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This fourth and final conversation with Shawn takes us down a surprising road and the Trickster is there the whole way. No. Really. This is one of those rare episodes where paranormal events unfold as we’re recording!

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  1. Jeremy,
    This was another very


    This was another very interesting show. So much comes up for me with the talk about claire-audio incidents and hauntings. Your insight into haunting makes a lot of sense. Something I never thought of, really, and I have never heard anyone else bring it up in the several decades that I have been an experiencer.

    I have experienced different kinds of hauntings, once the cupboard flew open and all the spices flew out at my head. I am sure it was my dad (who is still alive), well not really a haunting, more like remote poltergeist activity from a really angry old man (I think he was 82 or 83 at the time).

    In the 70’s I lived in a house that had a “ghost” that was kind of annoying (always staring from the doorway) but not too scary until some crazy lady moved in next door. Then it seemed like it was trying to tell me something but I was afraid. I suppose he may have been trying to get me to get rid of the crazy lady.

    When I was a kid, after my cousin lived with us for a while my brother and I experienced some kind of haunting. For me it was just someone sitting in my bedroom chair at night or standing over my bed, but for my brother it was actual physical stuff, someone bouncing his bed so that his feet flew up and down on the mattress. I really did think that had something to do with my cousin. When we were grown I would see dark stuff around her head and she was almost totally crazy, at one point could not even hold a normal conversation or finish a simple task. The only good thing I can say about scientology is that their detox program for drug addicts work, though the programming for their organization is mixed in with that (and tends to turn addicts into zombies that sell their books for them) but once she ran away from them she was almost a normal person and I did not see those dark energies around her until she started using drugs again.

    When my nephew loaded the Ghost Radar app on my iPhone I put it in the kitchen and it was very chatty with words that were appropriate for what was going on in the house.

    I have heard voices telling me to “look out for that car” when I was a passenger 3 different times, which my reaction caused the driver to take their foot off the gas slowing down, avoiding a very nasty accident.

    I sometimes hear someone call my name, have since I was a kid. I never know who it is and when I say “what” I get no answer. Once after my mother died I heard very clearly in her voice “I love you”.

    I guess I have gone on long enough. I have lots more but this is getting too long.

    There is no way anyone could convince me that the physical is all that there is to this experience being human on planet earth. Our consciousness does not reside in our brain, our brain is the communications equipment we use to interact with the physical.

  2. Hi Jeremy, I was struck by
    Hi Jeremy, I was struck by Shawn’s description of the baby deer caught in the fence and the struggles he had with trying to free it. Doesn’t it sound like a classic abduction story –but from the other (the visitors) point of view? The beautiful deer is stuck ‘on the fence’ and obviously in great peril. Suddenly it sees a craft approaching and stop (land?), and a being comes out and approaches closer.

    The deer is horrified by not only it’s own predicament, but also by the terrible visage of this alien creature staring at it. Shawn’s motives are purely kind and compassionate, but everything he tries to do is wrong. The fawn panics and seems ready to injure or kill itself just to get away. Finally, he figures out to move away from the animal and try to affect it’s environment and thereby set it loose.

    All interactions we have with the visitors I believe are metaphorical on some level. And they continue in Shawn’s story. Afterwards, Shawn hears cheering and clapping as he sees a woman and a dog celebrating the rescue. She never approaches him, but later he finds a pure white feather in his truck…

    In some Native cultures isn’t a gift of a white feather a Peace Offering?

    1. Hi Cyan, Shawn here. When I
      Hi Cyan, Shawn here. When I was trying to help that fawn, it did strike me in the moment how it was like when the Visitors try to help us. I knew I had to approach the fawn very carefully, calmly, slowly, and yet she was still terrified of my presence. Only by helping her indirectly, by pushing that fence post down at an angle, was she able to free herself, and she bounded off. Her freedom was thanks enough for me. But when I got in the van and picked up that feather, that was like divine acknowledgment (which I really needed that day). I wonder if the Visitors receive any kind of divine acknowledgment when they help us? Or is our growth and freedom thanks enough for them? In any case, I definitely was observing the parallels to the Visitor phenomenon when I was giving aid to that deer. Perhaps the whole incident was meant to show me that…

  3. Every word is planted and
    Every word is planted and reverberates. Love is the Eternal Universal . when we describe this experience we build structures towards that, pointing the way.

  4. Above pointing is being.
    Above pointing is being. Hopefully our structures resonate with one heart towards love. Otherwise, there is resistance and another heart grows within us. Agenda results which must be released … a better word for salvation is release.

  5. I have a difficult time even
    I have a difficult time even using the term ‘ghost’. If Anne visits Whitley, she is not really a ‘ghost’. She is that part of the soul that is known as spirit, and she is a direct reflection of the personality known as ‘Anne’, only with another level of awareness and being…You might call her an enhanced version of Anne. She is aware that she is no longer living in the physical, and interacts because she chooses to do so, and not out of any kind of neurosis or attachment to anything or anyone. Her love for Whitley is pure and genuine, but is very different from from a neurotic spirit you might call a ‘ghost’, and one that does not realize it is dead, is attached to something or someone (Refuses and won’t let go), and may also be a mischief maker and has an axe to grind…

    I do feel that we should be cautious when we just lump all Native Americans together regarding ghosts, spirits, family connections, etc., because we are talking many varied cultures, myths, spiritual beliefs, and diverse environments too. You could say the same for Western Culture—belief systems are all over the place, as are perceptions about life, death, and the afterlife. I do feel that a case could be made that many (not all) here in the U.S. are so distracted by life, their devices, and ‘things’ that those that have passed cannot get through due to the all the ‘noise.’ And there are truly haunted places and haunted people (more people than places, actually.)

    What I have been observing in the last 15 years or so is more and more people acknowledging an awareness of loved ones that have passed, and that acknowledgment has resulted in manifestations, connections, and communication that may have been ignored in the past. Progress is slow, but it is happening…

  6. Shawn, I will try to make my
    Shawn, I will try to make my comment as brief as possible; you spoke of an unfaithful fiancée and how you perceived it through hearing/sensing it. I would like to tell my story because it is different then yours.

    The year is 1979 (a long time ago BUT still remembered).

    Our marriage had not been going well for quite a while. I knew there was someone else but WHO? It was a rainy night and I was sitting on the edge of my bed in meditation WHEN a strong force pushed at my back AND actually pushed me off the edge of the bed.

    I knew (SOMEHOW?) that I needed to grab my umbrella and go for a walk. A block away I saw my then husband sitting in a car and talking to a woman. I walked over to the car, introduced myself then walked away. We were divorced not long after. He did not marry her.

    So what was that force? As sad as that time period was for the family, I could not have evolved into the person I am today if it had not occurred.

    FIVE years before this happened, I was in a library when my eyes focused on the book, “My Years with Edgar Cayce: The Personal Story of Gladys Davis Turner.” This book changed my life. It was PURE GOLD; I learned how to meditate and went on to read everything I could find about the work Edgar Cayce. In the 1970s there wasn’t much available esoterically as in the world today.

    My former spouse could never understand or accept my hunger for the metaphysical and it created problems between us. So there you have it.

    Note…….Jeremy, I heard the sound too but thought it sounded like a train?

    1. Hi Carollee. Your story
      Hi Carollee. Your story definitely strikes a chord. I find it fascinating that something inside us will try to warn us. It is my impression, at least for me, that it was me warning myself; I somehow was able to audibly perceive my ex during those moments. And even though it was hurtful to hear it, and confirm it when we got back home, it all turned out for the best for all concerned. And the same thing goes for me – I would not be the person I am today without having received that clairaudient warning.

      I have not read anything by Edgar Cayce, but I’ve always been fascinated by him and his abilities, and the knowledge he brought into the world. I will definitely check out this book you recommended.

      Also, that noise in the background, I can confirm that there was no car, alarm, horn, train, vacuum cleaner, or anything else going on in my house or neighborhood while I was recording with Jeremy. It seems to be a true audio anomaly. And it disturbs me to hear it. Perhaps another warning? I’m still trying to figure out what it may signify.

  7. I think that the TV show
    I think that the TV show Shawn references regarding a speech recognition algorithm and dolphin language was Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman.

    1. Thanks Brandon, much
      Thanks Brandon, much appreciated! I think that’s the show I was referring to. I will look it up, it was fascinating.

  8. I haven’t had chance to
    I haven’t had chance to listen to the complete program yet but regarding the trickster element, or whatever you want to call it…I was in my car this morning feeling especially tense from the day before, for one reason or another and I was stuck in a traffic jam on my way to work…anyway the car in front had a normal registration plate, but when I looked at it, the first part was RE14X…which to my mind was clearly giving me the message to ‘RELAX’!…which I did 🙂 So was that my mind just seeing information where there was none…like seeing animals in the clouds?

  9. Just listened to this and
    Just listened to this and wanted to comment on the synchronicity experience. I have recently started having this happen to me. I was sound asleep and felt myself being dragged out of a deep sleep. I glanced at the clock and it was 3:33 a.m. Then later in the day I saw the 333 again. I looked it up online and a website came up that called it an Angel Number and it gave a little description for its significance which, incidentally, was pertinent to what was going on in my life. Then a week or so later, I awakened at 4:44 a.m. and again saw 444 later in the day. It, too, is an Angel Number with its own meaning. It only seems to catch my attention if I see the numbers twice and I don’t look for them, they just appear. Don’t know if it will continue, but it has certainly been helpful to me. Since you mentioned the Angel feather, I thought this might interest you.

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