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In this sequel to last week’s episode, microbiologist Tyler Kokjohn returns to parse out what is known and perhaps scientifically knowable in the realms of high strangeness. We cover topics that have come up on the show and some that have not. Then, host Jeremy Vaeni puts his own spiritual experiences on the scientific chopping block.

Read Dr. Kokjohn’s Insight Article on the dangers of unrestricted and uncontrolled gene editing–which is starting to take place right now. Click here.

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  1. Fabulous two weeks you
    Fabulous two weeks you guys.

    Perhaps the younger generation is changing “how we are human together” and this will help them resolve some of the greatest threats to survival…

    What it means to be human together with a global consciousness is perhaps only possible if we “connect” beyond our history and outside of the scientific mindset.

    The benefit of the individual, small groups (family, neighborhood) large groups ( religions, countries, cultures) is currently coming to a new level? Whether one thinks globally or not has everything to do with solutions developed. Whether one is willing to wrestle with ideals which contradict each other for outcomes, is necessary for solving some of the problems we as a planet are facing. The effects man has been massive over time.

    Our views of what it means to be human and relationships is where we must come to terms. If we cannot find a way to balance … desire for individual power with the needs of all life… i am not sure how it will be resolved.

    I am only sure that we resist change … until we face something that we feel is “better than what we have” and then we move in a way seen as beneficial. So individual needs vs. continuation of all species may be the view…

  2. Thanks for this. It gives me
    Thanks for this. It gives me such hope. We shouldn’t have to abandon our intellect and all our life experience to admit the existence of something outside-nominal. We don’t even know where consciousness is “in” the brain, if it is even “in” the brain. Or, how does the brain “conduct” consciousness from the higher soul?

    I am a fairly well-eduma-cate-ed individual (in my own opinion) and I’ve been in a technical field my entire life. I approach every phenomenon with the same degree of skepticism – whether it’s my own experience of this abduction phenomena or someone handing me a malfunctioning iPhone. I believe I am given to this life with this mind and ability to compute for the purpose of using that ability, not abandoning it. The idea of tossing aside my intellect and giving myself over to some other force for control – whether it be something called God or something else-wise, that idea is nonsensical to me. God would not have created a person like me for the purpose of getting me to live the life of a banana slug.

    We can be skeptical, but also accepting. These things happen. These things we talk about here – happen. But I’m as skeptical as the all-or-nothing dismissiveness as I am of all-or-nothing acceptance. Nothing is black and white in this life experience.

    We can learn. We can understand better. This has got to be true – that there is a value in our being here, trying to learn, and understand. If it isn’t true, then let’s admit Jean Paul Sartre and his ilk were correct – that existence is random and purposeless.

    No way. Not me. Not when all the physics I have learned tells me that 73% of the universe is something we can’t even see. Not when there isn’t a single doctor in the world who can tell me why energy causes DNA to replicate, and where I am in my brain – and yet my brain can be physically manipulated to change me.


    1. “…. I’m as skeptical as the
      “…. I’m as skeptical as the all-or-nothing dismissiveness as I am of all-or-nothing acceptance.”

      –Hear, hear.

  3. Whitley has asked “what it is
    Whitley has asked “what it is in the body that keeps us experiencing reality here in this Universe”. I suggest it may be that karma incurred from killing is one of those primary causes.

  4. “All things tend to break
    “All things tend to break down over time”. Yes, that appears to be a veracious statement. Rocks break down, they become sand, then individual molecules, then perhaps light, and then they may suffer a heat death at the far end of time. But do they break down even further? Do they get reabsorbed into the vacuum, or another field? Do they return to unity?

    One thing I would like to suggest here: where does the tendency for entities to have less or more change emanate from? Dark matter may be a scaffold that galaxies form upon, and this implies that they exist in another nature (perhaps more stagnant) than more ghostly, non mass energies. If so, what determines the difference between these levels of change?

    I mentioned on Unknown country before that there may be a continuum of energy states, ranging from no change whatsoever (the Invariant) to greatest possible level of change (the Zenithon). If the Invariant exists, it would be something that must be neutralized. Perhaps there is a dimension where this transpires, energy is inevitably drawn gravitationally towards the Invariant, (perhaps even infinite amounts of energy) in order to cancel it out. As the container for all energy, the Invariant is the ultimate destination for opposing energies (Zenithon and Invariant merge). Dark matter may be an example of a tendency towards the Invariant, and thus may exist in a submerged dimension (which is precisely why it is difficult to detect). So, considering the notion of “but what force created the rock in the first place” is pivotal in understanding that there may be a continuum of energy states. Almost everything may be vibrant, but there may be an exception.

    I’ve been contemplating the nature of the Universe, that it may have been created by a destructive force (flying in the face of Genesis) rather than a creative force. The basis for unity in the Universe might still be present within this construct at the core, but the actual nature of time differs from this. If the Universe was initially perfect, at the point of the singularity, and something disrupted this refined balance, it may have created incremental time flow. Exploding the singularity may have disrupted it (think change again) in such a manner that division between objects was imposed from the inception. Division is then responsible for Time, as we experience it. Killing is the act of creating division, in that when one kills another being that being is shattered, scattered, or experiences fracture from its core unity. As karma, this fracture is then transferred to the killer. I’ve wondered what keeps us from experiencing the unity field (where Yin and Yang are merged) and I’ve come to a possible conclusion, that murder is one of the causes. On planet Earth, all humans commit murder, it is part of our experiences here. Some kill for meat, some kill viruses, insects or bacteria inadvertently, but it is part of our diurnal existence here on this sphere. We are all killing some creatures in some capacity. Killing keeps us separate from unity, and this may be one of the forces that keeps us thinking in terms of incremental time (seconds, minutes, hours). In addition, the act of conception of the Universe was an act of destruction and death, so death as a phenomenon was imprinted upon the Universe from the beginning. The secret of our Universe is that perhaps for it to exist murder is something that creatures engage in. That would be a notion that evolution supports, and looking at our world today also informs us of this reality. Killing may distance us from the connection to our chakras, from the energy flow, and it puts us in a state of delusion. It sounds like a mad genius is the creator (likened to the Indian God of Destruction), but it may have been necessary so change could take place, so that reality could depart from stagnant, crystallized unity.

    I’m not advocating murder. I believe that in order for humans to change our perspective on reality it is useful to know what may have been responsible for our disunity, our separation from unity. I believe if more people cultivate life rather than death, our consciousness will move up the ladder towards higher plateaus.

    Was the Universe created by God, or some semi-evil destructive Alpha entity? Did such an entity set in motion our original format for evolution, which resolves around scarcity and murder for the reason of continuance of life? Are Aliens here to make sure we continue along this path, where they farm our emotions, harvest our genetics, and manage our affairs?

    There must be a reason why we are disconnected from unity, and I believe that it may involve our acts of killing. If we can wean ourselves off of this despicable habit we may survive as a species, graduating to the next level. Killing may keep us dull and blind to these higher dimensions of consciousness. Killing imprisons us.

  5. Fascinating Mace. I think
    Fascinating Mace. I think that is so very true. Brilliant.

  6. Thank you EE. I wanted to add
    Thank you EE. I wanted to add this conjecture on dark matter as well. It is surmised that when the big Bang exploded, time itself and the 4 fundamental forces were created. The explosive ejection of the Big Bang energy expanded space at a speed faster than light. If this destructive power consisted of a division (from the unification field), it was of the positive, Yang variety. In essence, it was an extreme imbalance of Yang energy. Nature has a tendency to want to find balance, so what counteracted this initial barrage explosion? It could be that matter and dark matter could be the result of nature counterbalancing the Big Bang explosion, they came into existence as the counterbalancing measure.

    When the four forces were separated, time began to tick. There is a delay in counterbalancing this separation, and that is why time exists. So, the initial explosion created the forward momentum of time, while matter and dark matter (both Yin elements) sprouted into existence in order to counterbalance the imbalance. The forces remained separate in order to create time as we know it, an incremental progression of discrete moments. When both Yin and Yang are separated, they take a longer route in order to counter each other. Unlike unity, where everything happens at once, disparate Yin and Yang evolve slowly, taking time to unfold completely.

  7. Inside of black holes, the
    Inside of black holes, the four forces break down and unity is again achieved in the black hole matrix. Consciousness can also arrive at unity. Chakra energies can be balanced and merged to home in upon unity. Perhaps someday matter will exist that is directly connected to the zero point field (the Marvel series “Agent Carter” used this idea, but I have considered it for years) that will have novel properties that can be tested.

  8. I thought further about the
    I thought further about the ramifications of this separated Yin and Yang concept. If it is true, it means that nature can be deceived to a degree. Nature may find itself in an unfamiliar circumstance when separation occurs, and thus may take some time to counterbalance the scenario. While nature seeks balance, an imbalance can be imposed that “fools the system”. Nature’s response to the imbalance is imparted, but with a delay.

    Even though nature is fooled for an amount of time, the unified Yin and Yang still remain as part of the base in our Universe, continuing unity in the background.

    Incremental time is a superficial skin, while unity has profound depth.

  9. It’s all about duality, and
    It’s all about duality, and has been since the ‘Big Bang’. I highly recommend ‘The Lost Secret of Death’ by Peter Novak. If you realize that the ‘Big Bang’ started out as a singularity, it all begins to make more sense, and reality becomes a little easier to grasp.

    I think that Dr. Kokjohn is exceptional, possessing a scientific, yet very open, way of thinking.

    I was raised in a fundamentalist faith, and I remember one particular Sunday school class where my teacher started going on about evolution, how it was against the Bible, couldn’t be true, etc. I tended to give him grief often with some of my questions, but I do recall that time telling him that to me science and the spiritual really weren’t at odds, and in my mind I could not see how they could not be partners. I was all of 12 years old, and this split between science, religion, and the spirit made no sense to me. I loved science and here was this man telling me that there was no place in my church for that kind of thinking. I left my church shortly thereafter, but realized that there is a place of unity between science and the spiritual and that my way of perceiving did not fit in either realm.

    Jeremy, many thanks to you and Tyler for another fascinating conversation!

  10. What is responsible for
    What is responsible for creating our notion of time in this Universe?

    The following video mentions that there is a difference between “Monkey Realism” and the phenomena encountered in quantum mechanics.

    1. I haven’t had time to watch
      I haven’t had time to watch the youtube link but to the question “What is responsible for creating our notion of time in this Universe?”, on a human level I suggest the answer might be “our imperfect memory”. I have often wondered if those with a truly eidetic memory, with the ability to replay them at will, as if it were current reality, would have the same sense of time as the rest of us…I suspect not.

      1. Memory would be fragmented
        Memory would be fragmented when people simply have no or partial recollection of certain events. Having an impeccable memory does operate as a “time machine” of sorts, but I think someone with photographic or eidetic memory perceives many of the same distinctions and separations in terms of actual events and information as they unfold. That is, the incremental progression of time seems to be familiar to most people in the same manner; in spite of herculean memory capacity. I’m sure there would be differences, but the normal flow of time as it unfolded would seem very similar for those with superb memory as well as average people.

        One advantage you would have as one with great memory power would be that you would be able to retrace how one event influenced another, like a cascade of dominos falling. I would not say that this is the same mental or emotional state as unity, but it approximates it in some fashions, there are similarities. People with great memory power usually cannot see the future, and a connection with unity would involve precognition. Once you have memory of the future, your memory is even more complete.

        I think that people are constrained and confined by “Monkey Realism”, in many ways. One such way is seeing only one time line. The Brain is supposed to be able to evaluate multiple time lines as part of its function, but commonly this ability does not get used.

  11. Hi Cosmic. That book seems
    Hi Cosmic. That book seems interesting. Thanks for recommending it.

    To summarize, I was suggesting in my posts that incremental Time passage in our Universe was created by a division from unity, and that aging, murder and separation (in general, and of the 4 fundamental physical forces) are part of that process. While the speed of the original Universe’s expansion was very fast, it was plodding compared with the instantaneous communication that is present inside of unity. Matter and dark matter coalesced after this initial expansion, perhaps because they operated as counterbalance agents to the eruption of the Big Bang explosion. Time unfolds slowly compared to unity, where everything happens at once.

    The Universe is taking its time to unfold, and one may wonder why it does not happen instantaneously. Seems it is delayed. Is it our perception that makes us think this, or was the idea imposed upon reality itself (the energy of the Universe) to a degree?

  12. Jeremy, you just might be an
    Jeremy, you just might be an INDIGO/FIFTH ROOT RACE CHILD?????

    Dr. Little said he believed that the children of the Fifth Root Race:

    will have an evolved DNA with unique qualities of rejuvenation;
    will have a higher level of sustained energy; and
    will have a higher level of the element phosphorus in their bodies.

  13. I read recently something
    I read recently something interesting from a PHd: Intelligence = information, that’s all.

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