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Suzanne Chancellor is a lifelong experiencer whose frightening encounters recently took a turn toward the positive. Now, she’s asking other lifelong experiencers if the experience has evolved for them as well. Is there a pattern here? It seems from many of the experiencers both she and host Jeremy Vaeni have spoken with, the answer might be yes.

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  1. A great discussion Jer and
    A great discussion Jer and Suzanne. The whole sexual component ( for some people)of the experience always has me puzzling.

    1. Indeed. Although, again we
      Indeed. Although, again we see that sexual energy is an important component of shamanism, various religious and spirit-oriented practices, and magick. Whether it’s utilized or condemned, it is clearly recognized as a powerful tool by all cultures.

  2. Jeremy, i really enjoy your
    Jeremy, i really enjoy your show and your approach to this whole thing, as well as the sequence of shows. You are an excellent addition to UK.

    I can’t imagine how Suzanne has managed to get through all this stuff. It is amazing how resilient we humans really are!

    The unanswered question – what these experiences are about … great addition/support to the things Whitley has done over the years.

    1. Thank you. I really
      Thank you. I really appreciate that you noticed there’s an order to the shows. I think the next two episodes will really drive that home.

  3. Another fascinating interview
    Another fascinating interview with great insight and though provoking questions.
    Maybe, as you speculate, the ‘visitors’ are indeed us.
    If, when we physically die, we go to a place where there is no concept of time, then we’re already there!
    If we’re already there, then maybe the ‘us’ that is already there is the one ‘visiting’?
    Or maybe all of ‘us’ is ‘there’ and never left, and the experience that we have here is the illusion?

  4. This was a great show. I’m so
    This was a great show. I’m so glad you’re here covering things that don’t always get discussed when talking about the visitors. Sometimes we tend to over-emphasize the “alien” aspect of it, thanks for giving the discussion a very human focus with a great sense of humor.

  5. One of the related questions
    One of the related questions I have is this: are there any credible persons out there still claiming a “traditional” type of abduction, like the whole Budd Hopkins sort of hybrid baby making operation? Or the warnings of impending doom (environmental, nuclear, or otherwise)? Or just the plain old grab and examine, like the Betty and Barney Hill scenario (one that I find particularly credible)?

    My sense has been that something fundamentally changed in the early 2000’s. I could only speculate on the cause, but the effect seems to be a sort of softening, or outright desertion of the old alien guard sticking implants up your nose and needles through your temple. Perhaps the agenda has changed, or we’ve all switched into a timeline that they’re much less interested in. In parallel, I also don’t feel the strong sense I had growing up that something significant will happen in my lifetime, like “contact”. Now my guess is our world will just sort of muddle along its current path more or less steadily for the rest of my time here. No great planetary awakenings or transition of the ages. Just one foot in front of the other.

    I’d also like to hear more discussion on the sexual nature of the “experience” that was raised in this episode. I feel like there’s something significant there, and I feel some personal resonance on the subject. It’s not always an easy one to approach or discuss, but maybe some new insights will emerge.

  6. In my opinion the whole
    In my opinion the whole sexual aspect of this experience is a salacious red herring. I feel it dilutes the whole topic and hollywoodizes it.

    Disturbs me that some are trying to discredit Hopkins work as “traditional” Be aware of people with “sexy” alien “stories”

  7. Starting with Budd Hopkins,
    Starting with Budd Hopkins, he pushed a very literal scenario where alien beings were on Earth to create a hybrid race. Any experiences that did not support that literal interpretation were ignored, as everyone who has read his books must know (and this view is corroborated by his ex-wife Carol Rainey). This brings up the reason for my comment. Does everyone’s experience reflect their unique evolving belief system? If your belief system is frozen, e.g., a very rigid fundamentalist dogma, does that mean your paranormal experiences will also remain the same? I am not sure I got answers to those questions. Suzanne believes in spirit guides, reincarnation, and the highly controversial writings of Dolores Cannon. How does seeing a beautiful woman manifest from this belief system? Or am I just nuts, and belief system has nothing to do with what you “get”? Does it really evolve for everyone? At one point, I remember Whitley saying no Coast to Coast with Art Bell in the 90’s that the entire abduction scenario seemed broken. Aliens were doing the same experiments that had already been done countless numbers of time to the same people and the large “herd” in general. Whitley seemed to think it was like an automated process that had become stuck on 1 level and persisted in recreating that scenario no matter how irrational t seemed to us.

  8. I also wonder if the alien
    I also wonder if the alien abduction scenario will ever cease to exist? Is our involvement with the paranormal meant to be an individual journey? Jacques Vallee seemed to think it was a control system that was slowly changing our entire society. But beyond a few TV commercials featuring classic greys selling appliances and rental cars, what has been accomplished. If you are part of these events, it may seem that the entire world is being traumatized and evolved by them. But the larger world seems rather oblivious to it all. Or am I wrong? If you mention alien abductions to the average person, they roll their eyes and give you a looks that seems to say “BEEN THERE, DONE THAT” (back in the 80’s. Remember a couple made for TV movies about abduction. Oh, that is so long ago. I was just a kid when ALF was on TV). I just wonder if the source of this (and I guess I assume there is an external force rather than just us doing all of it), is broken, as Whitley once suggested, or if we can expect a shift eventually to something new and inexplicable. With the popularity of LORD OF THE RINGS, might not Elves make a come back? I watched Santa Claus 1 last night. In one scene where Santa is being held in jail, a troupe of Elves “with bad attitude” descend from the sky to rescue him, much to the surprise of the local police. Is there a specific long time lag between the natural movement of our culture to new totems of worship (new pop sensations) and when the so-called aliens will adjust? Will they someday appear like Lady GaGA wearing meat and singing in chorus “I was Born This Way”?

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