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Is there an intelligence that reflects back at us through encounter experiences the things we need to work on to become a full expression of ourselves? Continuing where last week’s show left off, we will hear a bizarre and joyful encounter with a gray being rich in imagery and meaning that was also a physically real experience.What are these masks we wear for, us and the Visitors? Let’s peel them back and see.

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  1. I believe the self just gets
    I believe the self just gets sublimated, like Jeremy stated, in an experience of oneness. In a sense, it gets cancelled out so that its influence is less dominant. Locality may be there, but locality is “drunk” (inebriated), the self gets subsumed by the pervasive energy that is the spirit. Maybe that is the only way for the individual self to travel at that point, being egocentric bogs one down. For example, how does one take information into the afterlife if it is forbidden for information to travel at faster than light speeds (by Science at least). It may be that once sublimated, the information is cancelled out by the spirit, making the information sea worthy for transit. Since I believe we do have memories in the afterlife and have to deal with them as part of our integration, how can information travel? It may be because of the sublimation process. Visitors may use the sublimation process as well in the crafts. A “saucer” may fuse with its outside environment so it is barely distinguishable. Traveling like a ghost ship, with no clear definition or boundaries, it may be able to circumvent physical problems that it would encounter while “solid”. Computers and information aboard these crafts are sublimated while they travel from their dimension (wherever that is) into ours, and then it reappears when they arrive here (information becomes accessible in the usual manner we usually experience).

  2. Hey Jeremy, I think I was
    Hey Jeremy, I think I was involved in a couple of those discussions you mentioned at the beginning of the show, and I completely agree with your thoughts on those guys, very validating to hear someone else say that, sometimes I feel like I’m the only one saying this stuff, so thank you for that. For a long time I was convinced there was a connection between the visitor phenomenon and the whole ET UFO thing but there were certain aspects of the experience that defied that kind of thinking, so I discarded it as ‘Oh that was just a dream, it couldn’t be real’. These day’s i’ve learned just to accept everything as a whole, without biased thoughts and examine my experiences on their own merit as if it were happening for the first time and by approaching it with this mentality the ET theory for me at least just doesn’t hold up anymore. I still don’t understand what this is, but there is something very freeing about accepting that you simply don’t know what this is, and perhaps right now no one really does– because that is the only way you start asking the right questions.

  3. Great conversation.Jeremy,
    Great conversation.Jeremy, you are sooo good at what you are doing.

    In regards to what you have written, Mace… i don’t know if i understand sublimated correctly. From what you wrote, it seems that “who one is” gets fit into a stronger energy which you referred to as spirit. So far, i think i am doing ok…. : )

    You then write of traveling…. if it is forbidden to travel at faster than the speed of light…the information seems to become cancelled out by the spirit… and thus can travel. So are you saying, it was 3D before and now it isn’t 3D? I makes some sense, but….

    What if we think/ perceive in 3D because that is the “program go to” and the reality is not 3D any more than our mind is. (Brain yes, mind no.) We have no idea of what our brain perceives in 4D, 5D, etc…. What if the goto 3D we perceive is really only a tiny aspect of what is… and when we grow into greater perception because of our “experiences” which happen because we are bordering some aspect of greater awareness… So then, perhaps, after we die or have grown into a “self- less” being, we escape the boundaries of this perception and enter another reality …. i guess it would be like a piece of graphite on paper, if it had consciousness, would somehow see another piece of graphite next to it… and the pencil which comes and puts that graphite on the paper is invisible? 1D – 3D I think that is built into the system until one is “ready” whatever the reason. The ways one becomes ready… i have some ideas but they are pure speculation.

    When one is ready, and already in some ways entering into greater awareness, an experience occurs which opens up the conscious awareness the being in a way we don’t understand. That consciousness is always there, but we have to grow into it… much like babies grow into using their limbs and voices to move purposefully and knowingly. I guess i am saying i think it is developmental.

    AND i am saying that consciousness is not dimensional… but there is an aspect in our body/mind/being which perhaps, vibrates at a specific way/speed/ whatever and when we develop our awareness and consciousness enough through …stuff… including meditation…. we change the subtle speed slightly, over time so that we seems no different to the perception of others, but our perception is increased/broader/ whatever…

    anyway, that explains it in a way that also raises questions about reality and how /where it really exists and what of how much we perceive….

    Hope this makes some sense.

    1. I’m saying that once
      I’m saying that once information, common (solid) matter or ego gets swallowed by a larger entity, it behaves in a different manner of expression than before. If information, matter or ego is comfortable and equipped to be on the level that our physical bodies reside in, just change the expression of the information, matter or ego by submerging it in a larger medium. This way, any problem that it has travelling in higher dimensions is erased, the matter is sublimated and would behave like an apparition. Not that it would be destroyed, it would still exist as it was on another level, but it could travel faster than light as well, or even instantaneously. I strongly suspect that any UFO’s that travel here can make the transition from solid matter to apparition and back, they can travel as specter then pop back into the physical as solid mass. How the expression of the matter is manipulated is the key. The assumption that matter can transmute and graduate to another level is implicit in these conjectures. Delving into another medium (defined here loosely as spirit) can alter the relationship of matter to it’s surroundings.

      Our minds already exist in the 4D-5D realm, we simply have to open up and experience it. By doing this, we get swallowed by a larger version of ourselves. It was always there, but by our intention it is made manifest. The potential to become much larger than our current self is there, it is simply inert until we open the doors.

      You wrote: “What if the goto 3D we perceive is really only a tiny aspect of what is… and when we grow into greater perception because of our “experiences” which happen because we are bordering some aspect of greater awareness…”

      I agree. I’m saying that once physical matter, information or the ego avails itself with the larger picture, and is swallowed by a larger medium, it changes how these are expressed. Sublimation is nullification, to a large degree.

      Different levels of being can be stacked upon each other and exist simultaneously, as layers. However, the direction one travels according to conscious intention is what will apparently manifest for that person. If one imagines greater order, greater order will materialize. If one imagines higher levels of spirit, those will manifest. Matter may have lower levels of dimension, and higher ones as well. All are accessible using that matter as a guide, all are connected. The reason why the expression of matter, ego or information changes as it moves up the vibrational ladder is because one is seeing reality from a larger perspective. One is enlarging the expression of the entity, bringing it into actual manifestation. For a flying saucer, that would mean the matter was accessing the spiritual planes more completely than it was before. Also, that this manifestation was deliberately being brought into being by a conscious act on the part of “visitors”, during the course of a journey. It’s like the mind of the flying saucer has opened up, and spiritual energy has flooded in. We are not the only beings that are apparently small, then larger on the inside, as we imagine. An “alien” spacecraft could be just like us, apparently small, but possible to enlarge in scope.

    2. Hey folks,
      Dreamer… THAT

      Hey folks,
      Dreamer… THAT was a golden nugget for me..right there!
      … and when we grow into greater perception because of our “experiences” which happen because we are bordering some aspect of greater awareness.
      The point of MAYBE the randomness of experience really isnt so random. WHY?
      we are bordering some aspect of greater awareness.
      Whitley said something along the line of: when you meditate, they can see you better.
      Gobekli Tepe …

  4. Most of all, I think mankind
    Most of all, I think mankind is encountering a superlative intelligence, and that cannot possibly conform to our common human narratives…..

  5. Thank you, Mace. Now i can
    Thank you, Mace. Now i can understand what you wrote. You make a lot of sense.
    I agree with what you wrote, especially the last sentence.

    You are gifted in being able to think so deeply and make it understandable. That is rather rare. I appreciate your many posts, though i do not always understand them. More, i appreciate your taking the time to explain “at my level” so i can comprehend.

    Have a wonderful day. You have made mine!

    1. Hey, thanks for enjoying my

      Hey, thanks for enjoying my comments. I felt that the last sentence was the best one too. Happy to make your day.

      I have been practicing refining my writing skills on Philosophical and Spiritual topics for 20 years or so now, and the internet is a helpful forum. I’ve thought about my some of my experiences for 30 plus years as well.

      I think there is more to things than initially meets the eye. Potential and further potential lies untapped. I hope we can go into the spaces that are currently hidden, and we can expand the awareness of our consciousness to notice new aspects of ourselves. I am hopeful about the future, that it is our destiny to have a myriad more of experiences on various levels of being. I believe that experiences are
      what most advance our development and increase the breadth of our sagacity

      Sorry about the late reply, I had some posting issues that I have now been able to correct.

  6. My take on ‘oneness’ is a bit
    My take on ‘oneness’ is a bit simpler then what you are describing here, and I think it might not be far off from what you are saying. I don’t pretend to understand 4D or 5D consciousness or transmission of thought at the speed of light, I’m sure that is all quite lovely and I would enjoy researching it in time– I believe there is a complex system of universal consciousness that connects sentient thought, I imagine it as a river that moves through space and time connecting all living things. I believe that when we are born in to this physical realm this river coalesces and condenses into a single drop, that drop experiences our life and our unique circumstances then at death returns to the river. in essence the river becomes the drop, and then later the drop becomes the river– enriching the collective consciousness and helping it to grow and constantly evolve into something more. I don’t believe we loose our sense of self in this process so much as we rediscover who we were all along. We become more of ourselves.

    1. My view of consciousness also
      My view of consciousness also involves a river but with eddies, where we are the eddies and the river is a universal consciousness to which we all belong. There is no way of separating the eddie, or mini whirlpool, from the river, any more than you can separate a wave from the sea, but the eddie represents an almost miraculous, self-sustaining increase in complexity – life – directed consciousness, that eventually becomes the river again.

      I like the idea of that enriching the collective consciousness and the view of us then realising more of who we really are. The thought of potentially loosing who I am now is less appealing but that is just my ego talking.

    2. EnigmaticMrOwl,
      Oneness is

      Oneness is wholly both small and big perspective- concurrently. Do not concern yourself with it… it is … always there…

      What you do with your life, matters. Focus on who you are, what you are doing, and why. That matters. Oneness … is not only an experience… it is a way of being. Practice being with and for all life… in little things like helping someone cross the street, or read to them. Smile and say thank you for the sunshine and the rain, for sleep and play. Just be who you are. In so doing, you forget your ‘self’ which means you become one with other in a real way. It matters. Intentional awareness and gratitude in life, along with doing what you can for others… makes all the difference. Whether you experience “Oneness” the way you long for, will take a back seat to Being… One with life and lives around you in how you interact.

      It’s not about what you get… it’s about being… you… and not thinking about you and what you can get… it is losing yourself in a real way .. with and for more than oneself. In so doing, your focus changes and experiencing Oneness is no longer the goal or the process. Rather being is. No man is an island… we create separation or connections by how we “are” in the world. Perfection is not a concern. Just be who you are.

      1. not so much dreamer

        not so much dreamer
        Wonderful advice for whoever may read it…and really lovely imagery too. Thank you.

        1. Sherbet UFO,
          I have tried to

          Sherbet UFO,
          I have tried to live as best i could, what i wrote above. Some of how i am, is how i’ve always been since early childhood. Some comes from seeking affirmation and understanding of my experiences. Some comes from learning from others. I guess that is how we all are.

          I have been blessed to have read and/or listened to some truly great and gifted folks whose words have helped me. They are many.

          Some words have become such a part of me, that they are what i think…
          A gentleman named Benjamin Creme, whom i once heard speak, and read some of his books, often wrote “Be who you are.” Over the past nearly 30 years, these words are well integrated within my life. I am sure each of us has many folks whom we can say helped form and inform us.

        2. Sherbet UFO,
          Thank you for

          Sherbet UFO,
          Thank you for your kindness. I find it so helpful and generous when others speak/write about such personal things. Tis a gift both as given, and as received… much love & peace.

          1. My pleasure – and your
            My pleasure – and your insights are much appreciated (along with other subscribers)…and a joy to read 🙂

    3. I use the terms 4D and 5D
      I use the terms 4D and 5D simply to depict a reality than is larger than Space itself (3D). I have not been to the 5 dimension. However, I have encountered succulent oneness and interconnection in intense, vivacious experiences. Maybe the “higher” dimensions that are bandied about in conversations are really expressions of oneness in various guises. I imagine it as a confluence, where all energies interconnect. Like a river coming to the Sea. The rivers deposit in the Sea, and the Sea is the abode of connection. Timelessness reigns there.

      1. So, if space is 3D,
        So, if space is 3D, space-time is 4D…then I assume 5D is a dimension from which space-time can be observed in is entirety across all time and space, as a static object?

        Mace, in your oneness experience, did you experience connectedness on just the physical level (i.e. that you are connected to all things), or across time as well ( – connected to all things across all time)? I assume the latter, based on your comment ” Timelessness reigns there”.

    4. Sherbert UFO: There was a
      Sherbert UFO:

      There was a definite feeling of timelessness associated with encountering the singularity (a description for which can be found in the comments section for “Intense UFO Revelations”). I built up momentum using energy rivers or threads, then deposited the rivers in the oneness confluence (or Sea). The sensation of timelessness was most profound when I reached the singularity.

      5D and up may correspond to the amount of coherence, (how long one remains connected to the infinite). An example of this occurs in quantum entanglement, (how long the entanglement remains stable)

      Test, Nikki Please note…..

      Not so much dreamer: I tried what you suggested and it did not work. Any other recommendations?

  7. I have often heard it said
    I have often heard it said and experienced in practise, that when you meditate by watching your thoughts, you start to realise that you are not your thoughts – that you can direct them yes but that they also appear almost of their own free will, like clouds in the sky. When you realise this, you start to be aware of the absence of thoughts, the blue sky, and recognise this as a more fundamental state of being – a state of pure awareness…

    …but if this is a pure state of being, how is it that this then needs a cognitive realisation that the ego is still in the way, before a further expansion into oneness can be experienced? Or does it? Perhaps is it just a matter of being in that state for a longer period, for it to happen automatically?

    I don’t know – it seems to me, that this state of pure awareness is not the same as a sense of oneness. The first is a sense of oneself from the perspective of within looking out, the other is from an entirely different perspective. Does it really take a brain side-step to get from one to the other? And how is this possible if the that initial sense of pure awareness is devoid of thought?

  8. @Sherbet UFO, I like your
    @Sherbet UFO, I like your analogy with the eddies, I agree with your visual model, I believe you have clarified what I was trying to communicate better than I could, my thoughts on the matter tend to be fairly abstract so thank you for that. It can be difficult to imagine loosing your sense of self, the ego is a very dominate aspect of our consciousness but we are so much more then that, that is why I prefer to think of it not so much as loosing ourselves, but finding more of ourselves. I don’t view it as a negative experience, just one we may not fully comprehend yet.

    @not so much dreamer, thank you. I agree with what you are saying, I have an insatiable curiosity for the way things work and often get caught up in the ‘why/how’ of it all at the expense of the experience itself. I will try to be mindful of your advice going forward. You make an excellent point about oneness being a state of being vs something that is obtainable later, definitely something for me to reflect on.

  9. Is anyone getting
    Is anyone getting /ajax_comments/js error when attempting to post a comment? If so, write Also, I believe somebody once posted a workaround for this error. If you see this, could you post again?

    1. When i go to Unknown Country,
      When i go to Unknown Country, i always type in the website address. After i am here, if i want to post anything, i delete everything in the address bar, after the word “login”
      Most of the time, that works. Sometimes it doesn’t and not sure why. Using both of these makes it work 95% of the time. Before, i couldn’t post anything… and it was a couple of folks who posted comments how they fixed it… that i am using.
      Hope this helps those who need it.

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