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Without Reason author D. Nicholas Breitbach joins us to tell us what aliens, his higher self masquerading as a guardian angel, and a member of the Council of 9 have told him about the nature of god, the multiverse, alien civilizations, and more, while meditating… and it sounds suspiciously like every ufological fantasy meme from the 80s and 90s. What inner voices are speaking to Nick? I report. You decide.

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  1. I had a difficult time
    I had a difficult time listening to this interview and was so grateful when you finally started asking your guest questions. I much prefer a conversation to this format. Too bad he wanted to ramble instead of having a conversation that included good questions. I am looking forward to the round table discussion you mentioned last week. I will be expecting a really good conversation.

  2. Hey Jeremy, it sounds like
    Hey Jeremy, it sounds like ol’ Nick B. has read quite a bit. Im sure Whitley isnt the only one that has an ear tag…. At 17:30 the impression is, I wanted to read about aliens not Whitley’s history. Personally, by 17:30, I was a bit tired of hearing history duhee. Around 41:00 the impression was, Im tired of being incarnated. My impression is that people line up to come here.
    Im with the concept of we all have experiences and you cant always prove any of it. The Wind told me a long time ago, “There are no bad choices, just ones that make life more difficult.”
    I appreciate another point of view. Overlapping realities, Amen.

  3. In amongst the verbal D, I’m
    In amongst the verbal D, I’m sure there were a few more slightly solid chunks worth contemplating but that would necessitate me listening again…and I doubt that’s going to happen. I’m sure that Nick is a lovely guy but that conversation, if you can call it that, was not for me, sorry.

    What I would say, on a related topic is that many years ago, I tried experimenting several times with going into a meditative state and typing into my computer, words that would come into my head. At first it was just rubbish, then eventually it resolved into a kind of rambling, spiritually oriented mixture of comentary and advice. I remember the word ‘bubble’ coming out quite a bit in one attempt, which just didnt make sense in the context of everything else in the surrounding setence…but then it suddenly came to me that what I was getting as bubble, should actually be a thought bubble, or more accurately a physical manifestation of a thought, or intention…and reading in that context, it made perfect sense. But as interesting, mildly uplifting and positively oriented as the text was, I could not be sure of the source…so rightly or wrongly, I stopped doing it.

  4. Thumbs down for content, but
    Thumbs down for content, but thumbs up for entertainment :0)

  5. Without Reason – good
    Without Reason – good title.
    Wasn’t L. Ron Hubbard from North Dakota?
    I found a parking space the other day too, amazing.

    History is full of people telling us ‘how things are’, usually with ulterior motives. Personally I don’t like statements of ‘truths’ that leave you right where you started or with more questions than you started with. Many people have a need to feel ‘special’. More power to them, but if they depend for same on getting respect or confirmation from others by spouting high-sounding concepts with no context other than ‘because they’re special’ I’m not buying it.

  6. Well, that was quite a ramble
    Well, that was quite a ramble and I recognized things I have read and even something from Dr. Who episodes which were not created in a vacuum. English is a really hard language to communicate about non physical understandings. Part of the time I was thinking what other commenters expressed, that it was very difficult to listen to, almost boring in parts, the best parts when you asked questions and made comments, Jeremy.

  7. Well SHOOT, Fargo eh?! Well
    Well SHOOT, Fargo eh?! Well you bet’cha!

    This was a tough one. Although it would be easy to dismiss it as a tedious ramble of imaginings and undisciplined self-deception, I find in the end I have mixed feelings about it.

    I made a New Years resolution to be a nicer person in 2017, perhaps as a reaction and counterpoint to the mean undertone of Trump being elected, but I also just feel like my compassion level could use a boost. So without abandoning discernment, I’ll say that Nick was just rational enough to deserve the benefit of the doubt. Jeremy made an excellent point that he, also, could not prove any of his beliefs and theories about life, the universe, and everything. Isn’t that where most of us are in all this, including Whitley?

    I also think of how, especially in my 20’s and 30’s (a time when my anomalous experiences seemed particularly intense), I too felt I received life-shaping insights from some intelligence outside of myself. And at least some of them were not all that far off of a few of Nick’s. Mine never became personified or formed as distinct voices in my head, perhaps a good thing, but as I’ve grown older I do believe even more that these insights came from a presence beyond myself and were ultimately helpful to me. So what if my experiences amplified to where I did feel distinct presences, hear voices, and get instruction from ET teachers telling me all kinds of stuff, would I write a book about it? Maybe.

    Jeremy did a nice job of treating his monologuing guest with respect, while also illuminating the fact that Nick doesn’t seem to have questioned himself too deeply on many of these inner revelations as being gospel. I wonder if too much presence of doubt, which I think is an essential and healthy part of rigorous thought, actually interferes with the sort of flow of information that Nick is experiencing? Maybe the very fact that he seemingly trusts it so much is also part of what enables it?

    In a somewhat related vein to Nick, I’ve wondered what Jeremy thinks of the material from Lou Baldin (AKA ‘Sleeper’ on Above Top Secret), assuming he’s familiar with it. Talk about someone who claims extraordinary experience and has an elaborate cosmology to go with it! His books can be pretty fascinating, and IMO have some ring of truth to them, but are just as unprovable as everything else out there.

    One thing that really got my attention regarding Baldin is his reported collection of experiences while serving in Vietnam (described in his book, Orphans of Aquarius). While I did not touch on it when I was a guest on The Experience, my girlfriend back in the early 90’s claimed, and later proved to me, that when she lived in CA she had a boyfriend who had served in special ops in Vietnam. And he told her that he was once safely led out of a very bad situation there in the jungle by non-human, physical beings (which as I recall were essentially like the Grays). There was a lot more to it, including elaborate stories of government mind control and memory erasure, but Baldin’s story coming so many years later seems like corroborating testimony. I wouldn’t go so far as to say a Nick-inspired “DUH!”, but the similarities of these two totally separate stories is compelling to me. Anyway, I’d love to hear Baldin as a guest on the show.

  8. I would rather have less
    I would rather have less shows just to make sure that the quality is always there. These are difficult subjects and it is not easy to grind one out every week, etc.

  9. Great points BobinNJ. I find
    Great points BobinNJ. I find that after my experience(s) I want the victory of Truth in all things, while not being able to embody that principle fully in my own life it’s still the central principle of my being.

    Living in a world where false ideas, false beliefs, false actions, and finally false ‘realities’, as the cherished provender of ego, have humanity locked into a world of war and destruction. False truths attempt to break the heart with the weight of their reality, while the real Truth has the strength to carry everything as it is towards hope and salvation.

    ‘D’ asserts a war between the ‘Greys’ and ‘Reptilians’, that may be, but his new truth looks too much like the old falsehood to reveal anything I can value or respect.

  10. I have never missed an
    I have never missed an episode of ‘The Experience’, but for some reason I could not whip up the enthusiasm to listen to this one, and I was highly puzzled by that. Just reading the description and seeing the cover of the book above totally turned me off to it, and that is not like me at all…So, I find the comments about this episode interesting…

  11. My problem is that what I see
    My problem is that what I see of the experience is so completely unlike all of this grays, reptilians, blonds, etc. etc. war in space stuff that I just don’t get where the people who talk it up are coming from. Maybe they’re from another planet…

  12. Oh come on, guys! This wasn’t
    Oh come on, guys! This wasn’t that bad a show.

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