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What happens when an experiencer who doesn’t know he’s an experiencer reads Atlas Shrugged and decides to become an atheistic materialist? This episode answers that, but it goes far deeper than the humor suggests. And it is part one of two.

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  1. In the book of Luke, Chapter
    In the book of Luke, Chapter 7 in the New Testament, read the entire chapter, but the focus for the benefit of this interview is verse 14:

    “And he (Jesus) came and touched the bier; and they that bare him stood still. And he said, “Young man I say unto thee, Arise.”

    People typically remember Lazarus being raised by Jesus from the dead, but he was not the only one raised by Jesus. Read the entire chapter in order to get the context of verse 14. The chapter encompasses several of Jesus’ miracles, and also emphasizes that in Jesus’s eyes, all were worthy, and he held no judgement against them. In this chapter, he also healed the servant of a centurion, and this is the same chapter that includes the Woman with the Alabaster Jar that anointed and kissed his feet. This chapter follows the one about the Sermon on the Mount.

    This may or not be related to the “shake the coffin” spoken to Andrew by ‘Jesus’. If it is, then I feel that if Andrew reads the entire chapter, something may ‘click’ for him.

  2. Is it a cat…is it a box?
    Is it a cat…is it a box? Sounds like a cartoon version of the Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment! Great interview…can’t wait to hear more.

  3. Before i began to listen, i
    Before i began to listen, i looked at the picture and “Atlas Shrugged” which brought great discomfort to me when i read it about 20 years ago. It was touted by so many, i thought i must have misunderstood it. So i tried to read it again. But the dissonance with my world view was so great… i did not finish it a second time. It took quite a while for me to “get back to my self after the first read. Then there was the time that Congressmen spoke of the book and how great it is.

    I came to this show with hope that it wouldn’t be “more of the above.” It isn’t. : ) Thank you!!! Waiting for part 2.

  4. Talking about black shapes,
    Talking about black shapes, when I started meditating at first I would occationally feel like I could see through my eyeslids for a few seconds and there would be these black house-fly sized things flying around, close by. Sometimes just one or two but occasionally a few dozen in a swarm. It felt so real, I would often involuntarily waft my hand in front of my face. I have searched online but haven’t found much but I remember asking once within a meditation what they were…I can only recall part of the answer…”Conscious X”…the X is the bit I can’t recall but I got the sense I was being told they were beings but only partially conscious. Anyway, certainly nothing cat, or box-sized!

    1. Yeeeees! I know exactly what
      Yeeeees! I know exactly what you’re talking about and I’ve never heard this from anyone else, so thank you. I see the “flies” often with my eyes closed. Never more than one at a time, though. It doesn’t behave as a floater–it flies like an insect. So weird.

      1. I have never seen the black
        I have never seen the black ‘flies’ during meditation or otherwise, however…

        With my eyes open, I have seen probably thousands of white ‘flies’ (more like tiny orbs) darting about, especially on a day with a clear, blue sky. The first time that I experienced this years ago, I found myself hypnotized by it. So, perhaps the white ‘flies’ are a demonstration of a higher consciousness, or something else?

        Sherbet: The cat, the box, and Jesus…It may not be obvious, but they are connected. If you take the story in Luke of the young man ‘raised’ from the dead, Jesus was the observer that saw the man as alive. And my best guess is that Jesus didn’t see no stinkin’ box either! 🙂

        So why did Jesus, The Observer, not see this box? Probably because he saw no separation of…anything.

        1. Hey Cosmic Librarian, the
          Hey Cosmic Librarian, the numerous white orbs you see darting around could just be Blue Field Entoptic Phenomenon (nicknamed blue-sky sprites, they are actually white blood cells moving in capillaries in front of the retina).

          They really used to freak me out before I found out what they were.

  5. Wow, incredible comments
    Wow, incredible comments everyone. . . And Sherbert, it’s been a few years but I’ve experienced “transparent eyelids” too. It used to happen to me occasionally when I would lay back down after waking up. Which could be considered an altered state like meditation.

    1. Jeremy: Absolutely, the
      Jeremy: Absolutely, the ‘meditation flies’ are not floaters, as when my eyes are closed during meditation, they are observed across the flat, almost 2-dimentional screen of the back of my eyelids, if at all and are quite diffuse in nature; But these ‘flies’ behave as if alive and I always see them in my mind’s eye, with my eyes closed, into a 3D environment of the room I am in and they are dense black raisin-sized things that zip around, making long curves and sharp turns just like a ‘real’ housefly would…no sound though. I’m glad I’m not the only ones who has seen these things, as web searches were running dry!

      Cosmic: Maybe before Jesus got there, the young man mentioned in Luke was like Schrödinger’s cat (potentially in either state) – but Jesus the Observer chose to see him as alive…so that reality was manifested and the man was alive? And your white ‘flies’ are interesting…as far as them being a higher consciousness is concerned, I wonder if the black and white signifies a degree to which they are conscious…i.e. white being highly and black, not so much?

      Andy: When I see though my eyelids during meditation, it is a fleeting glimpse with my minds eye but not normally in full colour. It is more akin to when you play around with looking at a really bright scene and then close your eyes quickly…you see a perfect representation of the world around you for a few seconds in 3D but ‘black and white’. Years ago, I remember waking up on a Saturday with the sun shining through the curtains into my bedroom. I sat there for quite a while just enjoying the feeling of not having to get up, looking at the wall and the way the light was coming through the curtains and reflecting off a picture behind me, like it always did. Then I suddenly realised I had the sensation that my eyes were closed…I checked and indeed they were; Of course, I was just stunned at what I was ‘seeing’…a few seconds after this realisation the room image froze, the colours leeched out and I was just looking at the back of my eyelids – no bedroom. I opened my eyes to see exactly the same scene I had been casually observing with my eyes closed only a few seconds ago. I was absolutely in awe – and there was no waking up, the stream of consciousness was seamless…i.e. I was fully conscious the whole time, or at least it felt like that. If I had more time to check the accuracy of this ‘copy room’, I might have noticed a few subtle differences but none that I can remember. That was a real eye opener for me (pardon the pun) and it showed me that we are capable of experiencing something (in an altered state, or whatever you want to call it) which can be perceived to be indistinguishable from a normal waking scene. If I hadn’t realised my eye were closed and just gone back ‘to sleep’ – if that is possible in that altered state – then I would have been none-the-wiser. So let’s say something really strange happened in that state (take your pick), and I went to sleep afterwards, whilst in that state…when I woke up for real, I would have a memory of something that seemed absolutely real. So I am not saying this to denigrate anyone’s experiences or to say that it did not happen at all…just that I know from experiences like the above, that the brain has amazing capabilities and I have begun to question the true bounds of what we call ‘real’.

  6. And Cosmic, I appreciate the
    And Cosmic, I appreciate the biblical insight. Something I will have to think about. It does seem to surely be a reference to life, death, and maybe even resurrection. Thank you.

  7. Sherbet, that sounds amazing.
    Sherbet, that sounds amazing. I too wonder sometimes how fluid reality is and/or how powerful our brains/minds really are. Also, you submitted your comment at 2222. . .

    1. Andy, but not a patch on some
      Andy, but not a patch on some of the OBE and alien stuff you’ve been talking to Jeremy about though – that is fascinating! I have a memory from when I was about fifteen of being closer to the ceiling than I should have been at night and then crashing down into bed with a thump…and the first time I tried to consciously invoke an OBE in my twenties, I ended up having more of a ‘vision’ than anything you could call an OBE….since then, not a lot really, although I have tried a few different techniques. They tend to just give me much more vivid dreams.

      And yes, I noticed the 2222 time and I thought you might too 🙂 Interesting that I wanted to edit that comment, as I had put ‘eye’ instead of ‘eyes’ but I must have tried to log back into UC about six or seven times and each time I did, I wasn’t actually logged in – I have never had that happen before…the thought crossed my mind that maybe I should leave the 2222 post as it stood.

      Talking about weird glitches etc., just before I tried to post that comment, first the batteries in my wireless mouse ran out of juice and then my USB ports all stopped working on my laptop, which meant my wireless mouse wouldn’t work, even with new batteries!…I sorted it out but I have never had that happen before either – strange.

  8. I began having strange issues
    I began having strange issues occur yesterday when I attempted to respond to Andy. Oddly enough, I can log in and post on The Experience now, but not on ‘Dreamland’. and I have alerted Nikki that something is off. Way off, and that’s all I’m saying…

    Andy, I wanted to let you know that after I posted comments above, that I had some kind of little ‘awakening’ while out walking. Maybe not a true awakening, but a big nudge and reminder of how we should live our lives. While I am not religious, and do not see Jesus as my ‘savior’, I have always felt that we are not here to worship Jesus, but to embrace his being into ourselves. (He is just one of many great teachers and avatars).

    We are both alive and dead at the same time, and that connects to consciousness via compassion and how we treat one another, as well as all other beings, and I feel that is addressed in Luke, Chapter 7 ( As well as in the story of Christ’s ‘resurrection’. To his last breath, he felt love and compassion towards his tormentors.)

    So, let’s all shake the coffin! 🙂

  9. I have experienced ringing in
    I have experienced ringing in the ears from Indium and from large doses of potassium. Monotomic Gold, Rhodium, Ruthenium, and a mix of monotomic trace minerals have each induced secretions in my thyroid gland, which were indicated by a sweet taste in my mouth. Once I ceased consuming indium and potassium, the ringing stopped, so I know there is a relationship.

    I adhere to a Paleolithic vegetarian diet for the most part, that may be implicated.

  10. Thank you Cosmic. And Mace, I
    Thank you Cosmic. And Mace, I will look into the metals and I always appreciate a reminder about my diet. I have developed an appreciation for the ringing, even feeling like it’s connected to certain altered states. But I should never ignore a possible health issue, thank you.

  11. Andy: I have noticed before
    Andy: I have noticed before the phenomenon that sometimes occurs when someone mentions something regarding my diet or health, that it is a possible issue that may need addressing. However, I was not implying that in this case (as far as I know, you can take it as you like, though). I am just saying that I noticed that certain substances affected my body in certain ways, and these effects may be valid as well for others. Saturating cells with energy from minerals (even certain types of sodium) can influence psychic abilities to a degree.

    Why Potassium? Why Indium? Why certain metallic Monotomic elements? I noticed a big upsurge in available energy when I ingested those substances. Giving the body what it requires may help it to reach a state of internal satisfaction where other latent abilities have the tendency to surface. Once the body is sated, higher levels of consciousness may be attainable.

  12. There seem to be some
    There seem to be some studies, or preliminary studies related to Etherium Gold and its role as a neurotransmitter…–neurophysiological-effects-etherium-gold.pdf

    Also, from what I understand a correct balance of Potassium / Sodium is critical for proper neuron activity and Potassium also helps to regulate serotonin in the brain (which is itself a neurotransmitter).

    1. The proof is in the pudding.
      The proof is in the pudding.

      1. I was very close to trying
        I was very close to trying monatomic Gold at one point but never got around to it. Certainly some interesting results have been reported from eating that particular pudding, as I am sure you can attest to.

  13. I have not specifically tried
    I have not specifically tried Etherium Gold, but I have tried other versions of Monotomic Gold. I noticed after trying it that my vision conveyed a golden hue. Also, there was a crushing effect that transpired, where the energy in my brain felt like it was compressed to a degree. It did not hurt, but brought focus and localization of my consciousness. Taking monotomic gold enhanced the duration of other chemicals like caffeine, increasing their strength. Ingesting monotomic gold and other monotomic elements made me feel stronger, more on the razor’s edge of focus.

    True story: I had not purchased monotomic gold for a while, and decided to visit an old website about 4 months ago. I looked the website up on google, and the description said that it was “coming soon”. I tried to open the website, and was assaulted by a “pay us or else” scam. I turned off my computer, and fortunately my Kaspersky anti-virus protected me from harm. I was wondering why this particular website would be used in such a manner, (perhaps to deter buyers of monotomic elements?). It made me think about conspiracies and such, lol. I’m sure most monotomic sellers have not been compromised, though. And I hope the MIB are not blocking monotomic sites or rerouting their traffic. 🙂 It may have just been a simple coincidence.

    Update: I visited the site’s google description just now and it said: “A description for this result is not available because of this site’s robots,txt”.

    I know Whitley said he was committed to taking monotomic elements regularly a few years ago, I did not hear what the conclusion of that regimen was.

  14. I find a lot of Andrews
    I find a lot of Andrews experiences very relatable, I’ve had similar encounters with shadow entities when I was a kid and even his experiences with the grey were similar to what I’ve gone through, coincidentally I am also from the mid-west so maybe that is a factor with some of the similarities? I don’t know if I have ever had a true out of body experience like his, but through meditation I have been able to explore a bit astrally, and while working with others I’ve noticed that we have a tendency that when in an energetic state of being we percieve our sourroundings differently, I could look at an object like the pillow and see it as a pillow, someone else would see it as a simple square or cube, another person might see it as a pillow but a different shape or color, but we could all agree we were viewing an object and we understood it’s function. It’s like the image of what we actually see adapts itself in our mind to look like what we expect/want it to look like, I’ve always compared it to having an individual ‘browser’ that interprets the information in a way that is unque to us, so I think with Andrew it’s less of being in between physical and spiritual realms and could just be the way Andrew is interpreting the information of what he is seeing in his energetic state.

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