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In Western culture, shamans and psychics are still considered taboo. But if people are born with gifts in those areas and they don’t have a cultural context or a guide to teach them, what happens to them? Does the psychic potential nag at them unconsciously until it manifests externally to wake them up? is this what experiencers are doing?

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  1. Nice show. Three days ago I
    Nice show. Three days ago I had a very strange dream about my left eye and a cat. Both of which you talked about in this show. I was perplexed greatly by the dream. Always synchronicities with this Web site.

  2. Jeremy–the “mainstreaming”
    Jeremy–the “mainstreaming” of the mentally ill back into communities started in 1963 with the Community Mental Health Care Act, but widespread deinstitutionalization was Rosalynn Carter’s pet project.

  3. Please explain sidel (sp?)

    Please explain sidel (sp?) sydel (?) The visualization of an intenet by drawing a symbol…..

    Cant spell it so cant search it………..

    1. I believe the word is sigil.
      I believe the word is sigil.

  4. The discussion about birds as
    The discussion about birds as portents of death brings to mind the titles of two novels, both Canadian as it happens. Margaret Laurence’s A Bird in the House draws on an old saying, “a bird in the house means a death in the family.” Margaret Craven’s I Heard the Owl Call My Name comes from a Kwakwaka’wakw (a west coast First Nation) belief that if you hear the owl call your name, your death is imminent. There is, of course, a rich history of owls as signals-masks-gatekeepers to transcendent experiences of all sorts beautifully explored in The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee by Mike Clelland who has been interviewed on Dreamland.

  5. Sigils may be the means by
    Sigils may be the means by which we can communicate at faster than light or instantaneous speeds. Dry, solid, discrete information (information that has congealed) may not occupy the forefront of the anti-structural edge. Symbolic information that is newly conceived plugs into the quantum flow. For this reason, sigils may travel conduits unknown to Science.

    Extraterrestrials may communicate through sigil type information. Sigils are new opportunities and entities, that persist for a while then dissipate. Each is unique in its own creative right. Since Science expects to find recurring patterns that establish proof, it may have overlooked the possibility that non repeating information is all around us. Dreams are replete with sigils, so this may be a clue about the nature of the “larger reality that we are embedded in”.

    Have you ever learned a vocabulary word, then notice that word soon thereafter in several places (suggesting synchronicity)? Conventional wisdom tells us that the word was always there, but because you did not know it you missed seeing it. However, I have noticed that this phenomenon tends to alight quite quickly, run its course, then dissipate. This suggests that it was in a different state once you learned it (part of a creative act) and then it maybe congealed after a while….If a word in your mind can morph from more symbolic to less symbolic and more discrete, that may be what is going on. It changed energy states, like moving from energy to something closer to matter.

    Creativity gives us the keys to quantum flow, and creative acts may differ fundamentally from dry, banal information.

    Concerning the “black moth” magician, how do superstitions get started? Are they initially true events/circumstances? Then, do people expect them to be the case every time (“the black moth is always a magician”)? Is that why Superstitions don’t make sense often? Maybe they too run their course like sigils, but people keep holding onto them…..I suppose if a real black moth magician interloped upon my household I would be scared stiff and would feel compelled to notify everyone that all black moths in one’s abode are magicians! Could be just fear, though.

    1. Mace,
      I agree with you


      I agree with you regarding sigils…You might say that they are the self-activating software that have been discussed here and at Earthfiles for the last few years. What is more interesting is that many of us came to this idea at the same time, specifically in terms of things such as crop formations, and this came about as a direct result of the CARET document that was released by ‘Isaac’ back in 2007 and after so-called ‘dragon fly drones’ began being seen and photographed here in the USA. (While the ‘Mothership Glass’ formation proved to be made by humans for marketing purposes, that does not negate the fact that it was a very powerful ‘sigil’ that resonated with so many people.)

      Regarding birds: John made a specific inquiry about the appearance of birds, and I have had many interactions and synchronicities involving birds (the doves frozen in time on my birthday being the most profound for me). There are too many stories to relate here, but I will allow that for some reason, many years ago when I was a kid, anytime people would find wounded birds, or hatchlings, they ended up with me. I had few successes, but I also loved and comforted many birds as they died in the warmth of my hands over the years.

      That being said, symbols around those that we love that have crossed over often have their own unique ‘sigils’ surrounding them. With my dad, it was all about clocks and time. He died almost 25 years ago, and he still makes appearances via ‘Time’ (another long story.) I once had a friend that died back in 2001, and he contacted me repeatedly over a period of weeks after he died with well-placed golf balls in unexpected places. He was an avid golfer, and I remember one Christmas gifting him with some ‘Joe Cool’ golf balls. One time, he left a golf ball right in the middle of sidewalk for me to find as I was taking my daily walk here in my neighborhood. I said out loud to myself, “What are the odds of this happening?” Well, I walked a few more paces, only to discover another golf ball sitting right in the middle of the sidewalk a second time! I picked up both balls, and took them home and placed them in a paper bag. The next morning I took the bag into the office of my boss, also an avid golfer and friend of my friend (we all worked together at a small company. ) All I told my boss was that I had gift for him that I had found, during my walk the previous day. He opened up the bag, and with wide eyes said, “Well, I guess we know where these came from!”

      Regarding stories and storytelling…I don’t know if Jeremy has actually visited my website (work in progress), but the main theme of my site revolves around our personal and universal stories and their connectedness to all of us and everything. And there is yet another recent incident involving spiders and spider webs that dovetails with Halloween (Trick or treat?) and the election too.

      I sometimes think that Carl Jung coined the term ‘synchronicity’ simply because he knew that most modern people would be very un-accepting of calling ‘meaningful coincidences’ ‘Magic’!

      1. I think that with sigils
        I think that with sigils generation and transmission go hand in hand, becoming indistinguishable from each other. Once they are fashioned to reach the quantum zone they impact it as well, causing ripples that go virtually everywhere.

        Looks like your Dad hit a drive from Heaven that landed in your local neighborhood. That a long shot, or short shot, depending on your point of view ;).

        1. A watch of my dad’s sat for
          A watch of my dad’s sat for the last 20 plus years in a box under my bed. When we took it out of the box last summer, it was ticking away…That’s just part of the story…

    WARNING, THIS IS WAY LONG but all four of the days events are connected. CROWS…….

    Before I start I want to share something. I am being TOTALLY open and HONEST with this entire post.

    In regards to things moving/manifesting out of thin air, “YES,” I believe it can happen. As a matter of fact I think it happens all the time but most people do not seem to notice it. For instance, when thoughtfully asking for a specific sign and needing guidance in difficult times, it doesn’t have to manifest/appear as a tangible item but can show up in many other ways; any way you can think of. Sometimes in a book you are reading, something someone says, etc. Somewhere and somehow there is always a something aware of us and our needs.

    Here is an example of what I mean. On Tuesday of this week while walking in my special place I ask the Holy Spirit an EPIC question. I ask to find a dollar, then for some reason ask for a dollar coin if my questions were going to be answered. I did this because I thought the paper dollar/dollar coin was very unlikely to be found and it was like a test. My questions to spirit were, “are you close, can you hear us, are you looking at me now from another vibration, can you make manifest a paper dollar or a dollar coin?

    THEN, on Tuesday evening I start to read a book I had downloaded last week, it begins as follows:

    “The change in Marie Carrington’s pocket wouldn’t pay for a ferry ride across Northumberland Strait to Prince Edward Island, let alone a bus ticket to anywhere else in the world. As she cupped the (((Canadian dollar coins))) in her shaking hand, they clinked together, drawing the curious gaze of a man in the seat next to her.”

    I had to stop reading at this point to give my humble thanks.

    This (story) actually starts on June 9th, 2016. I have tried to put the events in chronological order and hopefully easy to follow.

    —– Original Message —–

    To: William Henry
    Sent: Thursday, June 09, 2016 3:39 PM
    Subject: AVIANS……

    William. I thought the following to be totally bizarre and the reason for this e-mail. REALLY, no need to respond to this but I did want to tell you about it. So this morning around 9AM I am driving to K-Mart to purchase a paint brush so I can stain my deck. I get out of the car and hear crows. I have this creepy feeling I am being watched. In my mind I say, “oh, oh.” Now a little nervous, I look around because I know something unpredictable is coming my way. I look up at the top of K-Mart’s roof and see TWO VERY VOCAL CROWS. They keep cawing until I finally go into the store; I kept thinking about them all the way home.

    I get home with no incident and check my e-mails. One is from you. (I am on William Henry’s mailing list.)

    NEW ARTICLES (the e-mail from William Henry).
    I have two new posts for you:

    William, was this simply something you needed to hear, perhaps nothing at all to do with me? BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY, “I HOPE THIS IS THE CASE.” For you in a good way though.

    —– Original Message —–

    To: William Henry
    Sent: Friday, June 10, 2016 5:50 PM
    Subject: A follow up/ AVIANS……

    William and (Whitley, thought I would send this on to you as well). I want to do a follow up on this for what it is worth. Cannot say for sure what the problem is with me today since it could certainly be the **Orange Ozone Alert** kind of day. BUT I have been down with aching eyes/head most of the day. Allergies?

    I wake up from a dream and have been dreaming of a female presence. Although I have no recollection of the dream content I do know it has been repeating itself.

    Upon awakening I turn the fan to a higher setting. (In the summer I like to turn the thermostat up at night so I can use the fan; the hum of the fan seems to soothe my sleep). As soon as I do this I become aware of the two crows from the day before at K-Mart; their feathers are moving with the breeze of the fan. I say, “PLEASE, I invite you in, tell me things I long to know.” I go back to sleep.

    Now, again there is this feeling of the presence of a female, along side her and written on a piece of paper there is a language composed of dashes and dots, (Morse Code)?

    I am either in the future or perhaps remembering a place I can go to while still in this dream? The feeling I sense from this woman is she is in a place of more isolation and limited being. What I mean by this is, this place she is in is not as diverse as the earth/planet we know. OUR PLANET IS FULL OF COLOR AND LIFE. Where she is it is very limited.

    SHIFT…..I am at (-‘s) house. (My good friend Carolyn’s surname is (-) and this is what my brothers and I called her mom while growing up). Carolyn is here and the three of us are going to dinner. Before we head out the door I tell them I need to use the bathroom. I go inside, look around and see the toilet seat is made of intricate quartz crystal. WHAT IS THIS ABOUT? I look around to see more quartz throughout the whole room. Why have I never noticed this before?

    We are now in the restaurant and have placed our orders when (her mom) hands me a catalogue filled with quartz crystal items.

    I am looking at the many photos and see that crystal is being used the same way as one would use glass, metal, wood, etc. In other words, the average house is filled with this quartz. As I turn the catalogue pages there are photographs. Some people I recognize and others I do not. I start to cry when I see myself in several photos standing with those I have loved so much in this lifetime. Carolyn and I are together in many of the photos. These are moments and memories held together with the help of the quartz.

    E-mail to Jeremy…….
    Sunday, June 12, 2016 12:26 PM

    Jeremy, I really liked this interview…….“The Sensation of Hidden Knowledge.”

    Two things very synchronistic here and I am going to forward the original e-mail sent to William Henry.

    1…..Your guest said he had written to William Henry for advice regarding Williams knowledge of languages. PLUS lots of color blue in your guests experiences.

    2…..Before the midpoint of this program a ROOSTER (CROWS). When I head this it brought back the incident and later the dream of the TWO CROWS…..Sometimes memories can be triggered by such things as this. So, for some reason William Henry has been brought into this conversation. The crowing is heard after your guest mentions his Aunt Linda seeing and wanting to touch angel hair hanging from a disk. She was told not to touch it.

  7. The idea that Experiencers
    The idea that Experiencers are the would be Shamans of a non-shamanic culture makes sense to me!


  8. I have gotten into the habit
    I have gotten into the habit of saving Dreamlands and Experiences on my desktop PC and downloading them to my iPod when I have 30-40 saved, which is why I’m just getting around to listening to this particular episode today.
    Regarding birds and death, my mother’s family has always believed that birds that appear and seem to linger around the home and property are the souls of the deceased looking after us. When my father died in 1991 my mother said that a pigeon came to sit in a tree outside of her living room; he was there every day until after the funeral, and then he disappeared. She sincerely believed that the bird was my dad, watching over her. If it matters, my mothers family is Russian/Polish and my maternal grandmother, although a practicing Catholic, was from a Jewish family that converted when she was young to escape persecution.

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