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You’ve probably heard it said–or experienced firsthand–that we can invite Visitor phenomena into our lives. But should we? Is it wise to open the door to the unknown? This is the conversation I expected to have with Karen Cavalli, author of Let Them In: 30 Years of Secret Experiences. However, this was not what she meant by letting them in.

What she means is far richer and involves a refreshingly elegant approach to all paranormal experiences across the board. Brace yourself. Discussions this good are why The Experience exists!

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  1. Bad link for Karen’s website
    Bad link for Karen’s website

  2. I have to admit, I had been
    I have to admit, I had been thinking who on earth could ever replace William Henry??
    But Jeremy is a completely different type of personality with another slant on all this subject matter. As an experiencer, he is able to relate (as does Whitley) to his guests’ adventures with the paranormal with such a delightful insight and sense of humor. I had not heard of Jeremy before, but I’m so glad he is now part of the weekly Unknown Country programming, and I look forward to his future interviews.

  3. Hey Jeremy,
    Just listened to

    Hey Jeremy,

    Just listened to all of your episodes and they were great as usual, especially liked this one. I think I’ll go get her book also. BTW I also got your new book, looking forward to reading it. It’s interesting that last night I had an alien dream and here I am listening to these shows. I feel we’ve come full circle as this site is where I first heard you being interviewed by Whitley, which led me to Paratopia.

    Great to hear you again and I will continue to listen, although I have to say half an hour is way too short.

    I hope you are planning on having Jeff as a guest soon.

    Good luck

    1. It’s full circle for me, too,
      It’s full circle for me, too, as Whitley is the first person in this who ever made complete sense to me.

  4. Another great interview Jer.
    Another great interview Jer. Thanks to Karen for sharing her experiences and insights. Looking forward to reading her book.
    Had a bit of synchronicity whilst listening to this episode;
    Karen talking about physical invisibility reminded me of an experience I don’t think I’ve included in my ‘List O’ the Weird’ experiences in my life so far, in which I made myself ‘invisible’ to two friends in a cafe and they only saw me when I decided to let them. (maybe I’ll go into more detail another time).
    Also, I was listening to this interview whilst walking around my local shops.
    I was in a charity shops looking at the dvd’s and saw one titled; Let Me In, I smiled to myself at the chances of seeing a dvd with that title whilst listening to this interview, then I looked to another shelf and saw one titled; Let The Right One In, !!
    Ah, the wonderful world of high strangeness and synchronicity eh?!
    It would be great if this how could either be longer or have a second part in the subscriber section.

  5. Well, you know what they say:
    Well, you know what they say: always leave ’em wanting more.

  6. @GoodCopBadCop
    “…I made


    “…I made myself ‘invisible’ to two friends in a cafe and they only saw me when I decided to let them. (maybe I’ll go into more detail another time)…”

    You can’t just say something like that and then walk away…surely?! I would love to hear more 🙂

    @Jeremy, I read ‘Urgency’ a while back, I thought it was utterly fascinating…and great show BTW – I second a subscriber addition 🙂

  7. Nice podcast!!
    Nice podcast!!

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