New neurological research has answered the question of whether amnesia is caused by damage to the specific brain cells that hold the lost memories, or if access to the memories in those cells are being blocked. And in the process, this research may have uncovered a way to recover memories that were previously lost.
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Have you ever had dead relatives come to you in dreams? How about people you don’t know? Have you ever had childhood memories flash through your adult mind that are simply impossible… until you confirm with close family that something mysterious has indeed happened? This week we will talk to a subscriber named Stephen who has had all of the above happen to him and is just thankful to have found Whitley Strieber’s work and the beacon in the dark that is to help him make sense of it all.
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The mysterious realm of the dream world has intrigued the human mind for millennia, but what is the secret behind these enigmatic and sometimes very powerful experiences of the psyche?

Science views dreams merely as the result of activity in certain areas of the brain during sleep, but the more esoterically-minded view them as a gateway between the physical and spiritual world.

As far back as 4000BC, there is evidence that Man was attempting to interpret dreams as records of these have been found documented on clay tablets. Dreams were regarded as vital aspects of life; in fact, in some primeval communities, the dream world and the conscious world appeared to blur into one existence, with the dream world having the greatest significance. read more