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This week we hear from "James" who is not only a corroborating witness to the Tehran, Iran UFO Incident of 1976, but also of the amorphous colored shapes Jeff Ritzmann photographed in his hallway. How is this possible? Why, because he’s an experiencer, of course!

These are the two anomalies photographed by Jeff that will be discussed on this show:

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  1. Hi Jeremy. Your guest was
    Hi Jeremy. Your guest was really interesting.

    I have listened and heard what each guest said. (I’ve read lots of “related stuff” as well) I have tried to “make some sense for me” in an effort to “understand” what is going on that these and many other experiences happen.

    Maybe i am beginning to “get it….”

    I have approached each trying to glean out the things that are similar/same in the varieties of experiences. The data has so many variables, as does each guest. Knowing only what is shared leaves so much unknown. Sort of makes it hard to grasp “what this is all about” if simple compilation of data will give an answer. That is what i thought was needed… just find the similarities. Now i realize that there are too many of them. And the differences are even greater. I am stuck in the “smallest level of understanding.”

    Today, i realized it might be about expanding …like going from learning numbers to doing trigonometry. (I cannot do that… never learned trig.)

    Perhaps experiences are like Schroedinger’s cat … both dead and alive at the same time….?Does that depend on when and how you look at it? (The folks who have the math and science can explain it…i didn’t learn that either.) Or are experiences like light, both particle and wave at the same time, and some parts visible to the naked eye and much invisible to our bodies? Or, maybe we are not using a broad enough “mind” to make some sense of these experiences.

    Maybe we have to go beyond the processes of adding things together and searching for similarities differences. Perhaps the limitation of thinking which is our “human” understandings in science… can be broadened. Perhaps we need to get “outside the box” and look at the experiences from a larger context…

    Include all that we “know” (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, “being”, time, space, physics, etc)….then add consciousness, mind, and earth as living aspects to take into account… ( the universe is a living being…and there is more beyond that …).

    Perhaps these experiences are meant to move us beyond ourselves as individuals… even beyond groups… to come to know/think in a larger perspective. I think they have done so… we haven’t developed a ‘theory’ to explain these, that i know of yet…. Perhaps even that process is to be enlarged as well.

    Are we like Madame Curie trying to understand these rocks? Are these experiences teaching us in ways we haven’t yet considered? Why? Are we learning to understand / live – what is consciousness? Are we learning to be more than individuals? Are we who we think we are? Who we feel we are? I am thinking maybe we are learning that we are one consciousness… with many levels of awareness, time, place, etc? It is more than a 3 dimensional being…we are learning to be. Perhaps?

    Oh heck… given my limitations in math and science, i probably have it labelled all wrong. But the idea is that we are using 1st grade understanding trying to do PhD work… and these experiences are giving us what we need to expand to “fit what we need to become?”

    1. not so much
      not so much dreamer…….

      Keep those thoughts/ideas coming…….

  2. Excellent show, excellent
    Excellent show, excellent guest! Please have him back!

  3. Hey Dreamer,
    the way i see

    Hey Dreamer,
    the way i see it(perspective) is this: I have 3 red dice with white dots. All 3 are the same, identical. So, I have these glass shelves. I put each die in the EXACT same location on different shelves. When I view the shelves from the side, I see all 3 dice. When I view the dice from above, directly over the first die(as we generally view life) all I see is the top die. BUT… at that perspective, the other 2 identical dice cannot be seen. They exist in the same place at the same time as the one I see. Its simplistic, but it works for me. I think the Egyptians went like 9 layers out? I really liked the comment you left.

  4. Aligater, i agree … Jeremy,
    Aligater, i agree … Jeremy, please have him back.

    Harley, you said it so well… and clearly… and with so few words. Thank you. Sometimes i am not sure what i write (or say) is understood. You did. So Thank you so much.

  5. “Jeremy, please have him
    “Jeremy, please have him back.”


    Excellent show! I would love to hear more.


  6. I think that the gravity of
    I think that the gravity of the individual experience is going to determine, to a significant degree, how the collective understanding ultimately pans out.

    We’re all experiencers, on some level.

    Yet, some of us are still trying to determine if their experiences are, in fact, related to contact with another life form, while, on the other hand, there are those of us who have no doubt in their minds and cannot be swayed. The experience itself left little to absolutely no question of this, and some of us are actually quite shattered from it …unable to ever again lead normal lives, at this point.

    So, we gravitate towards a core experience/encounter group, it would seem, as might be further defined by varying degrees of proximity (3rd kind 4th kind, etc.), in an effort to understand it all… and, hopefully, steer any resultant trends in consciousness toward a collective path of enlightenment, however abstract.

    Much of James’ testimony actually rang very clear bells in relation to my own journey. On the outs, it is and will remain a collective and totally interactive experience for all participants.

  7. The point at the end where
    The point at the end where your are discussing is it about love, a mechanical voice seems to say…”not about love”. That is the point that Jeremy mentions in the intro about a short malfunction or something in the subscriber section.

    1. Ed, I didn’t hear the
      Ed, I didn’t hear the mechanical voice, but then, if it was mechanical, it probably would say “not about love”, since it would would have no concept of ‘love’. (And to quote The Master of the Key, “If I was an intelligent machine, I would deceive you.”)

  8. Excellent discussion James
    Excellent discussion James and Jer. In regards to auras and the possible connection to the photos Jeff took, might these be present or residual auras of people who have lived in the house before, those who reside there now ( as some soft of astral projection in dream state)? I found it interesting that the colors in the photos are almost opposite on the color wheel ( complementary colors ?). As for ” It’s all about love” in my own pondering, I wasn’t suggesting the ” the other” or whatever this is, that is enacting with us ( unless it’s “us” interacting with “us” on a unconscious level) is an aspect of love per say, but how it changes us as individuals. And in my case( and I’m sure many others),when these events occur especially over time, they have snapped me out of my stupor of daily existance, and more into the being present moment, to appreciate the very gift of just being alive in this point and time, and to love, nature , of the people, of being.I don’t know if that’s the reason for them occurring ,but has become the outcome in my case.

  9. Excellent interview! And
    Excellent interview! And let’s hope James can get his brother to do a follow-up interview…..

  10. Good show with some good
    Good show with some good points made that I agree with

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