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Some Visitor experiences are like zip files: small and unassuming on the outside, but packed with information. On this edition of The Experience we will hear such a story that changed the experiencer’s life… and may change your outlook on these phenomena and our place within them.

If you would like to be a guest on The Experience, don’t be shy. You don’t have to be a public speaker to do this. It’s simply a conversation, which adds your piece of the puzzle so that we can all take a look at the growing picture together. You will appear anonymously unless you already have an extensive public presence.

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  1. opinion: Maybe its just me,
    opinion: Maybe its just me, but I did not see this person’s experience as a “positive” experience. I saw it as rather bi-polar (not her — the experience). Part fear, part acceptance/well-being?.

    While she and last week’s guest seem to accept/prefer? the feeling of acceptance rather than the feelings of fear/terror (totally understandable) . . . I am curious to see how the last two “experiencers'” reports compare w/someone who has been brainwashed (not necessarily about “alien” experiences). Animalspirits, someone who used to post here a lot, posted a lot about a time when the earth begins rockin and rollin scaring a lot of people — that UFOs will appear in the skies offering an escape for people. She has encouraged people to go with them. I cant help but think that this is what people are being prepped to accept.

    comment: if something is an illusion (or at least partially an illusion — because I think SOMETHING VERY REAL IS HAPPENING to experiencers) — why wld one consider the illusion of touch any differently from the illusion of see?

  2. Really good show and guest –
    Really good show and guest – again. What I found exceptional was Jeremy’s commentary during the last 4 minutes or so. Great stuff indeed.

  3. A Lesson… In
    A Lesson… In Hierarchy…..Medusa Snake Girl

    Jeremy. Just a little background as to what I was up to in the 1980s. Again, I know this is a lot of stuff but I am no longer a young woman and want to share this with others so they might understand the many possibilities that humankind possesses (so much potential). Every word is truth as I have tried to understand it. This is only one experience.

    A group of us studied with a wonderful teacher as to the how of balancing the right brain/left brain hemispheres ALSO and not related to the hemisphere work I was probably spending too much time under a pyramid. The pyramid was made from copper tubing and had a copper capstone. I did not sleep under it but did a lot chanting, praying and meditating daily. (very much like this).

    I feel my mind/body and soul was vibrating at a high enough frequency on this particular night and why I was able to witness this event.

    I AM WONDERING if Medusa Snake Girl was living this event in her non-physical form without realizing it. From what I have experienced there is no difference in either form except that the other self can see other things going on around them that the physical cannot.

    In the early 1980s I decided to move to an apartment (for 5 years before I moved back to the city). One night I had this out of body experience. The whole thing was happening to another non-physical me. It goes like this; one of my more subtle bodies wakes up to a knock at the kitchen door. I sit on the edge of my bed for a few seconds and realize that I am looking through my bedroom wall. I see two men standing outside my door in the hallway dressed in tan clothing; they have sandy colored hair. I pick up the phone and call 911. (All of this is being done by my other non-physical self). They want something but I know it isn’t anything material; I call through the door and tell them to please go away. Here again, I watch them knock on the door across the hall before going to the downstairs apartments. My living room is now filled with BLUE and WHITE swirling lights. I go over to the window, look out and see what I think is a police car. The lights are coming from and spinning around on top of the vehicle.

    At his point I must have reconnected to my physical self.

    The next morning when I left for work I could barely make it to the bus stop; I was an emotional mess. When I got to work my neighbor called to tell me that Lou, our neighbor had died during the night. Without a doubt this was the real deal. For some reason my being out of body confused these two entities that came for Lou. I believe that the police car was really something else but that is what I could understand at the time and took that form. A few other times during dreamtime I have seen the same two entitles; always in tan colored clothing with sandy colored hair.

  4. Another amazing interview. I
    Another amazing interview. I had a very similar response watching Close Encounters as a child. I think the question as to whether or not the response is authentic vs. something “programmed” is an important one to explore. I have that same question myself.

  5. Great interview. Thanks to
    Great interview. Thanks to Medusa Snakegirl for sharing your experiences.
    I understand that longing feeling completely.
    Though i have not (as far as I know) had an encounter with a being such as this, I feel that longing when seeing ‘aliens’ portrayed in films such as Close Encounters’.
    It’s a feeling of recognition and knowing almost.
    Like a remembrance of past connection.
    That really resonated with me.

  6. Wonderful show, guests, and
    Wonderful show, guests, and posts. Thank you all.

    So much to ponder with mind and heart. Wondering if all of us have some kind of “experience” when we are young.

    A big question begging for thought: “Are some (not sure how to separate into groups) of the experiences what was once called “mystical experience”?

    There has been an historical and strong effort to impose a meaning of and/or control these kinds of things/experiences.

    The focus on the 3D physical world within the expectations and boundaries taught in science, math, psychology, etc. seem to have been determining and limiting factors. Those limitations are now becoming very obvious with so much experience being written, spoken, and seen. It is no longer people who are rare, crazy, different having these experiences. It is common, recognized, and available in every medium. Questions of authenticity show at least some to be seen as real.

    Is it that we are moving into a “new way of being” – in a 4D world?

    What does it means to be a human being? Emphasize “being.” To exist is to live in the now/present and future (& past) time is now an integral part of how we think/ experience /understand life. Now emphasize “human.” What does it mean to be human? How is our understanding of ourselves changing? Why are they changing?

    There have always been people who were guides, listeners, quiet ones who seemed more “connected” to world(s). They were sought out for their “different/deeper” understanding of reality.

    The last century shows a “waking up” well begun. Developments drove this to some extent. The possibilities and reality of how and why we use our science also opened us to question the limits of science. “Where are we heading?” became a necessary question. What is it we are about? The questions, realities, possibilities opening our minds.

    In some ways i think we are undergoing another revolution…like the one made possible by the movable printing press.

    Who are we? Why are we here? The search for meaning… not new.

    It seems we have been aided by things which became ok to speak openly about and to question. Thanks to the groundbreakers like Whitley’s books and tv interviews. Experiencers drive the process because it was not just “crazies” anymore, nor is it hushed up and hidden. They are no longer “they” – they are people just like me, people i know, family, me ….
    We are rediscovering and reintegrating who we are, why we are here, and all that is.

    The answers lie within, the lifelong journey is individual and yet we are all on it. WE are having these, not just Suzanne, Whitley, Medussa Snakegirl, mystics, shamans, etc. We are not just bodies with minds. We are also hearts and spirits.

    As Jeremy said in the last few minutes…

    We Are interdependent on not only our own species, but every species. We Are One Earth. And it seems more and more real that We Are One Solar System, One Galaxy, One Universe…. ????

    such a great program…
    please forgive the length of this comment

  7. I think an important point
    I think an important point needs to be made and that is the fact that we are ‘co-facilitators’ in these phenomena. Rather than saying ‘they come to us’ or ‘we go with them’ it seems more accurate to look at these encounters as if humans and aliens (for lack of a better term) sort of ‘bump into each other’ somehow.

    I wonder if the nature of each encounter isn’t pre-determined, but instead is a result of two very different but powerful life-forms interfacing with each other.

    Perhaps somewhere in the Cosmos there is a radio show that is being listened to by a population of Orbs and the host Orb brings on guest Orbs who relate stories of strange beings that they encounter. “I found myself inside a structure and an entity was sitting on a bed staring at me. At first it reacted as if I was going to hurt it but there was another furry entity nearby…”.

    Maybe they are struggling with some of the same issues that we are on our side of the experience.

  8. Another great interview and
    Another great interview and one that resonated deeply with me.

    I too, had an experience much like Medusa Snake Girl’s that ocurred in the 90s. However, mine involved Greys instead of a mantis. Also, there was no mouse.

    I will post a brief description here. I woke up to what i can describe as an unknown presence in my bedroom. As soon as I was awake, I was filled with a terror, a great fear, deeper than anything I had ever felt and have ever felt since. I was so awake afterwards I could not get back to sleep. I went to my livingroom to try to relax but I sensed some sort of presence in the corner of the room. I eventually decided to go back to bed and as soon as I laid down I got a telepathic message along the lines “Everything’s all right. Go to Sleep”. At the time I became very relaxed and rolled over in bed. Immediately, I saw two or three typical Greys in my bedroom(I don’t remember). I was not at all startled by seeing them. I remember one moving toward the head of my bed and as it was within arms reach I remember trying to burn the image of the head and almond shaped black eyes into my mind and thinking ” This is what they really look like”. I remember wanting to touch it and then I blacked out and woke up in the morning.

    I have been having experiences my entire life, but that is the most vivid waking memory of seeing The Greys that I have had. I never linked the fear to the Greys until a few years ago, when I decided to start to understand what has been going on.

  9. I enjoyed this interview with
    I enjoyed this interview with Medusa Snake Girl as it resonated with me on many levels in regard to my telepathic download encounter, and the ever present, deep, longing I feel to be with ‘them’.
    and PS
    Jeremy: you were both eloquent and sublime in your closing words

  10. Cyan_Aura wrote: “I think an
    Cyan_Aura wrote: “I think an important point needs to be made and that is the fact that we are ‘co-facilitators’ in these phenomena. Rather than saying ‘they come to us’ or ‘we go with them’ it seems more accurate to look at these encounters as if humans and aliens (for lack of a better term) sort of ‘bump into each other’ somehow.”

    I agree w/you totally on this. imo, the visitors definitely need our cooperation to make themselves manifest. I think that is one of the reasons they become imbedded in families. If one’s parents accepted their presence (even on an unconscious level) — it is more likely that their offspring will.

    I think the same goes for “phenomenon” like asteroids hitting the earth (top news story today) — destruction breeds destruction. I think that humanity, as a collective, once becoming decadent and destructive draws its own destruction towards it. The opposite, of course, being true as well.

  11. Really enjoyed the interview.
    Really enjoyed the interview. And Jeremey’s way of making the interview

  12. Really enjoyed the interview
    Really enjoyed the interview and Jeremey’s way of making those he’s interviewing at home. I also thought Medusa Snakegirl’s attempts to rationalize her experiences and not just take it all face value.

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