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This week’s guest, Verna Lee Hutton-Ely, has authored a work of fiction based on some of her experiences called, In the Shade of a Shadow of Reason: a Vlee of Twin Willows novel. Her experiences are numerous and appear to conform to her location and interests–another sign that there is a singular intelligence acting through numerous masks we often call alien, fairy, spirit, ghost, and so on. Unless… unless it is the land of Twin Willows itself that is alive with subtle realm beings.

You will find her book here.

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  1. I loved this show. I smiled
    I loved this show. I smiled so much while listening, that i became aware i was smiling. Such joy, enthusiasm, and great stories. I bet many of the listeners connect with Verna. Thank you both for such a good time. I am glad she is coming back next week, since it was wayyyyy toooo short.

  2. Your guest’s description of
    Your guest’s description of the orange globe is astonishingly similar to something that happened to me as a child. I awoke and thought, “oh! That moon is amazing!!! It was orange and very low.” Then I realized that the actual moon was in an entirely different part of the night sky and that what I was looking at was not the moon- and that in fact I was seeing it through the bare branches of a tree- maybe 75 yards away. Completely silent and suspended there. What followed for me was an encounter…however many years later in college I shared this story with a friend. She went and retrieved her diary and read a sighting of the same orange object in the Hudson Valley area that she saw as a child. I am curious if the timing aligns in any way….I never saw this particular object again despite many other encounters…

  3. Really enjoyed listening to
    Really enjoyed listening to your guest this week. The very large moon that wasn’t a moon happened to me a couple of years ago sitting on the beach late at night with my husband. We only spoke of that night once and then just packed that experience away. I must admit, your shows have helped me unpack some unusual memories. Maybe I have more in common with some of your guests and other listeners than I thought. Looking forward to your continued conversation with Verna Lee.

  4. This is cool, Jeremy. heres
    This is cool, Jeremy. heres 2 fun ones: I was in ALbuquerque NM in a Taco bell with a coworker in 1998. I saw an angel there, standing behind her. She didnt turn around, but said,”You see him dont you.” I had tears rolling down. “Yes, yes I do.” Tall fellow with a baby face and a shock of yellow hair. Awesome. In taco bell nonetheless!
    I visited a friend up in the mountains of Colorado in 2009. She said there were fairies near by, but I never saw them. I did however hear what sounded like tiny windchimes.
    (I have 1 witness, each time but again, cant prove any of it.)
    Goes hand in hand with Verna’s stories. (my sisters middle name is Verna)

  5. Thank you Verna Lee
    Thank you Verna Lee Hutton-Ely, this is a delightful interview. For anyone interested, I have posted a video that includes a few of the things you are talking about. The first half mostly about FAIRIES then the second half more on ANGELS.

    Edgar Cayce Fairies, Angels and Unseen Forces…….

  6. Delightful interview!

    Delightful interview!

    Verna, you are not the only one that woke up one morning feeling a dimensional or time-line ‘shift.’ This happened to me just prior to the election, and I mentioned it to my sweetheart at the time, and it is hard to describe (I also knew, well before the election that Trump was going to win. I felt strange that whole time, and I also made sure that I told people what I was sensing. Of course, everyone blew me off, saying that wasn’t possible…But later some were saying, “How could you possibly know that? ”

    I am the one that saw the bunny, and after the interview with Jeremy, my own curiosity about that incident gave me an idea. I decided to do some remote viewing of that night. What was interesting was that I saw the incident from the head of the bed. The head of the bed was against a wall, so this means that my remote view was from a perspective different from the way I actually experienced it. I saw myself in the bed under the covers as my child self, and right next to me, where my sister should have been, was the big rabbit. What was odd was that I could see some kind of ‘field’ wavering around the rabbit, and for moments I could see my sister, so it was almost like she was being cloaked or disguised (Think of those ‘Star-Trek’ movies and the cloaking devices that made them invisible) So what was going on with that, and why? I would like to know: Has anyone else that has had unusual experience attempted a ‘remote view’ to the past? I’m not talking about a memory, but zeroing in on the time and place and viewing it from the outside?

    Also, Verna sounds like a great person to include on a ’round-table’ discussion in the future, and I’m sure it would be loads of fun too!

  7. Regarding a very large
    Regarding a very large rabbit, I suggest you look at “Harvey (film)” on Wikipedia. It is my favorite film.

    “Elwood P. Dowd (Stewart) is a middle-aged, amiable though somewhat eccentric man whose best friend is an invisible 6′ 3½” tall rabbit named Harvey. As described by Dowd, Harvey is a pooka, a benign but mischievous creature from Celtic mythology who is especially fond of social outcasts (like Elwood). Elwood has driven his sister and niece (who live with him and crave normality and a place in society) to distraction by introducing everyone he meets to his friend, Harvey. His family seems to be unsure whether Dowd’s obsession with Harvey is a product of his (admitted) propensity to drink or perhaps mental illness.”

    1. No surprises here, but when I
      No surprises here, but when I was young, the movie, ‘Harvey’ with Jimmy Stewart, was one of my favorites. Later in high school when I was involved with drama studies, I chose to perform a scene as Elwood P. Dowd’s sister, Veta. Here are some lines that I spoke as Veta:

      “I took a course in art last winter. I learnt the difference between a fine oil painting, and a mechanical thing, like a photograph. The photograph shows only the reality. The painting shows not only the reality, but the dream behind it. It’s our dreams, doctor, that carry us on. They separate us from the beasts. I wouldn’t want to go on living if I thought it was all just eating, and sleeping, and taking my clothes off, I mean putting them on…”
      ‘Harvey’ is actually a wonderful, simple story about the importance of imagination and kindness. I highly recommend the movie if you have not seen it.

  8. This was a great conversation
    This was a great conversation and it made me think about the difference between this week and last week. Last week it was not a conversation, and when Verna Lee talked she was grounded and the person last week was not grounded. It doesn’t make his experiences less real, just less interesting.

    Jeremy, when you brought up ‘soybean’ world again it made me remember something weird and caused me to suspect we do jump dimensions some times, maybe multiple times but the changes are so subtle we don’t notice. I read a book in the 80’s called Life 101 by John Roger. I recommended the book to a friend in the 90’s and she bought it but the stuff I read was no longer in that book and the author was different. Some of the book was the same but the new author was too wordy and confusing. I have looked for the original version of that book and could not find any evidence of John Roger writing it. I just decided to go look for it one more time and I did a google search instead of going to Amazon and found the original mentioned on a website so I did not misremember or shift to an alternate reality then.

    But in the 90’s I was walking the dog one morning and felt something pop, like a sealed lid being removed and for a minute I thought I was in a different city. It did not feel like the same place any more. I don’t remember noticing anything different except that feeling.

    You mentioned deja vu and I was wondering if you think that is a sign of some kind of shift. I have had periods in my life where I experienced deja vu daily. I never could get a handle on it and after a while it would stop. It never is enough to change anything, just puts me off balance for a few seconds. I would be interested to know of others who have experienced a lot of deja vu, especially since I heard some one claim that it is a sign of the onset of alzheimers, which is not true for me, but I don’t know about anyone else. (I was in my 40’s the last time I had major deja vu episodes)

  9. Last week’s show was an
    Last week’s show was an excellent calibration point. All the “right” notes were played, but I did not hear the music.

    Now this show, a truly engaging exchange on fairies and giant bunnies experiences. (for the life of me, I cannot believe I just wrote that sentence!)

    …Mind blown, meter calibrated

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