Mike has a powerful conversation with his editor, fellow experiencer and friend, Suzanne Chancellor. They dig into the challenges and strangeness in their lives. Suzanne is a lifetime experiencer and contactee. Although most might label her experiences as “alien abductions”, she has now come to realize that the experience isread more

Suzanne Chancellor is a lifelong experiencer whose frightening encounters recently took a turn toward the positive. Now, she’s asking other lifelong experiencers if the experience has evolved for them as well. Is there a pattern here? It seems from many of the experiencers both she and host Jeremy Vaeni have spoken with, the answer might be yes.

To learn more about Suzanne and listen to her podcast, Alien Brain Droppings, please visit: AbducteeAwareness.Blogspot.com.
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‘O my gosh, is this person nuts?’ That was one thought that passed through Lisa Romanek’s               
mind when her husband to be told her of his close encounter experiences. It was also a t
thought that passed through Suzanne  Chancellor’s mind when SHE faced her own experiences.
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Unknowncountry listeners are well aware of Anne Strieber’s vast knowledge of the close encounter experience. She has probably read more letters from witnesses and talked to more of them than anyone alive. Here, she and Suzanne Chancellor compare notes, in the first interview in our contactee series where the witness is named.

Suzanne’s experience has been lifelong, complex and highly provocative. Listen as she reveals to Anne–and to us–things she has never spoken about before.
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