well, so to speak? Is it that everyone’s subconscious – for want of a better word, is equally capable of genius levels of independent inspiration, or is it that we all draw from the same collective place?

    But there is a lot more to this…if we class this source of inspiration as a ‘level’ of consciousness, then there is apparently another level which can be seen…and that is the apparent ability for consciousness to manifest thoughtforms, or ideas into physical reality. I am starting to wonder if the UFOs and other paranormal phenomena in general are not these two levels working together, the first generating something that would seem to be outside one’s own creative ability and the second to manifest that something into the physical…at least temporarily…or, if some stories of gurus manifesting trinkets into existence is to be taken at face value…. permanently.

    So, the next question is, if we all have at least some access to ‘extreme inspiration’ and ‘manifesting’, why it is so fleeting a phenomenon? What is it that allows this flow…and can this flow be cultivated?

    An example of a collective manifesting ability might be group prayer…and I wonder in that instance whether many pieces of the divine hologram might be drawn into one singular intention and therefore have a much greater chance of having a real effect…but this again leads to the question of whether a single prayer is much use…and how could a single prayer ever hope to accomplish its goal? For these levels of flow to reach a tipping point for an individual, something special must be happening…but what? Is it reliant on pure intention, or might it be due to being in the right place at the right time? Or is there still room for an external influence to open the gate…if so, this external influence would have to be conscious in nature…but separate, really?

    Whether you believe that spoon bending is real or not, I find it interesting to hear reports that it seemed to occur with much more ease when groups of people where all focusing on this one goal…was it individual focus that was the key, or was it the excitement generated within the crowd by the first spoon bending, that facilitated further bending?

    So going back to the paranormal phenomena again with this in mind, maybe a (level 1) idea comes to fruition, that is then noticed and therefore focused attention is applied to it (level 2), this is then manifested into being (level 3), which generates far more focus, acting as a feedback loop to sustain the phenomena (level 2+). Then a paradigm shift…because the impossible has been seen to be possible, leads to an emergent result….that it is more likely to happen again. This facilitating state of ‘believing something is possible’ could act as a gateway to these levels generating anything at all. (I am not using the word ‘believing’ in the religious sense but in the sense of purely understanding / realising that something is possible).

    And all this is encapsulated within the abilities of consciousness…amazing.

    Sherbet UFO.

  6. Will the paranormal ever
    Will the paranormal ever become the new normal… or will the paranormal always exist as something beyond normal?

    No matter whatever humanity comes to accept as normal.

    1. Great question. If it’s the
      Great question. If it’s the face of evolution and we don’t evolve, what then? Leprosy?

      1. As a slight parallel to this
        As a slight parallel to this question, I am in the process of re-reading Arthur C. Clarke’s ‘Childhood’s End’ and had completely forgotten what a strong paranormal element there is, especially towards the end. In that book, the ‘Overlords’ come to shepherd humanity through the next stage in their evolution, where the paranormal does indeed become the new normal. Humanity and the Earth are forever changed as a result…but in a way that is devastating to ordinary Homo sapiens.

        1. Funny enough, ‘Childhood’s
          Funny enough, ‘Childhood’s End’ is a book Jeff Kripal asked if I’d read. I haven’t. Maybe I need to.

          1. Well, of course, that is up
            Well, of course, that is up to you. As far as Science Fiction is concerned I think it is one of the greats and it stuck with me a long, long time after I read it – which I did slowly, imagining every scene as best I could and remember thinking this would make the most incredible movie. It was a book of its time and a few bits have been changed from the original to bring it more up-to-date but the essence has not been lost. To be honest, I don’t think they would dare to make this into a movie, as this story is told…it is wondrous and exciting, yet heart wrenching and bleak at times…and that ending…I can’t see the movie money-makers going for that. They would just end up bastardising it, with a fight against evil aliens…where the real story is about Humanity’s evolution, its fate, that will play out, regardless…to a plan by unfathomable external forces. I just loved it.

            Edit: Apparently there is a miniseries that was made a couple of years ago, so I will reserve judgement on how well it matches up until I’ve seen it – but they hardly ever come close to the book, do they?

  7. Sorry, I am posting as I
    Sorry, I am posting as I listen to this very insightful interview. I apologize if these questions are answered later in the show. But, ‘Us talking to us’ reminds me of an echo (or reflection) of ourselves.

    A man comes to the edge of a canyon, “Hello’! he shouts, and in response he hears, -hello-.

    He thinks, (OMG there’s someone there).
    ‘Who are you?
    And the voice replies. (Well) ‘who are you?’

    ‘Who are you?’
    ‘-Who are you?-‘ (remember it’s just an echo).

    I don’t know.
    (Well) I don’t know (either).
    I don’t know…
    -If you don’t know who you are, how can I tell you who I am?-

    This is the sum total of the dialog of Betty Hill and the alien Captain had when she and her husband. Barney, were abducted, per se:

    Betty (looking at the Star Map): “Where are you from…?”
    UFO Capitan: “Where are you on this Map?
    Betty: “I don’t know”.
    UFO Captain: “If you don’t know where you are, how can I tell you where I am from?’

    Rather than digress at this point, I will wait for any response from those who understand what I an trying to get at …

    (feel free to echo)

    1. Yes, it becomes a feedback
      Yes, it becomes a feedback loop, and our obsessive interest in it is what keeps it in our lives. At least in theory. The phenomenon dangles a carrot. We pull on it. And we’re off to the races.

      1. “UFO Captain: “If you don’t
        “UFO Captain: “If you don’t know where you are, how can I tell you where I am from?'”

        That really sums it up nicely. We don’t know where we are, or worse, WHO we are, and yet we expect some magic-bullet answer from another ‘unknown’ entity. So what we really need to be doing is learning about who and what we are, but also being aware that the answer will in no way be obvious.
        Don’t you just love it? 🙂

    2. Interesting. As mentioned in
      Interesting. As mentioned in a comment above, I am re-reading Arthur C. Clarke’s ‘Childhood’s End’ and in the closing chapters of the book, I have just now read the following…”It was as if a distorted echo had reverberated round the closed circle of time, from the future to the past. Call it not a memory, but a premonition.”

  8. I was just listening to
    I was just listening to Experience podcasts at random and heard one describing encounters with creatures with bird-like heads, or masks, or helmets. I’m wondering if these resemble the thousands of figures, part human part bird, produced by the ancients inhabitants of Costa Rica. Google “Costa Rica avian jade” for images.

  9. Great Show, J & J. By the
    Great Show, J & J. By the comments you can see that there is a lot of thinking going on… : )

    Consciousness is really a key here. It makes sense that the current business of trying to understand consciousness is now happening. So many things people speak about… are /were not considered “everyday experience.” We are learning….

    The fact that Whitley had such negative experiences… and yet his curiosity and need to “make sense” of everything he went through… may be important. He used his experiences as stepping off points. Because of them, he sought to find similar things / reports by others as well as the different things people report. Whitley should probably be considered a leader in the study of the human mind… using his own experiences as the stepping off point, and closely examining every aspect before, during, and after. The scientist at work. And more… the similarities he found due to his search for others’ stories of experiences… mystical, religious, mental soundness of mind….etc. They are all in his stories, books, posts, his whole life has been this.

    Whitley has repeatedly encouraged folks to meditate… and given lots of helps for such. There is a reason… Also, the concept of “Oneness” is not the same as the experience of it. For those who have only read about the experience of deep love shared between 2 people as they live their lives together… can give a nice explanation. But to experience such love as an ongoing aspect of one’s life… is a quantum leap of difference.

    I think this is the difficulty in grasping at Oneness. It must be an experience of a whole being… not mind alone trying to study it like a one-celled life-form under a microscope.

    AND as Whitley has repeatedly said… meditate…. it may well open the door for you to enter and encounter Oneness….

  10. Okay, I’m going to make some
    Okay, I’m going to make some conjectures about the flow experience.

    Differentials exist in chakra energies, which correspond to varying vibrations. These
    differentials, when used in concert, create flow. The dance is one of negotiation between energies of varying density. The contrasts between varying energies create distance, and distance can be converted to energy. For example, light is produced when electrons that were driven into higher orbit fall back into their ground state, releasing photons of energy. The differential between higher state and lower state is what creates potential energy, which becomes actualized as photons after the electrons fall. Similarly, the differential between the highest chakra and the lowest chakra creates large amounts of potential energy.

    When reconciled, high and low chakra can connect. The difference can thus be erased. But, previous to the reconciliation, energy can be propagated. The knitting together of energy, and the processing this requires, creates energy. In the male brain, the hemispheres are more separated, this differential creates distance and thus lots of potential energy. Reconciliation occurs, but not as frequently as in the female brain (generally). The female brain is more concerned with additional reconciliation. The corpus callosum in the female brain is more highly developed, it represents the point where reconciliations transpire. Both brains utilize differentials from the brain hemispheres and chakras in order to create energy in their consciousness, only in different manners. The amount of cross connection between differentials determines the amount of flow in the moment.

    This also explains bi-polar disease, those people have a greater distance between high and lower states of being (mania and it’s opposite, depression). Billy Joel uses his condition (“he doesn’t know why he goes to extremes”) as an engine to produce Rock songs. Oftentimes those with bi-polar conditions end up in theatre, because they are pre-conditioned to experience rapid flow episodes.

    I believe that the connection of these differentials extends to the greater Universe and reality. It is a casual connection, so it is not easily measured. These differentials exist within the silence and the Yin and Yang. In our Universe, some have observed that reality flickers, turning on and off. This is another example of differentials in action, an expression of Yang and Yin, 1’s and 0’s.

    When we sleep we go into a differential state compared to our waking life. Dreams may also be an expression of a cascading of differential energies. Energy from our waking moments accrue, then manifest as a stream of consciousness when they encounter Yin energies during sleep (Sleep brings us closer to the Earth energies of the Yin, as anyone who has experienced a heavy feeling before bedtime may realize). When the energies from the day meld with Earth energy, the differentials release energy, which regenerates the body and refreshes the mind.

    My final point is this: differentials are necessary in order to create flow. We are supposed to explore both the light and the dark. Reconciling the two is a dance, a process, a negotiation which releases energy and creates flow. Siddhartha saw that sadness, happiness, envy, depression, (the whole spectrum of emotions) existed in the sound of the same river. All emotions are required in order to create meaning. Contrasts. Colors. Feelings. When we experience new things and they affect us, differentials are produced. Each thought and feeling represents a new differential. When we unite these differentials, energy is produced and released. The distances between differentials is potential energy, which can be harnessed to create flow.

    Posted by Mace on 01 Aug 2017 at 01:02

  11. The disparity between
    The disparity between intervals in music is another example of how potential distance is implicated in a musical production or composition. Distance between notes creates a sense of space or openness that is not present when the notes are tightly packed together. The cumulative distance between all the notes represents energy. Stretching out a musical phrase a bit longer is one way to increase its potential energy intensity. A group of relationships between notes is forged, which contains a specific amount of potential energy therein. In the brain this may be happening as well, with connected nodes in the brain representing a “cat’s cradle” or “connect the dots in 3D” interrelationship that contains potential energy. Each individual node has it’s own signature, but when it is connected to other nodes they operate as a whole.

    1. Mace, it is good to be
      Mace, it is good to be reading your ‘post’ and I have missed your comments. Something happened a few days ago and although pale compared to your understanding of how our world seems to work, I am going to post this anyway. By the way, all of what I am about to post comes after I was thinking, “I wonder what happened to Mace? He has not posted for a long time.”

      (Background). Last week I sent an e-mail to my daughter-in-law regarding the date of a family celebration that I needed to verify. When she responded, the e-mail came attached to another e-mail dated January, 2008. We have no idea how this happened but do feel there must be an explanation. The attached e-mail I am having to type out since I do not seem to have it anywhere in my folders/file. I had enough sense to print it out before deleting the total e-mail. When I responded to her e-mail regarding the date I was asking for, the 2008 attachment was no longer there.

      “The disparity between intervals in music is another example of how potential distance is implicated in a musical production or composition. Distance between notes creates a sense of space or openness that is not present when the notes are tightly packed together. The cumulative distance between all the notes represents energy. Stretching out a musical phrase a bit longer is one way to increase its potential energy intensity. A group of relationships between notes is forged, which contains a specific amount of potential energy therein. In the brain this may be happening as well, with connected nodes in the brain representing a “cat’s cradle” or “connect the dots in 3D” interrelationship that contains potential energy. Each individual node has it’s own signature, but when it is connected to other nodes they operate as a whole.”
      (((Posted by Mace on 02 Aug 2017 at 02:26)))

      Here it goes…….A question comes up with my dream group (2008) in regards to a dream and I sent the following e-mail to my brother (now deceased). “WHEN YOU FEEL UP TO IT WOULD YOU EXPLAIN HOW EACH NOTE ON THE MUSICAL SCALE HAS A DIFFERENT OCTAVE. I couldn’t explain it in a way that a few of my friends could understand, so I thought maybe you could explain it better then me. I was trying to make the point that if you understand our planet earth as one vibration (example, do, re, or me) then within that note there can still be different octaves or vibrations. Maybe even surrounding us there are other dimensions within the same note but vibrating in a different octave.”

      His note back to me…….”EVERYTHING on the scale has a certain frequency. (It vibrates at a certain rhythm called cycles per second). For instance middle “A” on the keyboard vibrates at 440 cycles per second (pulses). If you move up one octave it would still be the “A” note but it would be vibrating at 880 cycles per second twice as fast.

      Everything vibrates. Light for example vibrates also but at a much faster rate. Our eyes can detect that frequency and we see. When we look at something we are not really seeing it, we are seeing the light that is being reflected off it. That’s why in the dark (absence of light) we see nothing. That is called Resonance. (…Daughter-in-law,YOUR MEDITATION FOR THE DAY SPEAKS OF RESONANCE). You are correct. Our whole universe is vibrating. Things are very dynamic. The molecules in our bodies and in everything else is vibrating. Our Chakras vibrate at certain frequencies.

      One more thing to make sure you understand. Each of our Chakras will only accept a certain frequency. It is RESONATE to that frequency and reacts to it. When we do things like Yoga, what we are doing is tuning our body to receive resonate frequencies. If they are coming from the correct source our bodies will heal.”

      Note…….I am not saying this is all correct information, only what my brother believed to be true.

      1. Carollee, here is my
        Carollee, here is my experience with Kundalini energy.

        When I was 14 years of age I entered a shower in my home and let the water run over me. I was under the impression that something significant was going to happen, and that I was on schedule for an appointment of some type. I turned off the shower, laid down on my back and relaxed in the tub as the water began to drain. I began to hear a whispering sound of many voices, and I began to feel energy sensations move from the bottom of my spine, up my middle section, and into the higher crown chakra regions. I was seeing threads of energy which blossomed into gorgeous colors and images, I observed strings of energy that sparked up and played out, the phantasmagoria that erupted was full of liquid light and strong emotions. At one point, I witnessed the impression of two faces looking at me, but I did not discontinue my emotional and mental journey, I delved further into the feelings that were materializing. About halfway into the experience, the poles of right and left energy seemed to reverse, although this seemed natural and familiar to me. I simply noted it and headed deeper into the energy waves and spatial realities that were flooding through my brain. I was inside a tunnel, it appeared, and this tunnel defined my visual scope. As I really started to run the energy, I noticed that the energies were becoming more and more intense. I could feel Earth energy bubbling up inside of me, which then progressed to Sky energy at the top of my crown chakra. I noted that energy from these two ports influenced each other, and that one responded in accordance to the actions of the other. One energy arose out of the other, and I generally continued my “up, middle, down, middle, up” sequence constantly. Sometimes I went from up to down, middle to up, so the sequence of directions got shifted at times. The energies seemed to be wrapped around each other in principle, much like The staff of Asclepius, or Hippocratic Oath symbol. Threads of energy extended with great dispatch, becoming more elongated in each passing instant. Intensity of vibration continued to burgeon, flow advanced, and suddenly I was rushing down a tunnel at an incredible speed, perhaps light speed or greater. I was reaching the uppermost limits of my crown chakra energy. I reached down into the Earth energy one last time, feeling the dense viscosity of it, then I observed a very tight string of energy racing to the absolute top, to the cap of my head. For an instance, I paused, then I focused the total accumulation of the energy that I remembered from the entire experience on the base of my spine. A pin prick of focused light exploded (or perhaps imploded) at that moment, seeming to ricochet off of something. Concurrently, I inhaled deeply, and the breath seemed to permeate my entire being. I then let out an ecstatic exhalation. Time appeared to stop, and I could see and feel the essence of everything within the apparent “singularity”. I could see a invisible road leading to the singularity, I was aware that it was the energy road I had just traveled. I observed a golden yellow dot portion of the singularity, superimposed upon a brownish dot. The feelings I experienced were greater than any feelings I have ever had in my entire lifetime. Everything was interconnected and mingled in the singularity, which evidently persisted for a few seconds then faded. It seemed like an inordinately long amount of time had elapsed. I looked at my eyes a few minutes later in the mirror, and they were brighter than I have ever seen my eyes appear.
        I later learned this was a Kundalini experience, and that running energy like this could be learned as a technique. During the experience I felt that I could stop anytime, but the actual energies I experienced were not fully under my conscious control.

        The singularity was very compressed, but appeared to be a tally of energy that had accumulated during the course of the experience. If the differentials between the varying levels of vibration had collapsed (imploded) to form the singularity distillation, that was a clue to the nature of the experience. I think that the bottom chakra connected (base of spine) with the top head chakra. In fact, all of the chakras may have been interconnected at that “moment”. Since the energy was being acquired for free, I just had to tune in, using the appropriate chakras to access certain vibrations.

      2. One ramification of the
        One ramification of the casual connection of body (and possibly all matter) to the tunnel I mentioned in my Kundalini experience is that one might be able to induce a craft to tap into the flow of free energy until various differentials are established. Next, the differentials could be collapsed, releasing energy that might propel a ship to FTL (faster than light) speed. Teleportation also might become accessible by such an act. I have advocated using Kundalini energy for space travel on UC for quite some time now, maybe it can be achieved someday.

  12. I took some time to mull over
    I took some time to mull over my ideas while on an extended vacation. Sometimes it is good to take a break and see how the concepts you are considering fall back into place. I am flattered that you remembered me. I still was listening to some shows on UC, but refrained from commenting for a time. When I returned I wrote some posts for ” Infinite Awareness: A Neurologist Finds her Soul”.

    I believe the chakras are indeed attuned to certain frequencies. The cycles per second definition your brother provided is correct. The musical note A does vibrate at 440 cycles per second. That is a common example often referred to in musical theory classes.

    I hope you read my previous post that was above the quote you included in your post. It explains some more ideas in greater detail.

    I believe that art should be as distinctive as possible in order to create differentials that contrast with other works of art. We are also free to avail ourselves to vibrations that are casually connected to our personal chakra systems, we can literally reach out and syphon energy from the Earth and Sky. Variety is the spice of life, but also the energy of life. Biodiversity is important, because it allows one to tune into differential frequencies when exposed to various flora and fauna. Our souls depend on experiences and variety in order to expand, I believe it is healthy to encourage growth.

    1. Yes, Mace…..I have read all
      Yes, Mace…..I have read all of your posts. You said, “In the male brain, the hemispheres are more separated, this differential creates distance and thus lots of potential energy. Reconciliation occurs, but not as frequently as in the female brain (generally). The female brain is more concerned with additional reconciliation. The corpus callosum in the female brain is more highly developed, it represents the point where reconciliations transpire. Both brains utilize differentials from the brain hemispheres and chakras in order to create energy in their consciousness, only in different manners. The amount of cross connection between differentials determines the amount of flow in the moment.”

      Here is a simple exercise anyone can do. Maybe often actually; I think it might strengthen both brain hemispheres and bring them into balance? When first looking at her (at least for me) she is going clockwise then after shifting my attention and within a few seconds she is going counter clockwise. I started shifting my attention to right hemisphere then left hemisphere and was able to change her direction each time.

      I then decided to look through my third eye to try and control her movement, she never did a complete turn, just kept going from side to side with no rotation BUT I was only able to control this motion for a few seconds. It probably takes practice/patience/perseverance…….

  13. Thanks Carollee. I have seen
    Thanks Carollee. I have seen that exercise before. It’s fun to switch it over so you see it both ways.

    New Kundalini Math…..

    Take the following group of numbers. 1 7 15 8 5 4. Add them up, you get 40.

    During the Kundalini experience, all energies are united. However, prior to this, they are apart. If one compares the differentials between 1 and 7, one gets 6. 7 and 15, one gets 8, 15 and 8, one gets 7, 8 and 5, one gets 3, 5 and 4, one gets 1. Total: 25.

    But there are other differentials here. What about the difference between 1 and 15? That adds up to 14. Then, the difference between 1 and 8=7, 1 and 5=4. 1 and 4=3. Total: 28.

    Next, the 7. 7 and 8=1, 7 and 5=2, 7 and 4=3. Total:6

    The 15. 15 and 5=10, 15 and 4=11. Total: 21

    The 8. 8 and 4=4. Total:4

    Grand Total: 84. The point is to exploit the separation until the last minute. Then, at once, collapse all the differentials until they are united, inhabiting the same space. The interrelationships are established while the numbers are separated, then when they are united (reconciled) they exist together. The differences between each number were accounted for in this example of new Kundalini Mathematics. I think the same thing happens with vibrations in the chakras. Each relationship of each vibration to one another is involved, and these relationships carry potential energy, which can be harnessed.

    Within the differentials between the numbers hides potential energy.

  14. This was a great episode, a
    This was a great episode, a lot of really great points about paranormal research and not relying too heavily on science to find your answers. I’ve always found a balance between spiritualism and scientific method to be a powerful tool in my experiences, the one pitfall I would have to say about spiritualism vs science is we should always come at these experiences with a certain level of critical thinking, a lot of us want to believe and we can at times be desperate for some shred of proof that this world isn’t as simple and boring as it seems on the day to day. You run the risk of being victim to one of Carl Sagan’s Invisible Dragons–the analogy Sagan used was a man claimed a dragon lived in his garage, the investigator goes to see the creature but it’s not there. The man claims the investigator can’t see it because it’s invisible to everyone but him, the investigator then asks well why can’t I see his footprints, the man says it’s because the dragon floats… The researcher keeps coming up with rays to prove the dragon is there and the man keeps coming up with ridiculous examples of how the invisible dragon avoids detection. It’s a trap, there are predators who exploit our need to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. I’ve fallen for it before, and I can be pretty gun shy about it now. My point is a little common sense can go a long way when it comes to the paranormal, I believe these things exists because of my experiences–this is my spiritual truth but I am very critical of evidence when I see it. I am open to the things I’ve seen as being something entirely different from what I think they are, otherwise facts change to support theory rather than theory change to support fact.

  15. Hello,
    Hate is no longer a

    Hate is no longer a thing we talk about. It has creapt into our lives and the relationships we have with friends and relatives. It is palpable. The taste of it it, gagging when we look at friends and people we love and realize they have chosen a path that will fracture our country.
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