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Get ready for a tough interview the likes of which you will hear nowhere else….

Dr. Tyler Kokjohn is a microbiologist and a professor at Midwestern University. He is also an esteemed member of the Project Core team along with host, Jeremy Vaeni. In this, the first of two, you will hear a scientist asked and answer some extremely tough questions, beginning with how normality and rationality are defined by Western science. Then, we begin to apply scientific thinking to mystical phenomena leading into next week’s show. This is the interview that any other scientist would have walked out on. But Tyler is one of a kind.

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  1. The general public and
    The general public and Scientists alike should be open to and willing to have EXPERIENCES. Anomalous experiences can be a treasure trove of philosophical and practical information, possibly paradigm shifting in their attributes. Being open to thought experiments, frank discussions, and paranormal edge material is good for Science and society at large. It can act as a salve for “racial tensions” among Science and the general public (as mentioned the interview), since anybody is capable of having an experience. It is beneficial for people to discuss their personal experiences. The nature of subjective reality is as of yet undetermined, and experiencers may find that phenomena respond to their interaction. Consciousness can be used as a bridge that can help with investigations in many Scientific fields. The information gained may be invaluable, and that should be reason enough to explore, if we are audacious enough to take that route. What of aliens who have already discovered these realms beyond? What method did they use to get to where they are now? Was it through slow scientific consensus, or sudden, brilliant realizations? Was it through the personal subjective experiences of prominent people? We don’t know their historical data. Since Steven Hawking has pronounced we may die the next hundred years, isn’t it time to change our game plan? I understand that Science does not have to take anyone’s word for it, but if more Scientists are willing to explore a subjective experience for themselves they can be “in the know” at least, without having to rely on another’s word (which would also combat animosity in general between “believer” and “skeptic”). At least then Scientist experiencers and other experiencers would have a basic experiential language they can both utilize when discussing a paranormal topic. That’s the glory of the Experience, it can create common ground between different persons, who occupy different fields. I look forward to an era of openness.

    I wish that governments would stop debating protecting the environment, and simply DO IT. It’s not an issue, it’s a necessity. It can be a goal to preserve nature, and to stop killing species around the globe. As humans, we can decide to promote life forms and the environment on this planet, rather than liquidating resources for a quick dollar or our transient enjoyment. I think we would find ourselves greatly ennobled if we decided to promote life rather than death. I know that traditionally life on this planet depended on death, and that is a habit we should break. We are not meant to be overly dominant consumers of life. That’s not why we are here. We are here to promote life and nurture it. Even study it.

    Some goals for this planet…

    1. Sustainability

    2. Investigation of Spirit.

    3. Science

    Great analytical show, Jeremy and Tyler, I appreciated this one.

  2. Great show…nice to have a
    Great show…nice to have a fresh perspective. Looking forward to next weeks.

  3. Yes, excellent! Thank you
    Yes, excellent! Thank you Jeremy.

  4. Such a thoughtful, balanced
    Such a thoughtful, balanced guest! Thank you both.

  5. It sounds like Tyler is an
    It sounds like Tyler is an exceptional scientist and human being, with a refreshing honesty. So many professions are politicized, not just those in science, and it is a shame! I also appreciated Tyler’s acknowledgement that there are many brilliant people in the world that lack ‘credentials’, and that they are often overlooked and discounted by those from a higher tier of education. (For instance, many doctors are less than kind with nurses). I look forward to future interviews with Tyler!

  6. I feel better. Thanks Jeremy
    I feel better. Thanks Jeremy for pressing those raw buttons that need to be pressed. You are most at home residing in the mystery of the experience but in Truth of the heart.

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