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People with different religions and different cultural backgrounds have very different experiences of the close encounter phenomenon. This week we talk Visitors and Buddhism with a Buddhist experiencer. We also get a sense of what the experience is like and how such topics are treated overseas where the "gray alien" isn’t as prevalent. This uniquely interesting material is practically unknown in the western UFO community, but it is very provocative and revealing.

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  1. What I got out of this
    What I got out of this interview was more validation that our experiences may be similar, but also ‘custom made’ for each individual, and as such are personal, while also contributing to greater consciousness of humanity as a whole. Jeremy, as usual, you ask great questions, and I particularly appreciated the one about whether or not these other entities, beings, what-have-you, simply do as they please or practice some kind of work themselves in order to communicate with us. My feeling is that they may have their own practices, including spiritual technologies, but if they knock on the door and no one is willing to open it, or ready to open it, there may not be an experience. From that perspective, even people that are shocked and surprised when it happens to them may be ready in ways that they are not aware of…And the same from this side: Has it ever occurred to anyone that we may be intruding through that door and act as teachers and guides to these other entities, also in ways that we may not be aware of?

    Jeremy, you may have been teaching some entity how to dance and move, not the other way around! 🙂

    “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

    Thanks for offering a different cultural perspective to ‘The Experience’!

  2. It may be that alien entities
    It may be that alien entities can switch their form from specter to physical. While residing in the spiritual realm, they remain wholly immersed in the interconnected field of unity. By materializing into the physical, they disrupt the pattern of unity, forging a physical manifestation. Visitor entities may exist on planets, and in other dimensions, vacillating between them often.

    The Big Bang itself may have been a disruption in the pattern of unity as well. At the point of the singularity, all energy was connected, perhaps just having arose from the unification field. The act of explosion disrupted the unification, bringing about the stages of the early universe. To speculate further, the initial explosion may have defined time and space themselves. The original violent act of disruption was imprinted on the very marrow of the Universe’s matter and energy itself. This impression may have lots of implications for our localized perceptions of time and space, which differ tremendously from the physics of the unification field. Separation from the field of unity was the very act that defined the conception of our Universe. This created incremental time (seconds, minutes, hours, days), and matter could be used by spirits entering the Universe as a nesting area.

    The irritation that the future causes is probably for the following reason: we know we must make A CHANGE (regardless of what that change may be). If you believe in an immortal soul, reincarnation and such, then you are required to make some change in the future. It’s fate that you must make some choice. Not that you are on a path and you must make a specific choice at the end, but simply that you must make some choice. This may create a type of neurosis, where choices are always splitting off and nothing is certain (think Larry David). Second guessing or constant uncertainty of mind may result. The gist is that you have to deal with energy and its change. This may be regarded as aggravating, irritating, and burdensome. However, one cannot help what one is.

    1. Fascinating as always Mace,
      Fascinating as always Mace, thank you!

      1. You are welcome, EE. Hope you
        You are welcome, EE. Hope you have a good week.

  3. Jeremy,
    I have a recording


    I have a recording that I would like for you to try—Just let me know if you can listen to it without moving…I can’t!

    Here it is on YouTube:

    Anugama Shamanic Journey Om Shanti

    The first time I listened to this sitting for meditation, eyes closed, my arms and hands began to move in the most relaxing and enchanting way…(Think mudras and hand movements with slow grace…) I don’t think about these movements, they just flow out on their own. I do feel connected to some nameless energy when this happens, and it’s wonderful!

    1. Cosmic, what a great
      Cosmic, what a great link-thank you ! And such an interesting show, Jeremy. I enjoy hearing from another cultural perspective- The Experience just keeps getting better and better. Bravo !

    2. Nice music! Thanks! … but
      Nice music! Thanks! … but it doesn’t move me. If I sit still to listen to music or to nothing at all, the energy moves me. It’s regardless of outside stimuli, in other words. When I say that I meditate, I don’t actually do anything. Sit, stand, lie down, walk, float in the ocean? Doesn’t matter. Usually, I just am still a sec and the energy starts moving me. Sometimes it wants to do that on its own, clear mind or not.

  4. How you and Whitley do it –
    How you and Whitley do it – is amazing! I have the impression that you 2 do not consult with each other to do material which has (to me) clear connection with the other- yet there are deep connections in your shows…at least to me.

    Ever get the sense we are a bunch gathered around something (an elephant to blind people), trying to tell each other what we “see”, touch, experience?

    A referral to Cosmic Librarian’s idea of “custom made” – our sharing our experiences doesn’t always help us “see” a bigger picture at all. So many variables in each person and how we “interpret” what we experience and what others say of their experiences, etc.

    Perhaps it is about “making one’s own sense” by reflection, time, questions, reading, trusting aspects which are unique to the individual person…etc. The picture is either very small or immense. It is perhaps more about how we do our “inner understanding” of what is Life all about. Being … thinking, questioning, trusting, changing, making choices and having an ongoing conversation with a willingness to live with change and unknowing.

    Aren’t you just amazed by what people share their and bring to the table, and how we are learning to see “more” and becoming more “open”?

  5. Jeremy, wishing you and your
    Jeremy, wishing you and your partner ‘MUCH SUCCESS’ on your exciting new venture. I am also looking forward to hearing an interview with the (god) Whitley when he visits the BIG ISLAND??? This will be my first time actually hearing the voice of a god from Hawaii!!!!! (This made me laugh, I love it!)

  6. Me too, Carollee. : ) Only
    Me too, Carollee. : ) Only thing that could be better – would be if i could come to Hawaii for this opportunity!

  7. Looking forward to any photos
    Looking forward to any photos you may share on FB or Instagram. The last time I was in Hawaii we went down to the big island but we should have gotten a tour guide, although I don’t remember if there were any in 1992 on the big island. All I remember was seeing nothing but black lava rock for miles. We got concerned so we went back to Oahu.

  8. I thought I would post this
    I thought I would post this here as well for Jeremy, in case he hasn’t heard the series.

    Excerpts from the Subscriber’s Special encounters mp3 number 3: “We make the dark side evil by the way we deal with it. Surrender to and respect the dark side. Do not forget this! Do not forget this! There will be tremendous energies. It will be important to understand how to process negative energies, not to turn it into positive energy, but how to surrender to it in such a way that it kisses you instead of burns you. You may not know exactly what that means (…you will…) Everyone’s hyper-dimensional consciousness is different. It is a society that absorbs and processes the same energy, but in a different way, that is grounded, not in violence, but in wisdom and insight into the true nature of being.”

  9. ‘Whitley’s not a God. He’s a
    ‘Whitley’s not a God. He’s a very naughty boy.’ 😉

    1. Milk, after pondering this a
      Milk, after pondering this a moment…. Haha, Monty Pythons ‘Life of Brian’!!!

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