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The maestro himself, Whitley Strieber, returns to talk about the dark forces trying to sabotage his life and the Unknown Country website. Where do they come from? What do they want? And what is in us that can render them impotent? This episode, we’ll peel back the curtain on the dark hearts among us to see what beats at their center.

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  1. I havent listened to the
    I havent listened to the whole thing yet, but one thing came to mind… (paraphrase) there is some race that wants to take your world. You can hold on to it if youre strong enough.
    THATS what this nonsense sounds like. The message from the visitor who warned of this. Remove the weapon most powerful- Whitley’s truth then blind them with science nonsense. Forget the racist knee-jerk reactions… this can be serious dread. The hitler book might be, at a higher level, a ploy to draw this energy out.
    If you can “remote control” a child….. thats some intention work going on. I guarantee if Whitley Strieber has a voice, no matter how faint, we – the subscribers & others will rake for it till we can hear it.
    I would suggest maybe as a starting point, the e-publish world. It escapes me at the moment but there is a site for that kind of publishing. It might be free.
    Gobekli tepe

  2. Thank you both for this
    Thank you both for this week’s program. Really needed to hear you both.

    Consider this…
    i have understood that a group meditation doesn’t require all the people physically be located in the same place… but that it be at the stated hour (3 am – wherever each meditation is located.)

    As for the particular meditation, perhaps – for all life and for Whitley.

    we can do it with you, Whitley. Even if only for 15 or 20 minutes.

    We can individually do this knowing it matters. With no expectation of anything in it for ourselves. Just walking (in meditation) with you, Whitley : )

    If one person in every time zone across the planet does this… then it is ongoing or unending (because as the planet spins, the time zones keep entering and exiting 3 am).
    If we each rise to meditate at 3 am wherever we are… to be a “group meditation with Whitley.” I think we do not need to be “expert level” meditators to do this.

    Personally, i can do “walking with Whitley” time, and then do my “usual though not always, time” and that is great for me!

    Whitley, what do you think? If this is not a good idea, please delete this post.

    1. Thank you, Jeremy and
      Thank you, Jeremy and Whitley, for this very important episode. I agree with not so much dreamer, that directing meditative attention / energy, no matter where we are, can do some good. This suggestion, and Jeremy’s account of the psychic friend engaging, along with others, in psychic battle, remind me of the work Dion Fortune and the Order of the Golden Dawn did in the early years of World War 2. Although scattered geographically, they came together in meditation once a week to protect the country from the enemy, on both psychic and mundane levels; they also encountered what seemed to be psychic attacks coming from the other side. Dion Fortune described very real, positive results for their efforts.

    2. See my earlier comment,
      See my earlier comment, worldwide meditation happening this Monday. Consciousness is not local and we are all ‘entangled” at the quantum level, therefore when we become of one mind in intention, that is real power, and what the ”controllers” are attempting to block especially of late, and here on Whitley’s site.

  3. Ultimately, we are only ever
    Ultimately, we are only ever victims of ourselves. From whatever quarter attacks come, physical or subtle, becoming a victim requires, at some level, our own consent. Sometimes that consent is associated with a desire on our part for a particular outcome, and what appears to us as using our resources in that direction is in reality abusing ourselves. It is by choice that doors close, and by choice that they open.

    The consequences of this viewpoint are significant, because it means the most pitiful victim is the one who believes they have any real power over others, and whether occult or mundane, it’s ultimately not only an illusion, but a delusion.

  4. The fish will jump into your
    The fish will jump into your lap when you least expect it and after you give up.

    Thank you both for a great show

  5. Whitley, as a group of
    Whitley, as a group of subscribers, we must find a way to make this work/help in some way???

    Also, I think it might be advisable to watch If it appears the chances are high enough for a solar flare on the 21st, perhaps you should shut the site down as a precaution.

    Will Sunspot AR2671 feature in the eclipse?

    Sunspot AR2671 has appeared from behind the Sun and tripled in area over the past 24 hours. The sunspot has also spread in to multiple spots. Over the next couple of days the group will face towards the Earth increasing the chances of solar flares.

    If the group reaches the limb of the Sun by Monday, it may produce some nice prominences for totality. Much like the previous total solar eclipse in Indonesia last year.

    There will be another solar eclipse in the year 2024, seven years later and close to some of the 2017 locations. (7).

  6. Undoubtedly, this world is
    Undoubtedly, this world is not without victims, of many kinds and on many levels. Any dualistic world-view defines a power relationship in which some will be victims and some will be victimizers, but it seems to me that at some point of our individual evolution a wholly dualistic world-view does not serve us well, and ultimately diminishes the definition of what we truly are. Evil is overcome not by fighting it at its own level, but by seeing that its foundation is ultimately false.

    1. This universe has a sense of
      This universe has a sense of humor. Of that, we can be sure of.

      I was listening to an old Art Bell podcast about remote viewing. It had a famous remote viewer speaking about dark forces and that he had indeed experienced it.

      Next day I receive a flash email from Mr. Strieber about his site being hacked. That very same afternoon my friend tells me that she had had an awful experience the night before. She woke up at 3:00 am feeling a horrible menacing energy that scared her witless. She even used some of the same words the remote viewer had mentioned in the broadcast!

      I have to confess I did not tell her that I had been listening to the podcast as she is not an experiencer and she is usually negative in her out look. I have few friends as it is! Yes, negativity is an open door, but I think it’s more than that. It wanted me to know. I promptly resolved to forget the whole matter and what do I see today, but this interview about dark energy! It wants us to sit up and take notice!

      Instead of thinking it’s hopeless, I see it as attempts to take our eyes from what is really important.

      Mr. Strieber, you are important to all of us; and it knows this.

      Remember what you said about open doors. We must all work together and detox from all this energy that seems indeed to be stronger for some reason right now. Paramahansa Yogananda, the great guru who would enter bliss through Kriya Yoga said he never believed in dark forces, or what we would call Satan, until he had one experience with it.

      We wont underestimate it but we can help rise above it by discipline. One of this is not to watch any tv news, or tv at all. Get your news from reading it. Send out your books without expectations. Think of changing to audiobooks, as that will be the future and your voice has a certain power to it.

      You have been a warrior so long. It’s time to smooth your feathers. You are so blessed with interesting caring friends, you still connect with your wife. You are a walking miracle!

      Please stop looking back. I don’t believe what was said to scare you for a NY minute!
      My mother also had personal psychic attacks like that and they would be intertwined with trivial truths and it made her miserable. The personal stuff she worried about never came to be.

      Before writing this, I went outside to my little garden and the milkweeds are loaded with caterpillars that will soon be monarch butterflies. I have never seen so many!

      Mr. Strieber, you are so blessed. Do not let this smoke and mirrors energy for a moment, make u falter on your path. Only look forward. Stop looking back at all that has hurt you. You are reliving it over and over. It’s not necessary. Your book with Anne is the only thing that is important right now. Everything else just details.

      You are not alone.

      1. Hi Lily, can you elaborate a
        Hi Lily, can you elaborate a little about Yogananda’s experience? It’s surprising he said he never believed in negative entities. My impression has been that most people (yogis etc.) who attempt to manifest something of the higher worlds here encounter some kind of resistance from that quarter as a matter of course.

        1. In all his writing I don’t
          In all his writing I don’t remember Paramahansa Yogananda having problems with negative entities. But then this was a special man indeed. The only time I remember him writing about it was when one time he said that he was meditating and he felt something so dark that was trying to give him a heart attack and kill him. However, in an instant his guru Swami Sri Yukteswar came to his rescue and saved him. I read his “Whispers from Eternity,” every morning. I can’t begin to describe how much energy his writing has. By the way Steve44, i was trying to add-in my previous post that i agree with what u wrote but this, site has its own quirks. Im glad to be able to say it now. Since I did not remember him writing about evil too much I decided to see if he had more to say. I found this: “In God’s plan and play (lila), the sole function of Satan or maya is to attempt to divert man from Spirit to matter, from Reality to unreality.”

          1. Thank you Lily. Actually it
            Thank you Lily. Actually it would make sense to me that he wouldn’t put any unnecessary focus on the negative in his teachings, especially since his mission was to introduce Eastern thought to the West, which was already steeped in duality. Extending that duality to the spiritual realm from the start probably would not exactly encourage the Western mind to think in new ways…

  7. May the heavenly choirs rain
    May the heavenly choirs rain down grace and accord upon this gathering.

    I love you all. This has been a tough four years for so many of us.

    Look ahead and up, in that particular way…


  8. Question: why is it that we
    Question: why is it that we always fail these tests? That they are meant to be failed?

    1. I can’t comment on the type
      I can’t comment on the type of tests being referenced here since I don’t think I’ve had them, but I can say that I think we often learn more from failure than from success, simply because failure indicates where change is needed, unlike success. Failure makes us conscious of the need for change in areas we would not necessarily have been aware of before, or at least felt it necessary to change.

    2. Hey Brinn,
      nice thought. Try

      Hey Brinn,
      nice thought. Try this:
      Heres the test. you need to get into a convenience store, steal a 6 pack and run out to the getaway car.
      1) if you actually do it, then you pass the test. But, do you?
      2) you may decide that stealing is wrong…that you should pay for what you take. Hence, you have failed the test(lost the battle) BUT….. in valuating your “moral compass and doing what is right, you actually win(the war).
      This has also perplexed me.
      Whitley had mentioned some time ago about relationship fidelity and it seemed to me that it was valued. Compare that to detachment. Trickster?

  9. What is the best tactic
    What is the best tactic against “evil”?

    1. It’s a matter of
      It’s a matter of consciousness, not tactics. Particularly as it applies to good and evil, consciousness is fundamental to perceiving and defining both. So, where evil is perceived, a consciousness which represents its opposite will be in the best position to oppose it.

      Let’s take what happened in Charlottesville as an example. In marching, the racists wanted to manifest their hatred for other races, deliberately provoking them by chanting, carrying weapons, etc. Now, the opposite of hatred is not mutual hatred, but love. If those the racists hated had been able to respond with love, and manifest that love, the hatred of the racists would have lost its power. The logic, from the point of view of the racists would have been something like this: “I hate them, but they love me, therefore I must hate myself, which is impossible!” Instead, what happened is that those opposed to the racists had no real opposition to the evil of the racists’ hatred, they hated the racists as much as the racists hated them, and so hate prevailed.

      1. Steve44,
        I agree with your

        I agree with your understanding that consciousness has everything to do with freeing oneself, one’s people, one’s nation. Hating the actions &/or the ideas of those who are racist, is not the same as hating the racist person. This difference is not always apparent, nor easy to get to.

        Further, those who see themselves as human and the other “not human,” are unaware they themselves are not free. They are subject to idea/experience/need to control others. The alt-white groups which act out their need to “regain power they lost” by taking it away from others (black people) also needs to be addressed. The “power” of being free, is not gained by enslaving others… nor is gained until both sides are free in all aspects (mental, physical, emotional, etc.).

        How was apartheid in South Africa brought down? The freedom of the black people couldn’t happen without their changing their understanding of themselves AND the white people needed to free themselves of oppressing others. The white people were enslaved by their ideas and control of others. Both sides had to be free…
        How did it come about?
        One man, a leader of the black people, had an insight while in prison. The actions against the government and apartheid for which Nelson Mandela was imprisoned, were now understood by him only to continue apartheid (by feeding both the ideas the white people had towards the black people, and the ideas the black people had of themselves).

        To rise out of the previous mindset … and see each other as human and in every way. Color could no longer be what determines one’s humanity. Love must be the basis for all action and words. All the people on both sides, would need to see each other as fully human and embrace that which is our essence: love.

        I believe that was a moment as well as a process which was a high point in my lifetime. A moment when earth and heaven are one. Everyone could be moved to a new understanding and way of being… a gift we have not yet fully accepted. Yet, it is here for the taking.

        Now… to put this to how does anyone address evil – that which is NOT LIFE GIVING/ evil? Together and alone… we do need to do both…until there is none.

        That’s my take. Whitley, take heart… you are not alone. And it isn’t critical mass… it is each one becomes One… in mind, effort, etc. We are with you…

        1. Yes, the manifestation of
          Yes, the manifestation of evil is simply the manifestation of limitation, and all limitation is in the final analysis a limitation of consciousness, of the oppressor no less than, or perhaps more so, than the oppressed.

      2. Agree with the consciousness
        Agree with the consciousness remark.

        However I feel quite sure that recent events in the news are mostly concocted divide and conquer strategies, not organic events. There really is a consciousness war of sorts going on to keep us from uniting and seeing the picture. Don’t watch the ”programming” that msm is putting out there. Look deeper.

        1. Yet its amusing to watch the
          Yet its amusing to watch the desperation with which they seek a resonance in the populace which, while still there, is not all they hoped it would be. The world has moved on and the chaos which has besought the White House is a sign that support even in the established halls of power is not there to enable all they wanted to ‘accomplish’, and the more desperate they become the more blatant the contrast between what they represent and what is real becomes apparent.

      3. I think the ideology of
        I think the ideology of “evil” is primarily assisted by how we promote it. The “Devil” (or some such evil entity) wants to promote itself, and even if the promotion is in a negative fashion, it is a means to an end. Evil wants us to fight it, becoming interminably embroiled and embattled. It wants us to focus on it, engage with it, pay attention to it. It is a trap that it wants us to fall into so it can steal our light. The more we focus on dramatic negative acts, fearing them, getting angry over them, being saddened by them, the more we promote a negative mindset in the world. The web of evil extends outward in order to create problems in our world. Evil wants us to waste our time on negative situations, emotions, and scenarios, that way it strengthens its grip on humanity. It brings down our vibration, making us more like it and subject to its dominance and control.

        Look at the feedback mechanisms in place in our society, and how they may be used for evil: the media, 24 hour news, magazines, the Internet, etc. They allow evil acts or ideas to embroil us, entrap us, make us embattled. Negativity creates more negativity, and the cycle goes on and on. The way to stop it is to ignore it, disengage from it, to not give it your power. Fighting it is not a good idea, too much negativity will result. The very media scenario now employed may be part of a conspiracy to promote negative emotions and continue the cycle of evil.

        Using Love to annihilate it is akin to fighting it. It’s very “5th Element”, but still it would often be perceived as an aggressive act. Using love to destroy evil might be achievable, but do humans possess enough love in their current circumstances to muster that amount of love? I think the using love to destroy evil smacks of escalating violence, and is probably not the route to solving problems in our world. If we all can agree to love, that would be wonderful. However, there are those who may see love as something aggressive, in which case it is something to be fought, not embraced. Destroying evil with love means we do not validate the free will or choice of a person who has chosen to be evil. Perhaps they want to embrace love, but perhaps not. Maybe they survive by being evil, and that is their choice. Best to leave them alone in that case, to minimize contact.

        I used to have a joke about the “bad guys vs. the good guys” common scenario that is present in many human narratives. I said it’s the bad guys vs. the other bad guys (otherwise known as the good guys). That’s because in film, books, and plays the good guys destroy the good guys in various violent manners oftentimes. Such is the narrative that many people espouse. Annihilation is fundamentally violent, and if that is your mindset you are going to encounter negative circumstances through your attempts at annihilation. Desire to annihilate is also a warlike viewpoint. Humans engage in too much war already.

        Should we ignore evil? Can we? Is it naïve to think so? What would have happened if the media had simply ignored Donald Trump rather than covering him? But no, they wanted to sell newspapers in order to make money. Donald is entertaining, and that entertainment has promoted him to a place in power.
        Can we stop engaging with evil? Are we slowly getting sucked in? Have we become enablers? These are questions that trouble me. If we can focus on love, that can change the landscape of the world. We should care and have as much compassion as possible. But if we focus on annihilating evil with love, I believe our chances will be thwarted. Evil wants us to engage with it. We should cease engaging with it so regularly. I think we should mostly ignore it, because paying so much attention to it can bring it to power. Ignoring it as much as possible may be the way to defuse it, to limit its power. Evil must steal light to rise to prominence. If we do not give evil light, it will fall back into the shadows. It won’t be able to function. Close the door.

        1. Mace, I agree with much of
          Mace, I agree with much of what you said, but not all. Love being seen as aggression when being used to annihilate evil implies that that is the motivation to love – but it’s not the motivation, just the consequence. If the motivation from the outset is to destroy evil, then you’re right, we’re just engaging it at it’s own level, which I’ve said elsewhere is not the way to conquer it. The reason to use love is because you see that’s what’s really lacking in the consciousness of people filled with hate. Their hate is a perverted form of their need for love. In the racist example, the world they envision is a world of harmony and cooperation where everyone gets along because they’re all the same, have the same values and understanding. The problem is they only see this as possible by excluding others because they don’t feel it’s possible to have that kind of oneness with people superficially different from them. Love shows them a level of sameness that is common to everyone independent of all their differences.

          Just as you imply actively loving them is a veiled form of aggression, I can counter with actively ignoring them is a veiled form of fear, which strikes me as no better a solution.

          1. Love is the way, but that can
            Love is the way, but that can also be in the long run. I think you do have to show that love is a universal, immersive theme that flows through everyone and everything. That is one goal, and we should be patient in exuding love as much as we can. However, respect is another goal, and if one chooses evil in spite of exposure to love, that is a choice that should be affirmed. I’m not talking about bigots and prejudiced people in general. I’m talking about controllers who may be more far gone than the average person who engages in discrimination. Some people, in positions of power, may believe that their evil is a choice, a right. In that case, supplying them with love constantly may serve only to make them more irascible. They may decide to lash out at others, inflicting pain upon them because no one is listening to their opinion. Consider that for some, love may be an annoyance. Exploiters may feel that way.

            You spoke of closing and opening doors. Closing doors is one defense, although not absolutely reliable. For now, I assert the doors are much too wide open. People have to know when to stop.

            I don’t think we should ignore evil monsters entirely. We should offer our love, but still not act as enablers. They may usurp our power, and that is not desirable. As I stated before, it is a question of tactics. And Patience. Love the monster, but don’t let him bite your head off.

          2. Well, regarding people in
            Well, regarding people in power, in positions to make decisions effecting large groups of people at the material level, loving them and respecting their right to choose are not diametrically opposite, so I’m not sure why you make the distinction, but neither is love inherently enabling or supportive of their wrong choices. Subjectively, it’s simply understanding them at the deepest levels, and objectively it’s simply demonstrating that understanding. I don’t think either will inherently exacerbate their wrong choices, because their motivations lie elsewhere. Interestingly, the exercise of such power is often dependent upon the people it is exercised against, there’s an element of complicity necessary to complete the circle, and often that complicity is dependent on those in power exploiting the ignorance, and lack of love in the population under control, so limiting the expression of love does not seem to me to be a wise strategy to check those in power, even if that love must of necessity be apparent to those who would crush it or just as well (or better) do without it.

          3. For the most, I would agree
            For the most, I would agree with your appraisal that average humans want love. However, for those living in deep darkness, light can be irritating. That is because it opposes their usual vibrational proclivities, putting them off of their guard, throwing them out of kilter. It’s true they may accept love in the long run, or not be fully bothered by it, but they realize that love is the opposite of what they want to accomplish with their goals. Amassing power can be antithetical to a philosophy of love, and they are well aware of that. I am talking about dark MIB’s, aliens and such, not typical humans. Negative entities. When they exercise control over a population they have to be handled in a particular manner, and I don’t believe we are handling them correctly at present. We are giving them rope to hang us. That’s one reason I mentioned the conversation opener, “what is the best tactic against evil?”.

          4. Oh, you’re talking about
            Oh, you’re talking about THEM. Well, as to how we’re ‘handling’ them at the moment, it’s certainly not with the power of love. I can’t imagine any beings darker than the ones I dealt with, and while I don’t believe they were aliens in strictest sense of the term, I don’t consider them human, and about the only power that threatened them was the power of love, and it was, to them, more than irritating, it was near fatal. Here’s ‘musical photograph’ of one:


          5. Well, love certainly can be
            Well, love certainly can be fatal to them, and they are aware of it. But it requires a lot, and they are stronger than most humans. Best to keep them at arm’s length, lest we be burned by their wrath. Once we learn how to deal with them, and I know we don’t know how to do that yet, we can negotiate or at least defend ourselves against them. Virtually everything we have been taught about important matters is wrong, so we have been put in a position of victimization through our own ignorance.

          6. I’ve never considered
            I’ve never considered negotiation a possibility. I believe they will be overcome in the course of our evolution, but that’s a ways off as of yet. Of course, we are not alone in the Universe, and there are forces of good as well as evil, so we are not helpless. While it’s true they exploit our folly, I believe there are forces which guard our future until we are able to stand on our own. Our evolution has far, far more importance than we ourselves give it, or can even imagine.

          7. Are they our initial test,
            Are they our initial test, one that we must pass in order to proceed further? Part of our evolutionary development? I wonder how many civilizations perish because of their influence. Perhaps they are a problem we must resolve before being inducted into a Federation.

            There has to be a way to negotiate with them or at least a method of relation one can use in their presence.

          8. Well, first, I’m not sure
            Well, first, I’m not sure we’re talking about the same beings, or type of beings. With the ones I know of, I don’t think they see us as having anything to negotiate with. They are present wherever ignorance and darkness exist, and their purpose is to support and perpetuate it. If the fate of humanity is to manifest infinite light, which I believe it is, then they will gladly leave on their own. Until then, no way. Here’s an aphorism written by someone I prefer not to name who perhaps knew of their existence:

            You are not a man
            Although you look like one
            Your very presence
            Is nothing short of a nightmare
            Upon seeing you
            my world shall die
            before it hopes to dare

          9. They are just a form of life.
            They are just a form of life. We should not judge. But they have to be handled in a reasonable manner.

          10. Well when a beings very
            Well when a beings very life-principle is to oppose, or better stated ‘opposes’ evolution as spontaneously as we breath, it’s not so much a judgement as a description. Besides, the ones I knew were quite aware of it and not shy about revealing their true nature when it was possible. They thought of themselves as quite powerful and it was not a misplaced belief.

          11. Well, yes, they have a role
            Well, yes, they have a role to play in evolution, a negative one. In a sense, it is their right, because it’s the nature of evolution to be difficult. When considering evolution don’t just limit yourself to the human, humans are just one stage in evolution. There were stages before us and there will be stages after us. Until evolution itself reaches a certain level, they will have their role to play.

          12. Yes, I would agree with that.
            Yes, I would agree with that. But who put them in power? The Creator? Advanced aliens? Did we all agree to this scenario from the inception? Seems so. I don’t agree with us “defeating” them, but we may learn to neutralize them in time.

          13. Well, consider what evolution
            Well, consider what evolution is. Before there can be evolution, there has to be an involution, as Sri Aurobindo describes it, ‘the plunge into inconscience’, where the Infinite Consciousness self-determinably vanishes into its own apparent opposite in order to play the Cosmic Game of evolution. The result is what he called ‘the Inconscient’, a dead Universe that must slowly evolve back to Infinite Consciousness. As Life develops, beings arise that are attached to this original inconscience as their life-principle, represent or embody it, just as all cosmic principles have their representations in being. Just as all beings represent one aspect or another of the Cosmos, all Cosmic principles have their representation in being(s). Thus their role in the Cosmic Game has been and will continue to be to support the inconscience, which is the same thing as opposing the evolution. The saving grace in all this is that the Inconscient is not truly inconscient, the Infinite Concsiousness is still fully there, though fully concealed (“He wakes at dawn and calls from every bough, Lies stunned in the stone and dreams in flower and tree.” – Savitri, Sri Aurobindo) The inevitable result of this is that the eventual emergence of the Infinite Consciousness is inevitable. There is no Cosmic principle, even the inconscience, that can prevent it.

            So, over several posts, I’ve described the beings I’m familiar with, and with this post my speculation as to what they are, based on my reading of Aurobindo. As I’ve said, Mace, I’m not sure if we’re talking about the same types of being. You seem to have some kind of direct experience with one’s you’re referring to, I’d be interested in hearing your accounts and what you make of them. Perhaps common or uncommon elements will reveal themselves.

            Also, if you would, please comment on page two. This right-sided compression is annoying.

          14. Regarding your musical
            Regarding your musical section, I keep on thinking of Thor. Kansas wrote plenty of lilting, beautiful music. I revel in “Journey to Mariabronn”.

          15. Well, what can I say about
            Well, what can I say about Kansas…There’s nothing spiritually that I’ve experienced, or perhaps even read about, that is not described in their music. Musically, it’s sophisticated and beautiful, and spiritually I can only describe it as powerful.

          16. Our bodies are dust in the
            Our bodies are dust in the wind.

          17. I’ve heard that…
            I’ve heard that…

    2. Waking up. Looking within.
      Waking up. Looking within. Cultivating discernment. Engage in frequency raising activities: service to others, love, laughter, being fearless, a questioning open mind, humor. These qualities have no resonance with the dark field and they are powerless against them. Their stock in trade is fear and control. Power up your own heart and connect with like minded folks here and in other places. There are many of us.

  10. Brinn, if we learn of a
    Brinn, if we learn of a ‘pass’, our natural inclination is to stop trying and move on to the next thing…but perhaps there is no next thing, and the goal is simply to never stop trying? Just a thought.

  11. If I hear a subtle voice go
    If I hear a subtle voice go ‘Ha Ha Ha…’ I’ve come to happily accept that it is a well intentioned heart joined with me across a bridge.

    This bridge is an everyday sort of bridge; not that big a deal really. No pressure.

    Listening to this show reminded me, right on time, to carry on as I am.


    1. Von, I admit I have no idea
      Von, I admit I have no idea what you’re talking about, but it sounds good to me! LOL.

  12. Steve44,
    Have you considered

    Have you considered doing a show with Jeremy? You have a lot of knowledge, insight, etc. Perhaps you can share your process/experience which has helped form you to be who you are. It may be very helpful to others…

    1. I’ve considered it, but while
      I’ve considered it, but while my experiences have certainly been ‘other-worldly’, if you will, and intense, they have not been extensive, and I’m not sure they would convey anything of wide-spread interest to the community. I’ve learned by listening that they aren’t particularly unique, though they are not identical either, but, maybe.

      I’ll add that I’m not unsympathetic to Jeremy’s call for guests so if he wants to weigh in, assuming he’s read some of my posts and can surmise where I’m coming from, and thinks he can mine enough information for a show from me, I’d give that some weight. I probably won’t move off my fence otherwise.

    1. I did! : ) Never heard the
      I did! : ) Never heard the band before. I am so glad you invited me…. Thank you.

    2. Thank you not so much
      Thank you not so much dreamer. Without, I hope, coming off as too pretentious, I kind of knew you would like it. Kansas was so important to me at the beginning of my spiritual life, when I found myself, for some reason, amidst and in touch with beings very diametrically and consciously opposed to spirituality. Their songs gave me support and confidence when I needed it most, and I’ll always be grateful for that.

  13. This is happening to almost
    This is happening to almost everyone with any kind of following, in the alternative arena.

  14. FYI anyone interested, there
    FYI anyone interested, there is a worldwide meditation happening Monday Aug 21 , 11:11am PDT, 12:11 Mountain, 1:11 Central, 2:11 Eastern, 7:11 bst London, 8:11 cest Paris. Intention: to liberate earth from the dark control forces that currently hold sway and to bring on the sanitizing light to what has to date happened under cover of darkness. Please join us. It will make a difference.

  15. Thank you graciegee. Will do
    Thank you graciegee. Will do it from home. Is there a website associated with it?

    1. me too…. Thank you
      me too…. Thank you graciegee

  16. I would sacrifice
    I would sacrifice economically to purchase both books Whitley if they were available self published on Kindle or as a PDF!!!

  17. Gonna keep it short…There
    Gonna keep it short…There is only one kind of being, and that’s BEING. Take the cat out of the box.

    1. I agree there is ultimate
      I agree there is ultimate Unity of all being (or Being) but diversity is a thing, doesn’t that mean that Being, as ‘beings’ must represent the full spectrum of which the Cosmos is capable? And sorry about the cat..

      1. The cat’s just tired of being
        The cat’s just tired of being in a box, separate from everything else, and living or dying based on an ‘observer’. He’s ambitious, and wants to observe himself and be self-determining of his ‘outcome.’ He is capable of representing “the full spectrum of which he Cosmos is capable.”

        You go, kitty!

        1. I guess we should realize at
          I guess we should realize at some point that the cat’s also an observer, and we’re in IT’s box…nice kitty…

  18. Do not forget today (Aug
    Do not forget today (Aug 21st) to take a moment to give thanks to our universe. I have to say that I am a bit disappointed that there was not a more official mention here of all of us at Unknown Country meditating. I think its a lost opportunity.
    p.s. I see that its been put on now. Thank you!

    1. I only noticed that
      I only noticed that meditation post on the home page of UC a couple of minutes before it ended but at least I caught some of it….looks like it has been removed now.

      Anyway, Lily, thanks for the youtube link…what a wonderful song!

      …and I just noticed that Salem in Oregon was in the path of totality for the eclipse today…apparently that is not the same one as in ‘Salem’s Lot’ but none-the-less, hopefully a few vampires, living on the wrong town, might have been encouraged into the light 😉

  19. Thank you for bringing this
    Thank you for bringing this out, into our attention.

    The attack on Whitley’s book, or the refusal of publishers to touch it, only proves to me that this book must be needed in the extreme, and I dearly hope some way to get it to the light of day, however that has to be done. Self-publishing or whatever.

    Perhaps Peter Levenda would be a great guest on Dreamland to touch this subject with once again at some point, not only from a “Nazi” subject matter perspective, but from a perspective of things that can begin to happen when certain subject matter, particularly, is brought into focus and written about at length.

    And now the importance of keeping up with all this has been impressed upon me. Also my own duty as a growing being to leave the crib the rest of the way. I have to come to the point that any remaining doubt about a soul is vaporized. Thank you Anne, for helping in that direction.

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